An economy (from Greek οίκος – "household" and νέμoμαι – "manage") is an area of the production, distribution and trade, as well as consumption of goods and services by different agents. Understood in its broadest sense, 'The economy is defined as a social domain that emphasize the practices, discourses, and material expressions associated with the production, use, and management of resources'. Economic agents can be individuals, businesses, organizations, or governments. Economic transactions occur when two groups or parties agree to the value or price of the transacted good or service, commonly expressed in a certain currency. However, monetary transactions only account for a small part of the economic domain. Economic activity is spurred by production which uses natural resources, labor and capital. It has changed over time due to technology (automation, accelerator of process, reduction of cost functions), innovation (new products, services, processes, expanding markets, diversification of markets, niche markets, increases revenue functions) such as, that which produces intellectual property and changes in industrial relations (most notably child labor being replaced in some parts of the world with universal access to education). A given economy is the result of a set of processes that involves its culture, values, education, technological evolution, history, social organization, political structure and legal systems, as well as its geography, natural resource endowment, and ecology, as main factors. These factors give context, content, and set the conditions and parameters in which an economy functions. In other words, the economic domain is a social domain of human practices and transactions. It does not stand alone.
A market-based economy is one where goods and services are produced and exchanged according to demand and supply between participants (economic agents) by barter or a medium of exchange with a credit or debit value accepted within the network, such as a unit of currency. A command-based economy is one where political agents directly control what is produced and how it is sold and distributed. A green economy is low-carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive. In a green economy, growth in income and employment is driven by public and private investments that reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. A gig economy is one in which short-term jobs are assigned or chosen via online platforms and a programmable economy is the set of revolutionary changes taking place in the global economy due to technology innovations. New economy is a term referred to the whole emerging ecosystem where new standards and practices were introduced, usually as a result of technological innovations.

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  1. Mwl.RCT

    SoC04 Tanzania's Cash Crop Revolution: A Data-Driven Blueprint for Farmer Empowerment and Economic Prosperity

    I. Seeds of Despair, Seeds of Hope Mzee Juma, his hands calloused from years of toil, holds a handful of shriveled cashew nuts, a stark symbol of the crisis gripping Tanzania's cash crop sector. A 33% plunge in cashew nut exports during the 2022/23 financial year has driven millions of farmers...
  2. Kamanda Asiyechoka

    Chuo Kikuu tawi la UDSM kujengwa Chato

    Chato ni sehemu ya Tanzania kama ilivyo Rombo na Bomag'ombe. Kwa nini Makamanda wenzangu mnaichukia Chato? Hi ni moja ya great and tremendous development tuache chuki bana. CCM wanapiga kazi 👇 --- WAZIRI Mkuu Kassim Majaliwa amewahakikishia wananchi wa wilaya ya Chato mkoani Geita kuwa...
  3. P

    SoC04 Tanzania we want; the one with public social and economic friendly houses rent and land purchase system (middlemen free system)

    INTRODUCTION. In our country regions especially in large towns and cities like Dar es salaam, Mwanza, Arusha and other which has potential population growth, citizens faces many challenges when it come a time to find house to live or for business. Same challenges encounters those in need for...
  4. J

    SoC04 Socio economic and health well being of youth tanzanian is a key to better and brighter tomorrow nation

    Governments can implement a variety of strategies to improve the socio-economic and mental health of today's youth. Here are some common approaches: 1. Education and Training: - Improving Access to Quality Education: Ensuring that all children have access to quality education, including...
  5. A

    SoC04 Building a Better Tomorrow for Tanzania: An Economic Blueprint

    Tanzania, like many developing nations, stands at a crucial juncture in its economic development journey. The concept of "building a better tomorrow" encapsulates a strategic approach to sustainable growth, encompassing various facets such as infrastructure development, human capital investment...
  6. B

    SoC04 Tanzania tuitakayo: New position

    In the heart of East Africa, Tanzania stood poised at a crossroads, facing the dawn of a new era—Tanzania Tuitakayo, the Tanzania we desire. With a vision set on the horizon of the next five years and beyond, the nation embarked on a transformative journey, fueled by innovation and propelled by...
  7. R

    Advancing economic improvement in Tanzania

    “Advising Tanzania's Presidential Planning Commission” In recent years, our country has seen promising growth and development potential. However, like many nations, it grapples with challenges such as corruption, unstable governance, and insufficient investment in crucial sectors. Recognizing...
  8. Tabutupu

    Magufuli's Investments in Tanzania Ports Boosting Trade and Economic Growth

    John Magufuli, the late president of Tanzania, made significant investments in the country's ports during his time in office. He saw ports as a key driver of economic growth and development, and he was determined to make Tanzania a regional trade and transport hub. These investments have led to...
  9. Jidu La Mabambasi

    Economic Hit Men wako kazini, rushwa kwa wanasiasa zinaifunganisha nchi kuibiwa pakubwa!

    Sasa ni dhahiri, kuna International Economic Hit Men wako kazini. Nyenzo yao kubwa ni rushwa ya kuifungamanisha nchi na wao , ili wazichote fedha bila kazi, bila jasho na kwa raha mustarehe. Hili linaonekana hasa za kwetu nchi masikini, na inaelekea watazichota fedha nyingi sana kiulaini...
  10. Boqin

    SI KWELI World Economic Forums, Bill Gates na Albert Bourla wana mipango ya kupunguza idadi ya watu duniani

    Hivi karibuni kumekuwa na taarifa zinazohusisha taasisi na watu maarufu duniani kuwa na mpango wa kupunguza idadi ya watu duniani. Miongoni mwa mambo hayo ni pamoja na Bill Gates kuelezwa kuandika katika mitandao wa kijamii akimshauri kiongozi wa World Economic Forums (WEF), Klaus Schwab juu ya...
  11. The Best Of All Time

    World Economic Forum(WEF) na mpango wao wa kupunguza watu duniani kuanzia 2023

    Mnamo wa mwezi wa kwanza, tarehe 19, wanajamii wa WEF walikutana na kujadiliana mambo mengi kuhusu Dunia kiujumla. Ila wakati mmoja, kuna mmojawao akatoa pendekezo la kupunguza watu duniani kuanzia mwaka 2023 angalau kwa asilimia 50. Bill Gates tena amezua gumzo baada ya kuandika katika...
  12. A

    Serikali ya Rais Samia infuata/inatumia model gani ili kuleta maendeleo ya kiuchumi nchini?

    Nchi za ulaya mangaribi zinatumia western liberal model of development Nchi za asia: south korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, na Malaysia zinatumia: developmental state model US wanatumia command and market economic model Sasa, naomba kuuliza kiungwana tu, Tanzania yetu na hasa serikali hii...
  13. Wakili wa shetani

    Maneno ya kitabu "Confessions of an economic hitman" yametimia nchini mwetu.

    "Kukopa arusi kulipa matanga." "Uuzaji" wa bandari yetu si kwa sababu nyingine, si kwa sababu ya ufisadi au blah blah za kuongeza ufanisi. Ni sababu ya kuelemewa na madeni na hali ngumu ya uchumi iliyotukumba. Tunachekelea kuambiwa tunakopesheka na kuwa deni linahimilika. Yametufika. Ipo siku...
  14. TPP

    Mzee Xi Zhongxun (Baba wa Xi Jinping) chanzo cha Special Economic Zones(SEZ) in China 1980

    Upi ni mchango wa Mzee Xi Zhongxun( Baba wa Rais wa sasa wa China Xi Jinping ) katika uanzishwaji wa Special Economic Zones katika kukuza uchumi wa China? Shenzhen, a miracle that began in 1980 Forty years after its establishment as China's first special economic zone, Shenzhen has emerged as...
  15. Wadiz

    Mradi wa HEET (Higher Education for Economic Transformation) ukiacha UDSM vyuo vingine zimamoto. Kwako Waziri wa Elimu Prof. Mkenda

    Salaam wanajukwaa, Hii nchi imejaa usanii mtupu vyuo vikuu vinacheza na serikali na donors hasa wadau wa maendeleo. Mpwayungu aliwavagaa walimu leo imeenda huko vyuo vikuu wanatengeza mitaala kwa kukaa maofisini, wanabuni masomo kwa hisia zao kihuni tu, hawafuati hatua stahiki, malecturers...
  16. Chikenpox

    Fact: Magufuli destroyed our economy and we were herding to total economic depression

    Thanks God that all is well. In fact our GDP is still very low and it is as 5 times lower that that of Washington DC not speaking about the whole country. Even the low budget of roughly 3.3 trillion reflects the low GDP of this country. Now, contrary to what was expected jpm decided to launch...
  17. B

    GOAT of Tanzanian politics and economic reforms, Hon. President Samia

    Nashukuru sana Mungu watanzania kupata Rais bora Kama wewe. Kweli wakati wa Mungu ni wakati sahihi. Tunakuombea afya na kila jema katika uongozi wako usio na shaka wala Sonoma. Daima Mungu akubariki uongozwe na busara katika kuwaletea maendeleo wananchi wako
  18. Mekatilili

    African Economic Outlook in 2023 - GDP Growth

    Côte d’Ivoire was projected to be West Africa's fastest-growing economy this year at 5.7%, but Senegal is set to overtake it - expanding 4.8% this year before speeding up to 8% in 2023 and 10.5% in 2024. The forecast for Kenya, East Arica's largest economy, was kept the same at 5%. Here are the...
  19. Mathanzua

    Bill to defund the World Economic Forum(WEF) has been proposed in the US

    August 31, 2022 The US has, in an effort to defund the WEF of American taxpayer funds, proposed a new bill called the Defund Davos Act. EXPLOSIVE: Here’s what was uncovered in Hunter Biden’s iCloud Hack MAJOR PEER REVIEWED STUDY: Moderna Vaccine Increases Myocarditis Risk By 44 Times In Young...
  20. Jamii Opportunities

    Project Officer Economic Empowerment at Sightsavers

    Contract: 2 year fixed term contract Salary: Local Terms and Conditions apply About the role Sightsavers is growing its new programmatic area in economic empowerment which supports businesses to become successful employers of people with disabilities, and supports people with disabilities to...
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