Humans (Homo sapiens) are the most abundant and widespread species of primate, characterized by bipedalism and large, complex brains. This has enabled the development of advanced tools, culture, and language. Humans are highly social and tend to live in complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families and kinship networks to political states. Social interactions between humans have established a wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which bolster human society. Curiosity and the human desire to understand and influence the environment and to explain and manipulate phenomena have motivated humanity's development of science, philosophy, mythology, religion, and other fields of study.
Although some scientists equate the term humans with all members of the genus Homo, in common usage, it generally refers to Homo sapiens, the only extant member. Anatomically modern humans emerged around 300,000 years ago in Africa, evolving from Homo heidelbergensis and migrating out of Africa, gradually replacing local populations of archaic humans. For most of history, all humans were nomadic hunter-gatherers. The Neolithic Revolution, which began in Southwest Asia around 13,000 years ago, saw the emergence of agriculture and permanent human settlement. As populations became larger and denser, forms of governance developed within and between communities and a number of civilizations have risen and fallen. Humans have continued to expand, with a global population of over 7.9 billion in December 2021.
Genes and the environment influence human biological variation in visible characteristics, physiology, disease susceptibility, mental abilities, body size and life span. Though humans vary in many traits (such as genetic predispositions and physical features), two humans are over 99% genetically similar. Humans are sexually dimorphic: Generally, men have greater body strength and women have a higher body fat percentage. At puberty, humans develop secondary sex characteristics. Women are capable of pregnancy, and undergo menopause and become infertile at around the age of 50.
Humans are omnivorous, capable of consuming a wide variety of plant and animal material, and have used fire and other forms of heat to prepare and cook food since the time of H. erectus. They can survive for up to eight weeks without food, and three or four days without water. Humans are generally diurnal, sleeping on average seven to nine hours per day. Childbirth is dangerous, with a high risk of complications and death. Often, both the mother and the father provide care for their children, who are helpless at birth.
Humans have a large and highly developed prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain associated with higher cognition. They are intelligent, capable of episodic memory, have flexible facial expressions, self-awareness and a theory of mind. The human mind is capable of introspection, private thought, imagination, volition and forming views on existence. This has allowed great technological advancements and complex tool development possible through reason and the transmission of knowledge to future generations. Language, art and trade are defining characteristics of humans. Long-distance trade routes might have led to cultural explosions and resource distribution that gave humans an advantage over other similar species.

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    Human Resources Officer at Expert Consultancy April, 2024

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    Human Resource Manager at Keda Ceramics Company Ltd March, 2024

    Position: Human Resource Manager Working Location: Mkuranga Glass Factory We are currently seeking a dynamic and experienced Human Resource Manager to join our team at the Glass Factory. As the Human Resource Manager, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our workforce, managing employee...
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    Principal Human Resource and Administration Officer at CASSOA February, 2024

    Position: Principal Human Resource and Administration Officer REF: CAS/HR/003/2023-2024 Grade: P3 Report To: Executive Director Duration of Contract: Five years, renewable once upon satisfactory performance and age requirement Duty Station: CASSOA Headquarters Entebbe, Uganda 1. MAIN PURPOSE...
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    Junior Human Resource Business partner at CCBRT February, 2024

    Position: Junior Human Resource Business partner Ref: 2024-02 Your role Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Head of Human Resources, the junior Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) is responsible for the effective delivery of HR services using the HR Business Partnering approach...
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    Human Resources Officer at Mega Beverages Limited January, 2024

    Position: Human Resources Officer Duty Station: Arusha Responsibilities Represent the company in various courts of law, tribunals and Quasi-judicial authorities; Provision of legal, company secretarial support and recommendations to all company projects; Oversee compliance of local laws and...
  16. Jamii Opportunities

    Human Resource Manager at Cool Blue Limited January, 2024

    Position: Human Resource Manager Join our team as a Human Resource Manager, We are seeking a driven individual with Excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and strong organizational and problem-solving abilities. REQUIREMENTS • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources. • Proven...
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    Human Resources Officer at Raha Beverages LTD January, 2024

    Position: Human Resources Officer Position: 1 Reporting to: Human Resource Manager. Department: Human resources & Admin Location: Arusha, Tanzania Job Purpose Responsible for various tasks related to managing and organization’s human capital. This includes recruitment, employee relations...
  18. Jamii Opportunities

    Human Resources Assistant at Helen Keller International (HKI) November, 2023

    Position: Human Resources Assistant Department: Nutrition Duty Station: Dar es Salaam Duration: 2 years (with possibility of extension) Functional Relationship The Human Resources Assistant reports directly to the Regional Human Resources Director with dotted line relationship to the Finance...
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