Tamko la Ubalozi wa Palestina Nchini Tanzania juu ya vita inayoendelea dhidi ya Israel


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Feb 7, 2022
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The embassy of the state of Palestine in Tanzania Statement

The declaration of war by Israel, the occupying Power, on a civilian population it has been illegally and forcibly occupying and oppressing for decades is a continuation of its record of criminality and impunity. This is reinforced and affirmed by Israeli officials who have issued genocidal and hateful calls for ethnic cleansing publicly and unashamedly.

The scenes of devastation inflicted on Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip are harrowing. The international impunity Israel enjoys is a moral, political, and legal stain affront to humanity and basic decency as well as the principles of international law. Any attempt to excuse or cover these crimes is unacceptable and outright reprehensible.

The facts are not in dispute. Israel, as an occupying Power, is fully responsible for this situation because it insists on keeping the Palestinian people captive and stripping them of their rights for over half a century. Israel has illegally used force and the threat of force, confiscation of land, persecution, collective punishment, and reprisals to deny the Palestinian people their fundamental rights and serve the common aim of displacing and replacing the Palestinian people, in violation of their right to self- determination and other peremptory norms of international law.

We are in this situation because the world failed to do what is needed and turned its back on Palestinian rights. Simplistic statements that omit Palestinian lives and rights and encourage their violation have to stop. As an occupying Power, Israel has no right or justification to target the defenseless civilian population in Gaza or elsewhere in Palestine. Reprisals against civilians in armed hostilities are illegal under international humanitarian law and must stop.

In view of the open war declared by Israel on the Palestinian people in Gaza and the critical and ever-worsening situation of the Palestinian people under Israel's colonial occupation and apartheid regime in the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, the international community must immediately intervene and provide international protection to the Palestinian people and end Israel's barbarous campaign of death and destruction. The international community must also act on their collective.

political, legal, humanitarian, and moral responsibilities towards this prolonged injustice. It has a responsibility to promote accountability, which is the only viable remedy for this illegal, abhorrent situation. The Palestinian people will continue to defend themselves, their homes, and their fundamental right to live in freedom and dignity, free from occupation, apartheid, and persecution.
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