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    Before requesting new employment, you better tell us where you built the industries you promised in 2015

    Do you remember 2015 you promised that after being elected President you would construct of Industries in the country that would help youths with employment opportunities. Now its about five years, where are the industries you built? Now the issues of Massive unemployments has reach up. So...
  2. MK254

    Kenya building new fishing port

    What you need to know: The announcement is part of the government’s measures aimed at tapping into the blue economy sector. Key in his priority, the Head of State said, is to redevelop the Liwatoni fish landing site into a modern fishing port. All fishing vessels operating in the Kenyan waters...

    Kumbukumbu: Gamboshi usiku yaonekana kama jiji la New York au London

    USIKU YAONEKANA KAMA JIJI LA NEW YORK AU LONDON. WENYEWE WAMWOMBA RAIS KIKWETE, MZEE WA VIJISENTI AKAWASAFISHE WAKAZI wa Kijiji cha Gamboshi, kilichopo wilayani Bariadi, Mkoa wa Shinyanga, wamemuomba Rais Jakaya Kikwete awasaidie kusafisha kijiji chao kutokana na jina baya lililoenezwa duniani...
  4. Kevin85ify

    Kenya: Upperhill CBD district welcomes new entrants to rival westlands CBD district

    316 Upper Hill Chambers (Completed) 316 Upper Hill Chambers is a 104-metre, 26-storey tower located on 2nd Ngong Avenue in Upper Hill, about 2km from the old Nairobi central business district . The newly-built skyscraper has joined the exclusive list of tallest buildings in Kenya, ranking...
  5. crankshaft

    New music audio Zuchu ft Diamond Platnumz

    Available in all digital platforms isikilize halafu leta maoni yako hapa Personally nimependa sana ubunifu wa Diamond platnumz kutumia current situation pale anasema "Tena wasipoteze muda kwa kura zao za kata,mi ndo kamati kuu hapa jimbo umepata." All in all nyimbo ni nzuri
  6. M

    Mercedes launches a new Generation of Cars

    German automotive marque and, from late 2019 onwards, a subsidiary (Mercedes-Benz AG) of Daimler AG. Mercedes-Benz is known for producing luxury vehicles and commercial vehicles. The headquarters is in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. I'm the past years Mercedes Benz has been showcasing their new...
  7. Kevin85ify

    Kenyan inland ports mark new Improved efficiency record

    Cargo evacuation at the Inland Container Depot-Nairobi and Inland Container Depot-Naivasha has remained steady as imports from China, Kenya's leading source begins to pick after five months of disruption on the supply chain occasioned by Covid-19. The latest data indicates 80% of cargo is...
  8. eliakeem

    Kenya Police Fire Tear Gas at COVID-19 Corruption Protesters: Still Sufferings Go On Under New Constitution

    Kenya Police Fire Tear Gas at COVID-19 Corruption Protesters Demonstrators run from teargas fired by police at a protest against alleged corruption, including the theft of supplies for the fight against the coronavirus, at Uhuru...
  9. C

    Im new here

    Hellow my name is cammille😀
  10. IAfrika

    Foreign firms to cede 30pc stake under new law

    Foreign companies eyeing to do business in the country’s lucrative ICT sector will have to surrender 30 per cent shareholding to Kenyans. This is according to the National Information Communications and Technology Policy Guidelines 2020, published last week, that spell out new regulatory...

    Afrika Kusini na Misri tu hatujazifikia hata kwa 25% je, hizo London, New York na Paris ndiyo tutazifikia haraka?

    “Nataka Tanzania iwe kama Ulaya, nataka Nchi hii iwe kama Ulaya, sisi ndio tuwe tunatoa misaada na mipango hiyo tunayo na mipango hiyo imepangwa vizuri kupitia Ilani ya CCM” -JPM East Africa Television - News Kama Kauli hii imetolewa tu 'Kisiasa' zaidi kuelekea katika Kampeni za Uchaguzi huu...
  12. babu M

    Gold cruises to new high above $2,000/oz in history

    Aug 5 (Reuters) – Gold extended its rally above the key $2,000 an ounce level on Wednesday, hitting a fresh record high as a weakening dollar and falling returns on U.S. bonds added fuel to a buying spree among investors looking for a safe store of value. With the coronavirus pandemic roiling...
  13. eli_dealz

    Phone4Sale Lenovo K5 Pro Brand new

    Lenovo K5 PRO BLACK *BRAND NEW* Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 64 GB Space 4 GB RAM 5.99 inch screen 4050 maH Battery Double Line and supports 4G all networks. 4 Cameras - 2 Back cameras (16MP,5MP) 2 Selfie Cameras (16 MP, 5 MP) 1 YEAR WARRANTY FROM LENOVO Price : IMESHAUZWA Contact ...
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