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    Africa 118 - Infomoby coming into Tanzania. Here is their experience in Ethiopia

    Africa 118 - Infomoby which provides a digital marketing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) in Africa, and NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development) partnered to make it easier for Ethiopian businesses to develop an online presence and to market their services to an...
  2. SoftDev

    Sokovitu androids apps for advertisement

    Kuna website and androids apps inayopatikana play store kwa jina la SOKOVITU, ni apps nzuri kwa ajili ya advertisement ya Real estates, Magari, aina mbalimbali za Nguo pamoja na aina zote za kilectroknis, pia website yao ni, Ingia playtore pakua apps kwa jina la SOKOVITU...