1. Geza Ulole

    CALL FOR HELP: Red Cross appeals for Sh800 million to help starving Kenyans

    CALL FOR HELP Red Cross appeals for Sh800 million to help starving Kenyans Kenya facing two natural disasters that essentially should be mutually exclusive – drought in one region and flooding in the other In Summary • The society has already bought food for affected families but is unable to...
  2. Mathanzua

    UDSM, SUA, Ardhi Institute, Muhimbili, Mloganzila, UDOM and other relevant institutions please help us we have a serious pollution problem

    When I was young I could see kilometres away. Visibility was not a problem. You could see an iron sheet corrugated house miles away,and if you had good eyes, you could see even trees and vegetation on mountain tops and sides.Oh my,not any more. In the mornings, afternoons and evenings, it's...
  3. Mkogoti

    Your help is needed

    Stakeholders how are things here, all right, ok. My brothers and sisters, I have a problem with only five thousand and I need it, I have nothing, there is a problem and I have nothing at all, your great help, I extend my sincere thanks, I will not put a number here I am afraid the mods can come...
  4. G

    Help for Coordination Chemistry (Practical questions)

    Msaada kwa hayo maswali
  5. Fetty jr

    Naomba msaada kwa tatizo langu hili la ngozi

    Jamani habari zenu naombeni msaada kuhusu tatizo la ngozi (anajikuna Sana yanakua Kama mapunye then Kama Malibu meusi ya Moto) ambalo limedumu kwa zaidi ya miezi nane hospital mtu huyu kapima HIV zaidi ya Mara tano na inasoma negative akaambiwa Ni cells tu zinaleta reaction akapewa dermovate...

    Verification of Twitter accounts blackmailing Tanzania Was a Help from US Embassy

    Some anonymous accounts blackmailing Tanzanian government, have been verified and sponsored same day when US embassy joint latter with Germany embassy went viral on the internet revealing their support to opposition parties which later they claimed to be fake on their twitter account. According...
  7. Kelvin 04

    Nahitaji mwongozo wa ufunguaji wa kampuni

    Naombeni msaada wa kuandaa business plan, memorundum kwa ajiri ya kufungua kampuni ya ujenzi class 7...mawazo pia yanakaribishwa
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