1. Tony254

    The incredibly rich history of KCB bank that was founded in 1896

    KCB ni bank kubwa hapa Afrika Mashariki lakini sikuwa nafahamu historia yake. Hii bank ina historia ndefu na ya mafanikio makubwa. Our History 120+ Years of Progress We are proud of our history and heritage which is rooted as far back as the nineteenth century. Take a look at how far we have...
  2. Meneja Wa Makampuni

    An open letter to Our leaders: How to make a country Rich

    Hello our leaders, Here is an open letter to you. We really like our country to be rich. Here are some ways to make our country rich. How to Make a Country Rich Most of what we call ‘politics’ really revolves around the question of what you need to do to make a country richer. Rather than...
  3. Ghost boss

    Impossible is richness. Lisilo wezekana ndio utajiri. The problems is that the rich man is not yet a rich, and a poor man is not yet a poor

    IMPOSSIBLE IS RICHNESS. LISILO WEZEKANA NDIO UTAJIRI The problems is that the rich man is not yet a rich and a poor man is not yet a poor. Hayo ni maneno kutoka kwenye kitabu cha rich dad and poor dad cha Robert kiyosaki. Jambo ambalo linaonekana haliwezekani ndilo lenye siri ya unapotaka kuwa...

    Watanzania tumsikilize huyu mtu "7 Things Poor People DO That The Rich DON’T"

    7 Things Poor People DO That The Rich DON’T
  5. Tony254

    How rich is Kenya?

  6. M

    Dear men, avoid these 5 kinds of friends if you want to be rich and successful

    There are several types of friends to avoid if you want to be rich and successful, If you wish to know the types of friends to avoid, then you need to read this. A lot of conditions come into play when it comes to success or the achievement of wealth. Hard work, loyalty, selflessness...
  7. M

    Things that Rich people dont tell you to keep you Poor

    Riches, Wealth, influence, the good life... who does not want it? To never struggle to have the things you want. Obviously here I'm talking about becoming rich through legal ways. The truth is, we all want money, want to be rich and be successful... the stagnation is that alot of people who...
  8. M

    You will be rich forever if you avoid these three things in life

    There is this common saying among most youths nowadays which is “money must be made” and that is why there engage in all types of illegal activities just to make money. Poverty and riches are just two states of mind and you can decide which to possess. Life will not always give you what you...
  9. Barbarosa

    Si mchezo Duh! We are rich, man!

  10. M

    11 Poor habits that will keep you from getting Rich

    What’s stopping your from getting rich, or from becoming richer than you already are? Well according to Tom Corley, my good friend and co-author of my book Rich Habits Poor Habits, it’s likely to be your poor habits. So let’s look at 11 daily habits that you should drop. But before we do, a...
  11. M

    10 Things to sacrifice if you want to be rich

    There are lots of things that can hinder us from achieving our goals of becoming successful. More often than none, the reason why we fail is our faults. That’s why today I’ve listed out 10 things that we need to do or sacrifice if we truly want to attain financial freedom. Spend less and buy...
  12. M

    Five Things Poor People Do That Keep Them Poor (The Rich Don’t Do Them)

    There are things that the poor people endulge themselves in, that keeps them poor. The Rich class don’t do those things……. people have always wondered why they still remain poor despite the efforts they have putted in place in the past years……..After much self questioning, they tend to give up...
  13. Barbarosa

    Kwa nini Puerto Rico sio tajiri kama USA?

    Kwanini? Puerto Rico ni sehemu ya USA lakini ni kama third World fulani ukilinganisha na USA, au kwa nini Mexico, Brazil au Argentina sio tajiri kama USA na Canada? Kwa nini India sio matajiri kama China? Kwanini Sub Saharan Africa siyo relatively well off kama North Africa? Kwanini Ireland...
  14. Aloyce Mkwizu

    THE AIM.

    Tag a friend with same aim. #jamii forums.
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