Dancing with the Stars is an American dance competition television series that premiered on June 1, 2005, on ABC. It is the U.S. version of the UK series Strictly Come Dancing, and one of several iterations of the Dancing with the Stars franchise.
The show pairs celebrities with professional dancers. Each couple performs predetermined dances and competes against the others for judges' points and audience votes. The couple receiving the lowest combined total of judges' points and audience votes is eliminated each week until only the champion dance pair remains.
The show was hosted by Tom Bergeron from its inception until 2019. Lisa Canning was co-host in the first season, Samantha Harris co-hosted seasons two through nine, Brooke Burke-Charvet in seasons ten through seventeen, and Erin Andrews from season eighteen through twenty-eight. For the twenty-ninth season, Bergeron was replaced as host by Tyra Banks. On March 30, 2021, the series was renewed for a 30th season which premiered in September 2021.

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  1. E

    Explore Zanzibar with Mayrah

    Greetings mates. My name is Mayrah and I am writing to share with you a 2 days/1 night itinerary for you to visit Zanzibar this summer. This travel plan is only meant for a group of 5 Tanzanian citizens but can be customized to suit any number of people. I have also attached an outline of the...
  2. C

    Viongozi wa kisabato wa sasa ninyi ni kikwazo kwa watu kushika Sabato ya Bwana

    Moja ya Amri za Mungu katika kitabu cha kutoka 20 ni kuikumbuka siku ya Sabato na kuitakasa. Na hakuna ubishi kuwa siku ya saba ndiyo siku ya Sabato. Pia hakuna ubishi kuwa siku ya saba ya juma ni jumamosi. Labda kwa waswahili tu ambao wengi ni wavivu wa kusoma na kufikiri. Hata hivyo...
  3. mkalamo

    PM Modi awarded with Russia’s highest civilian honour

    New Delhi [India], July (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi was ceremoniously presented with the Order of St Andrew the Apostle the First-Called, Russia’s highest civilian honour, at St Catherine’s Hall of the Moscow Kremlin on Tuesday. Notably, the award was bestowed on PM Modi in the year...
  4. Aliko Musa

    Dondoo 10 Muhimu Utakazojifunza Kutoka Kwenye Kitabu Cha "Make Money With Affordable Apartments Buildings And Commercial Properties"

    Kitabu "Make Money With Affordable Apartment Buildings and Commercial Properties" kinazungumzia njia mbalimbali za kuwekeza katika mali isiyohamishika kwa gharama nafuu. Hapa ni mambo 10 utakayojifunza kutoka kwenye kitabu hiki kwa kila sura: Sura ya Kwanza. Utangulizi wa Uwekezaji katika Mali...
  5. Teslarati

    Deep heavy slow strokes with eye contact, that's how you should do it to catch 'em feelings

    Jana nilikua date na pisi moja classic, strokes nlizopiga mtoto wa watu kaamka anacheka cheka tu na kung'ata vidole. Hapa nimefungiwa ndani sijui hata funguo ipo wapi, na ni apartment yangu. Tumepiga simu wote kwa maboss zetu kwamba tunaumwa kisha simu zikazimwa. Ila mie sio mchoyo nimeona...
  6. D

    Azam FC ni vituko, selling kipre Jr for 300k USD. with CAFCL next

    kipre Jr ame improve sana game yake this season. yeye ndo alikuwa anafanya kazi yake na nusu ya Feisal salum pale Azam fc. which made Feisal shine. Game yake ingekuwa kitu muhimu sana kwa Azam fc kuwa tofauti in group stage qualifications round amefit vizuri na team. Boss wa Azam tajiri...
  7. Dr am 4 real PhD

    Senegal kuwaduwaza wafaransa kwa ushindi wa 1-0

    Ufaransa ulienda kwenye michuano ya fainali za kombe la dunia 2002 kule south Korea and Japan as double champions, having won the 1998 world cup and Euro 2000. Ufaransa walipangwa kundi A wakiwa pamoja na Senegal, Uruguay, Denmark. Kwa Senegal ndio ilikua Mara yao ya kwanza kwenye world cup na...
  8. Damaso

    The Little Hoarder with a Big Impact: How the Brazilian Light-Fingered Agouti Saves Trees (One Seed at a Time).

    Deep within the emerald embrace of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest scurries a tiny, unassuming hero: the Brazilian light-fingered agouti (Sciurus ignitus). Don't let its adorable name fool you – this pint-sized rodent, barely larger than a squirrel, plays a crucial role in safeguarding the...
  9. M

    SoC04 The future of females of Tanzania: Full packaging and equipped with tools

    Despite women breaking barriers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) occupations and some overcoming obstacles in leadership roles, the transformation of the gender landscape in the workplace remains somewhat limited. Gender imbalances across occupations and sectors...
  10. D

    Mo akiacha Simba, he is just a rich guy with nothing

    I will be short. rules after wealth 1. Utajiri bila watu ni useless. (power) Mo leo hii anakutana na raisi wa FIFA na CAF easily kisa simba, Easy business due to simba. Anafatiliwa in social media due to Simba People look for him because of Simba He is safe on streets because of Simba...
  11. Tumainiely Moshi

    Smart Security Glasses With Camera

    Smart Security Glasses With Camera ✅TSH 150,000 💥 Camera yake ina uwezo wa 5MP 💥 Ina chukua video yenye ubora 💥 Ina record video na sauti kwa pamoja 💥 Camera Yake Ni ngumu kuonekana 💥 Ina Record kwa mda wa dakika 150 ikiwa full charge 💥 1080p Camera yake 💥 Unaweka memory hadi 128GB 💥 Inakuja...
  12. Ritz

    Netanyahu and his partners are out of touch with reality

    Wanakumbi 🚨🇮🇱GANTZ TO ANNOUNCE PARTY'S EXIT FROM ISRAELI GOVT National Unity chairman Benny Gantz will hold a press conference today at 1:30 p.m. ET, after canceling a Saturday announcement of his party's exit from the government. The delay was a tactical move following the rescue of four...
  13. CHAGOSI Gerald Allen

    Nchi hii inaitaji kuongozwa na Critical Thinkers, watu wa PhD in Sociology with philosophy Amkeni.

    Watu mliosoma Sociology Tafiti zinaonesha nyie ni watu wa kurizika sana ndo maana PhD ni chache mno za Sociology with philosophy. Nchi inahitaji kuongozwa na wanasosholojia matokeo yake mnaacha wachumi wanatuongozea nchi Wachumi wanajua nini kuhusu Jamii? Hawaelewi kitu kuhusu nature of human...
  14. S

    SoC04 Blockchain with AI for Land Registration and Title Management Project

    Duration: 5 Years Objective: The primary goal of this project is to implement a blockchain-based system with AI integration to facilitate secure, transparent, and tamper-proof land registration and title management in Tanzania. By leveraging these technologies, the project aims to mitigate land...
  15. D

    Simba contracted Gamondi after amazing season with Yanga

    Simba has offered Gamondi a contract to be their next manager after Young Africans season contract ended. Gamondi is yet to make decisions. 🤔 😂😂
  16. J

    SoC04 Beyond the Books: The need for equipping for graduates with Financial literacy to ensure financial Success After Graduations

    It is important to know that the equation is no longer linear and things have changed ,we should break the belief that we had before , the idea that we should go to school ,get good grades,get nice jobs and have a fabulous life , it Is crucial to become aware that it is not just having money but...
  17. Mathanzua

    French President Macron To Announce: "Europe is at war with Russia" on June

    French President Macron to announce: "Europe is at war with Russia" on June 6 JUNE 02, 2024 June 6 will be a landmark day for the whole of Europe. France will officially make the first announcement of sending military personnel from a European/NATO state to Ukrainian territory. The Ukrainian...
  18. M

    SoC04 I can change the world with my two hands

    SAVE A WOMAN SAVE ALL GENERATIONS Among 100,000 women in Tanzania 11 women have experienced gender based violence at some point in their life, According to Global 2013,35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical/sexual intimate violence in their life, never to mention children below...
  19. Damaso

    SoC04 Tanzania We Want: Future of Tanzania in Solar Energy, Lighting Up the Nation with International Partnerships

    Tanzania, a land bathed in sunshine, holds immense potential to harness the power of the sun. "Future of Tanzania in Solar Energy" is not just a hopeful vision, but a call to action. By embracing solar energy through strategic partnerships with international energy companies, Tanzania can...
  20. S

    SoC04 Remote Jobs: Combating unemployment with digital job opportunities

    INTRODUCTION It is no secret that the digital world is currently a very lucrative jobs market in the world and it keeps on growing rapidly. The digital space is taking over most of the jobs that do not really require one to be actually present in the office. It saw a huge spike in the sector...
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