1. Mwl.RCT

    SoC04 Awakening the Minds of Tanzania: A 10-Year Vision for Mental Health Transformation

    I. Introduction: Awakening to the Untapped Potential What if every mind in Tanzania was a wellspring of creativity and innovation, propelling our nation towards unmatched prosperity? The Comptroller and Auditor General's (CAG) 2022-23 report reveals a starkly different reality: a staggering 99%...
  2. Mwl.RCT

    SoC04 Tanzania's Digital Shield: Securing a Nation's Health in 5 Years

    I. Introduction The dim light of the clinic barely illuminated Aisha's face, etched with worry. Her baby, normally so full of life, lay listless in her arms, his tiny chest heaving with each labored breath. The fever reducer she'd just given him, purchased from a street vendor out of...
  3. A

    Natafuta Vyuo vinavyotoa Course ya Commmunity Health

    Hivi course ya COMMUNITY HEALTH ipo na inatolewa kweli? Nimejaribu kufatilia vyuo vingi sijaiona. Naomba kama kuna mtu anajua chuo kinachotoa hii course tafadhali.
  4. Uhakika Bro

    SoC04 What if the nation really need is to breathe? We want a properly breathing Tanzania

    You find an idiot complaining about how its life is broken by the society/government/religion/lack of connection etc while they themself can not even do the least like breathing well for oneself! Anyway I am not here to preach to idiots. I am no preacher; I am a researcher. But I know the code...
  5. Shining Light

    Makonda suspends health officials over embezzlement allegations in Arusha

    In a public meeting on May 28, 2024, Makonda expressed surprise and concern over their continued presence in office. Arusha DC Director Selemani Msumi confirmed that the matter is now with security agencies, and Human Resources Officer Elizabeth Ngobei stated that the suspension letters had...
  6. Jamii Opportunities

    Finance Officer at Tindwa Medical and Health Services

    Job Summary Tindwa medical and health service is local registered company dealing with providing Emergency Medical Services, Waste and Environmental Management, Occupation Health and safety both local and international and Medical Supplies Services. Currently, it is looking for a volunteering...
  7. K

    SoC04 Nchi yangu

    Tanzania ni nchi yenye zaidi ya watu millioni 60 Kwa mjibu wa sensa iliyofanyika 2023 pia ni nchi yenye makabila zaidi ya 120 yenye lugha tofauti tofauti lakini yanaunganishwa na lugha Moja ambayo ni lugha ya Taifa nayo n kiswahili bila kusaau kuwa ni nchi iliyobalikiwa rasimali nyingi na...
  8. J

    SoC04 Socio economic and health well being of youth tanzanian is a key to better and brighter tomorrow nation

    Governments can implement a variety of strategies to improve the socio-economic and mental health of today's youth. Here are some common approaches: 1. Education and Training: - Improving Access to Quality Education: Ensuring that all children have access to quality education, including...
  9. anna gasper

    SoC04 Sowing seed of serenity: cultivating minds for a flourishing tomorrow

    Any progress in a Country starts with its people but in every changing landscape of national development, there is an intangible yet significant barrier to progress, the mental health crisis. As the nation strides towards economic growth, social cohesion, and overall prosperity, the weight of...
  10. Shining Light

    As your physical health is important to you, so is your mental health

    Mental health awareness still lags behind, leaving many people making impulsive decisions such as committing suicide. Since the beginning of this year, numerous suicide cases have increased, and we often don't fully understand why or how this happens. Our community needs to recognize the...
  11. S

    SoC04 Quality, accessable, and affordable health for all Tanzanians is the biggest investment we can ever do

    Introduction. for Tanzania development in all aspects Economy, Education, Technology, we need to have a strong and quality Health system. " the biggest investment one can do is to invest in his/her health because that is the source to all material wealth" One must be healthier so he can work...
  12. Pfizer

    ATAF New Initiative Targets Tobacco Taxation to Combat Public Health Crisis and Boost Revenue in Africa

    Dar es Salaam Tobacco use, the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide, continues to pose a significant public health challenge, claiming the lives of 8 million individuals annually, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In response to this crisis, the WHO Framework...
  13. Jamii Opportunities

    Internal Auditor officer at Tindwa Medical and Health Services April, 2024

    Job Summary: As Internal Auditor, he/she will be responsible to examine and analyze company records and financial documents. He/she will also identify issues like compliance concerns, risks, fraud, and data inaccuracies. Therefore, he/she will ensure the Company has accurate accounting...
  14. Munari

    Muuguzi aliyesomea Afya ya Akili (Mental Health Nurse/Nurse Psychiatry) anaomba kazi

    Habari ndg... Kama utasikia au unahitaji mtaalamu kama huyu usisite kumtafuta Ana uzoefu wa kutoa huduma ya afya akili kama Asante Karibu
  15. Jamii Opportunities

    Public Health Specialist (HIV Prevention Branch Chief) (CDC) at U.S. Embassy in Tanzania

    About Announcement Number: DaresSalaam-2024-019 Hiring Agency: Embassy Dar Es Salaam Position Title: Public Health Specialist (HIV Prevention Branch Chief) (CDC) (All Interested Candidates) Open Period: 04/16/2024 – 04/30/2024 Format MM/DD/YYYY Vacancy Time Zone: GMT+3 Series/Grade: LE – 0550 12...
  16. Jamii Opportunities

    Migration Health Physician (Health Assessment Programme)

    G E N E R I C P O S T D E S C R I P T I O N SECTION 1 VN IOM/DAR/026/2024 Position Title Migration Health Physician (Health Assessment Programme)-1 Position Position Grade NO-B Appointment Type Fixed-Term, One Year with possibility of extension Duty Station Dar es Salaam, Tanzania United...
  17. Raphael Alloyce

    The lingering threat of atomic bombs on human health

    "A Timeless Concern for the Earth" In the wake of modern progress and global advancements, the haunting specter of atomic bombs continues to cast a long, ominous shadow over human health and the well-being of our planet. Despite significant efforts to curb nuclear proliferation, the residual...
  18. Mwl.RCT

    Why Stress is Ruining Your Health: The Hidden Epidemic and How to Fight Back

    Why Stress is Ruining Your Health: The Hidden Epidemic and How to Fight Back Introduction The crushing headaches were unbearable, followed by weeks, then months, of missed work, canceled plans, and the growing fear of a life spiraling out of control. Doctors ran tests but found nothing...
  19. Jamii Opportunities

    Paramedic at Tindwa medical and health service March, 2024

    Position: Paramedic Description: Must have a diploma/Bachelor in Nursing / Clinic medicine from recognized institute. Must have valid Practice license with minimum 3 years of experience. The required candidate must have BLS, ACLS, and ITLS trainings, any other Emergency trainings will be an...
  20. Jamii Opportunities

    Waste Projects Corporate Operations Officer at Tindwa medical and health service March, 2024

    Position: Waste Projects Corporate Operations Officer Tindwa medical and health service is local registered company dealing with providing Emergency Medical Services, Waste and environmental management, Occupation Health and safety both local and international and Medical Supplies Services...
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