1. NairobiWalker

    Mombasa Street Food Tour

  2. M

    Cheap food that can carry you to your long 4/5 runs

    Being safe gives faith, and so on, to people with 4/5 drizzling, who can invite everyone to a party that will last a long time and the joy will stay forever. When the sun gets too hot, it is important to drink a lot of water to get the cells fighting a winning battle. Also the heat from the...
  3. M

    Strangest Food around the World

    Are you ready to feast your eyes on the strangest food in the world We all know that different cultures will provide different dishes, sometimes even bizarre dishes, but please wait until you discover the madness of what we have discovered for you. We traverse the world and bring you the crazy...
  4. Fighter23

    Vacancy - Food & Beverage Supervisor

    Anahitajika Food & Beverage Supervisor mwenye sifa zifuatazo: Awe Mtanzania mwenye miaka 25 na kuendelea Awe na uzoefu usiopungua miaka 2 kwa nafasi hii Awe na muonekano mzuri na nadhifu Awe amesomea mafunzo ya usimamizi wa Hotel katika chuo chochote kinachotambulika Mode of Application; -...
  5. Miss Zomboko

    Food poisoning ni hali ya kuchafuka kwa chakula kunakotokana na uwepo wa vimelea mbalimbali kama vile bacteria

    Food poisoning ni hali ya kuchafuka kwa chakula kunakotokana na uwepo wa vimelea mbalimbali kama vile bacteria, virusi, au parasites au sumu zao ndani yake. Hali hii hutokea wakati unapokula chakula au kunywa vinywaji/maji yaliyochanganyika na vimelea hawa hususani vya bacteria wa jamii ya...
  6. Wacha1

    Thousands of cars form lines to collect food in Texas

    North Texas Food Bank distributed more than 600,000 pounds of food for about 25,000 people on Saturday, according to spokeswoman Anna Kurian. There were 7,280 turkeys distributed to families, Kurian. "Forty percent of the folks coming through our partners doors are doing so for the first time,"...
  7. Infantry Soldier

    Food For Thought: Kuna tofauti gani kati ya Mamlaka, Tume pamoja na Bodi?

    Shikamooni wakubwa zangu wote wa hapa jamiiforums. Ndugu zangu Watanzania eti; Kuna tofauti gani kati ya Mamlaka (Authority), Tume (Commission) na Bodi (Board)? (1) Kwanini zamani ilikuwa Income Tax Department ila ikabadilishwa na kuwa Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania (TRA) na sio Tume au Bodi...
  8. masopakyindi

    Food for thought: (see saw leaning) bembea imeelemea upande upi?

    Hii bembea imeelemea upande upi?
  9. Emman1985

    Mwalimu wa Food and Nutrition

    Tuna uhitaji na Mwalimu wa FOOD AND NUTRITION kwa O-Level. Shule ni ya Wasichana na ipo Mtwara manispaa. Kwa maelezo zaidi, naomba tuwasiliane: 0745737287
  10. S

    Can coronavirus be transmitted through food?

    The thought may have crossed your mind as you navigate grocery store aisles or order takeout in the midst of a pandemic: Can you catch the new coronavirus from food? Experts say there's currently no evidence of the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, being transmitted through food. "We don't...
  11. M

    Secrets the food lndustry doesn't Want you to know

    From marketing tricks to shady practices, the food industry has a lot of secrets. But they just want you to think about their yummy products, nothing else. Well, it’s important to know about the things you eat. Whether you love eating meat, or choose not to, isn’t really the question. Here are...
  12. Kafrican

    Jaribio la Tatu: Galana Kulalu Food Securty Project

    Jamaa walijaribu mmara ya kwanza, wakula loss kubwa pesa za kodi yetu, wakatafuta muIsraeli aje ajaribu akashindwa, project ikachukuliwa na wizara ya maji ndani ya departpment ya unyunyizaji (National Irrigation Authority) sasa wanasema kwa kila ekari waligarimika takriban Ksh 45,000 na mavuno...
  13. M

    If you seat on Gold, Oil and your people dont have Food to eat, you Are not Humans- Trump

    Remember when he said "IF You Sit On Gold, Oil, And Your People Don’t Have Food To Eat, You Are Not Humans" – Trump Look at the way Africa countries are suffering it's actually the fault of the leaders they don't make good decisions, no development, no good infrastructures nothing nothing...
  14. Jamii Opportunities

    Communications Consultant at The United Nations World Food Programme

    Position: Communications Consultant (122858) Location: Dar es salaam WFP seeks candidates of the highest integrity and professionalism who share our humanitarian principles. Selection of staff is made on a competitive basis, and we are committed to promoting diversity and gender balance. ABOUT...
  15. Geza Ulole

    Coronavirus lockdown: Kenyans given poisonous food relief

    ======= NAIROBI, Kenya May 25 – Several people were affected after consuming relief food distributed in Kikuyu Constituency on Sunday. The food, branded William Ruto Foundation and Kimani Ichung’wah, also had labels of “Stay Safe Ichung’wah, who is the area MP, has however, issued a statement...
  16. Suley2019

    Hungry South Africans clash with police over food aid in Cape Town

    CAPE TOWN - South African police on Tuesday fired rubber bullets and teargas in clashes with Cape Town township residents protesting over access to food aid during a coronavirus lockdown. Hundreds of angry people fought running battles with the police, hurling rocks and setting up barricades on...
  17. B

    Cabinet considering banning all journeys in Spain apart from travel to work or to buy food

    The Spanish Cabinet on Saturday was considering limiting the movement of citizens as much as possible in a bid to slow down coronavirus contagions in the country. Government ministers were debating prohibiting all journeys in Spain that are not due to “force majeure,” but allowing trips so...
  18. Anganile1

    Legal/authorized supplier/seller of ethanol- food grade

  19. Jamii Opportunities

    Nafasi ya kazi Food Security and Nutrition Policy Specialist at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

    Company: (FAO) Location: Tanzania State: Dar Es Salaam Jobs Job type: Full-Time Job category: Healthcare/Medical Jobs in Tanzania Closure Date: 17/Dec/2019, 1:59:00 AM Organizational Unit: FRURT Job Type: Non-staff opportunities Type of Requisition: Consultant / PSA (Personal Services...
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