1. Tabutupu

    How President Magufuli Transformed Tanzania's Roads into the Best in East Africa - The Architect of Tanzania Highways

    John Magufuli, the late president of Tanzania, played a key role in making sure that Tanzania has the best roads in East Africa. He made road construction and maintenance a top priority of his government, and he also implemented a number of policies that helped to improve the country's road...
  2. kayanda01

    Kuna faida zozote za kumtumia Architect? Ama ni kupoteza pesa tu?

    Wakuu, Katika hatua za awali kabisa za kuanza ujenzi, kuna faida gani kumtumia Architect (msanifu ujenzi)? Ama ni wastage of money na hamna ulazima?
  3. Jamii Opportunities

    Senior Specialist; Enterprise Architect at NMB Bank (2 Posts)

    Position: Senior Specialist; Enterprise Architect (2 Posts) Location: Head Office, HQ Purpose: Leading the practice and introducing the overall technical vision for solutions that are intended to address specific business needs, requirements, or problems and to ensure successful implementation...
  4. Jamii Opportunities

    Solution Architect at Ericsson Tanzania

    Solution Architect Position: Solution Architect Ericsson, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania About this opportunity! We are now looking for a Solution Architect, who will be responsible for analyzing, designing and developing commercially viable end-to-end technical solutions based on the customer...
  5. Jamii Opportunities

    Enterprise Architect at Vodacom

    Job Profile Role purpose: The enterprise architect’s responsibilities include improving the current IT infrastructure, optimizing business operations, and setting the direction and approach for integrating information applications and programs. The enterprise architect is also responsible for...
  6. C

    Mhandisi na architect

    Nina mteja wangu ambao anauza nyumba za ghorofa na jengo la flat (building with appartments) Ameshapata wanunuaji wawili kwa ajili ya mradi. Alikubaliana nao kuhusu bei. Mteja wangu anataka kujenga jengo la ghorofa mbili. Level ya kawaida itakuwa na biashara ya takriban 90 sqm, upande...
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