1. M

    Ninaweza kuwa makeup artist kama nitasomea kwa miezi 3 ?

    Habari Jamani naombeni mniambie jamani ninaweza kusomea makeup kwa miezi 3? Nikawa makeup artist? Na je nitapataje wateja kama sina saluni? Na je makeup inalipa kwa maisha ya sasahivi???
  2. Sinister

    Kenyan pencil artist who caught Steve Harvey's attention lands international deals

    Collins Omondi has opened up on the great success that came with Steve Harvey's recognition The artists' profile and workload have expanded massively on both local and international markets - Through Steve, he has gotten major deals from both international and local personalities who have asked...
  3. Manyjay255

    Goma kali kutoka kwa Upcoming artist

    Ingia YouTube andika Many Jay then utaona wimbo Many Jay ft Salome Cheater kauskilize afu uje udondoshe maoni yako hapa mdau hakika ni wimbo wenye ubunifu mkubwa au bonyeza file chini hapo nimekuwekea ngoma nzima
  4. Sinister

    Kenyan Girl Running Multi-million Online Empire

    Fortune favours the bold and Ivy Kungu is one girl who decided to go after her fortunes from a tender age. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, her everyday looks and creative makeup concept have made her a huge hit across all her social media platforms. According to, the young...
  5. Mekatilili

    Kenyan artist nominated for Grammy

    Meet J.S Ondara, the Kenyan singer nominated for a Grammy Award An album by a US-based Kenyan singer, J.S Ondara, has been nominated for the 62nd Grammy Awards slated for January 26, 2020. Released on February 2019, Ondara’s debut album Tales of America has been nominated for a Grammy under...
  6. isajorsergio

    Education need an update similar to operating systems.

    Education seriously needs an update, It still teaches us the things that have already been made easier to do. It feeds in information instead of bringing out ideas. Creative education is almost gone, nobody talks about creativity and innovation. If a doctor gives the patient of cholera, the...
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