From Hell is a graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and artist Eddie Campbell, originally published in serial form from 1989 to 1998. The full collection was published in 1999 by Top Shelf Productions.
Set during the Whitechapel murders of the late Victorian era, the novel speculates upon the identity and motives of Jack the Ripper. The novel depicts several true events surrounding the murders, although portions have been fictionalised, particularly the identity of the killer and the precise nature and circumstances of the murders.
The title is taken from the first words of the "From Hell" letter, which some authorities believe was an authentic message sent from the killer in 1888. The collected edition is 572 pages long. The 2000 and later editions are the most common prints. The comic was loosely adapted into a film, released in 2001. In 2000, the graphic novel was banned in Australia for several weeks after customs officers seized copies of the seventh issue from a shipment intended for Quality Comics.

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  1. Mathanzua

    Slave auction today 2024!Not one peep from the so called civilized society and human rights organizations.No media

    Slave auction today 2024!Not one peep from the so called civilized society and human rights organizations.No media MAY 19, 2024 Video below shows another "Sale" of children taking place today in the Congo. Local Africans grab the children from rival villages, march them to the mines, then...
  2. Mathanzua

    The Cuban Banking system has reportedly collapsed. Cubans are reporting via Social Media that all their money is gone from their accounts

    The Banking system of Cuba has reportedly collapsed. Cubans are reporting via Social Media all their money is gone from their accounts, and all Automated Teller Machines (ATM's) have been emptied. This news is being heavily suppressed but it is getting out slowly. At banks all over the country...
  3. T

    Kwanini Kiporo cha Wali Maharagwe Yaliyo na Nazi ni Kitamu Zaidi ya Chakula Hicho Hicho Kikiwa Fresh from Kitchen

    Jamani, mimi sina la kuongeza hapa. Normal physiology na human taste inakubaliana na philosophy ya binadamu kwamba chakula fresh from the kitchen lazima kiwe kitamu kuliko kiporo. Ila linapokuja suala la kiporo cha wali na maharagwe tena kilichopikwa kwa nazi original ni kitamu kuliko chakula...
  4. Damaso

    SoC04 Tanzania we want: Election of Public Servants from Citizens

    In Tanzania, the President appoints many public servants. This article argues that a shift towards an elected public service is necessary for robust democracy, increased accountability, and improved service delivery. While presidential appointments offer some advantages, the benefits of a...
  5. T

    Looking for a someone from Uganda

    Hello folks just looking for a someone from uganda who is Living or Working here in Dar es salam Dm me for more details
  6. Mad Max

    Gari tatu (3) za Toyota ambazo Design yake ilikua from Future

    Wakuu, naamini wengi Gari inakuvutia kwanza muonekano, then ndio unaanza kufuatilia kujua engine, fuel consumption, spare etc hadi unaamua kuinunua. Sasa kuna gari apa naona kabisa zilikua designed na aliens. Yaani sio za generation hii kabisa. 1. Toyota Will VI Hili gari nikiliona uwa...
  7. Roving Journalist

    Speech of Kalisha Holmes, Spokesperson from U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam on the Role of the Media in Ensuring Credible Elections

    Speech at MCT Stakeholders Conference on the Role of the Media in Ensuring Credible Elections Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, I bring you greetings on behalf of Ambassador Michael Battle, the U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania on this special occasion. He sends his deep regrets that he...
  8. DodomaTZ

    Leaders of the Ahmadiyya from Sub-Saharan Africa participated in the Seminar to discuss the challenges of ethics

    Leaders of the Ahmadiyya Community from Sub-Saharan Africa have gathered in Tanzania for a two-day seminar (20th April and 21st 2024). The seminar, held in Dar es Salaam, focuses on discussing ethical issues in the participating countries. The participants include leaders aged 40 and above...
  9. O

    Why we feel so good on dream sex rather than normal sex(just like kiwembe)

    Here is a reason behind Sexual dreams can feel good because the brain releases neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and oxytocin, which create pleasurable sensations and feelings of intimacy and connection. During REM sleep, the brain is highly active, and dreams can be vivid and emotionally...
  10. Logikos

    Tatizo la Overproduction; Where do we Go From Here..... (A Chinese Case Study)

    Pre-amble: Naongelea Dunia kwa Ujumla na Sio Nchi / Taifa Ni kawaida kwenye Ubepari kutokea tatizo la overproduction; na hili likitokea wazalishaji wanapunguza uzalishaji jambo ambalo linasababisha uchumi wa wakati huo kushuka na matatizo ya ajira... Kinadharia Over Production inasababisha...
  11. L

    Iphone X kwa bei ya 485,000 used from dubai

    Karibuni boss zangu. Iphone X zipo za kutosha tupo kariakoo .storage 64gb,256gb . Kwa mawasiliano piga 0695022051 Whatsapp 0734123440
  12. Shining Light

    Conquering the Onion from crying when cutting it

    It's baffling how every time I take a knife to an onion, my eyes tear down. I've scoured the depths of Google, trying every suggested method to prevent this tearful ordeal. Out of the six techniques I experimented with, only one came to my rescue: keeping a wet tissue close at hand while...
  13. BARD AI

    Bassirou Diomaye Faye: From Prison Runner-Up to President of Senegal

    Bassirou Diomaye Faye was elected as Senegal's fifth president on 25 March 2024. Incumbent president Macky Sall and his candidate, former prime minister Amadou Ba, were both quick to congratulate the opposition candidate on his victory when the results came out. This has been a major - and fast...
  14. M

    INAUZWA Router za 5G from tigo for free

    Jipatie router kwa matumizi ya ofsin nyumbani na hata kwenye biashara yako, ambayo utapatiwa bure na utalipia laki moja kila mwezi kwa maps 20,na kuendelea hii kwa walioko dsm tu kwa mawasiliano nipgie 0672696527
  15. M

    10 lessons from millionaire success habits by Dean Grasiosi

    10 Lessons from MILLIONAIRE SUCCESS HABITS by DEAN GRASIOSI 1. THE POWER OF MINDSET AND BELIEF: This lesson underscores the significance of cultivating a success-oriented mindset and belief system. To implement this, start by challenging negative thoughts and replacing them with positive...
  16. R

    Vijana wengi wa kiume from Afrika Magharibi wanatokomea ughaibuni

    West Africa ni kawaida kijana wakiume 25yrs kufungasha virago na kukwea pipa america au Europe kustrugle.yani kutafuta maisha. Kikweli vijana wa Tanzania hatuna mentality za kutoka kwenda nje moja yaa sababu ni lugha gongana
  17. Chachu Ombara

    Brazil inmate who dressed up as daughter found dead

    Mfungwa wa dawa za kulevya ambaye alikamatwa baada ya kujaribu kutoroka gerezani akiwa amevalia nguo za kike amefariki dunia. Alikamatwa Jumamosi iliyopita nchini Brazil akiwa amevaa kinyago chenye sura ya kike, wigi pamoja na nguo za kike zilizomfanya aonekane kama binti wa miaka 19. Prison...
  18. 2 of Amerikaz most wanted

    King Charles III owns the largest clear cut diamond it was stolen from south africa it worth of $400 million

    King Charles III owns the largest clear cut diamond in the world Known as 'The Great Star of Africa' the 530 carats gem was mined in South Africa back in 1905. It was stolen from South Africa. It has an estimated worth of $400 million. The British claim that it was given to them as a symbol...
  19. Pascal Mayalla

    Kinondoni Makaburini: Mazishi ya Mwana JF, Mzalendo Sanctus Mtsimbe

    Wana JF Niko hapa Kinondoni Makaburi, kuwaletea pumziko la milele la mwana JF, Mzalendo Sanctus Mtsimbe. Tangu nimejiunga JF ile 2006, hii ndio mara yangu kwanza kuja kumzika mwana jf makaburi ya Kinondoni. Kwa jinsi makaburi ya...
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