1. Avatar mok

    An excellent message to all teachers and whoever is involved in promoting education; let's re-think on the best approach of evaluating our students!

    A student studying in Russia says: The highest score for most of the exams in Russia is 5. If a student does not answer any question and returns back his exam paper blank, with no question answered, he gets 2 out of 5. In my first days at the University of Moscow, I did not know about this...
  2. Jamii Opportunities

    Human Resource or Office Administrator at Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA)

    Responsibilities School Administrator is responsible for smooth functioning of all issues related to school communications, vehicles and logistics coordination, information technology and human resources administration within the institution. Responsibility 1: Human Resources Administration...
  3. Jamii Opportunities

    Advocacy Officer at Tanzania Education Network

    Specific duties and responsibilities include Provide Support to development programs; identify and implement policy advocacy initiatives at local level. Ensure that local-level policy initiatives in which TEN/MET members engage are informed by micro-level work and support achievement of SD4 &5...
  4. jingalao

    Is USA pushing Tanzania to adopt her title IX of education amendment(1972)??

    Why is USA trying to intimidate Tanzania sovereignity by imposing laws suitable for USA to be adopted in Tanzania? Is this acceptable in the eyes of international community? Every Nation is free to make her own laws and regulations according to the natural existing circumstances. Tanzania...
  5. Joseph E.M

    "Education is better than money" Una oppose au una propose?

    Debate za enzi hizo shuleni... Nani opposer na nani proposer?
  6. matokeotz

    Pata uchambuzi wa mtokeo ya Form Four ya 2019

    We have added 2019 results with analysis. Angalia ujue wanafunzi wangapi walipa A kwenye kiswahili mwaka 2019, au shule mbili zilifanyaje ukiliganisha
  7. S

    Wakuu naombeni desa la Educational Foundation kwa kozi Principles of Education, Philosophy of Education, Comparative Education, Sociology of Education

    Wakuu habarini za jioni, naombeni mnisaidie desa za Principles of Education, History of Education, Comparative Education, Sociology of Education, Philosophy of Education. Naombeni hasa zile ambazo zinatumika kama slides za kufundishia Chuo Kikuu. Natanguliza shukrani
  8. Jamii Opportunities

    Social Mobilizer, Girls Education Program at Room to Read

    Position Overview: The social mobilizer is responsible for the implementation, coordination development and reporting of the Girls’ Education program in the respective school (s). She would serve as the first point of contact for the school, parents and scholars. The social mobilizer will...
  9. Jamii Opportunities

    Senior Program Officer, Girls Education Program at Room to Read

    Position Overview: The Girls’ Education Senior Program Officer assumes the overall responsibility to manage the implementation of the Girls Education Program (GEP) program in selected areas and spends considerable time providing technical support and supervision to Room to Read’s (RtR’s) Social...
  10. toto zuli

    Msaada kwa wanaoifahamu kozi ya Business Administration with Education

    Naombeni ushauri kuhusu hii kozi ya Business Administration with Education, kama nikisomea naweza fanya kazi za aina gani?
  11. H

    Naomba ufafanuzi kama nitaweza kusoma Diploma ya Maji katika hili

    Nimemaliza certificate ya kilimo, nataka Diploma nisomee maji je inawezekana?
  12. Sinister

    Top 10 African countries with the best education systems

    Which countries in Africa have the best education systems? The World Economic Forum accessed 140 countries, including 38 African countries, to rank the best education systems based on skill development. The report looks at the general level of skills of the workforce and the quantity and...
  13. Jamii Opportunities

    E4D Continuing Education PhD Scholarship in Switzerland 2019/2020

    Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich University in Switzerland is inviting applications for the E4D Continuing Education PhD Scholarship Programme in 2020. The Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Programme awards scholarships for travel and living expenses...
  14. T

    Msaada kuhusu kusoma diploma kama ya afya

    Naomba mnisaidie samahani
  15. M

    Need for explanation

    hivi dawa za UTI zinaweza kubadili mzunguko wa hedhi wa mwanamke??
  16. isajorsergio

    Education need an update similar to operating systems.

    Education seriously needs an update, It still teaches us the things that have already been made easier to do. It feeds in information instead of bringing out ideas. Creative education is almost gone, nobody talks about creativity and innovation. If a doctor gives the patient of cholera, the...
  17. southern boy

    Nimetengeneza App Kwa ajili ya kusaidia watoto katika somo la hisabati

    Habari humu!! Hi post pia nimeiwekena kule kwenye jukwaa la technology sababu pia inahusu masula ya technology. Ningependa kuanza moja kwa moja kwamba nimetengeneza app hii kwa ajil ya kumsaidia mzazi/mlezi/mwalimu/kaka/dada kumpa mtoto mazoezi kwenye somo la hisabati mda ambao upo busy na...