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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Mzee Mwanakijiji, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Mzee Mwanakijiji

    Mzee Mwanakijiji Platinum Member

    Mar 28, 2006
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    Wiki ijayo kutakuwa na kikao cha viongozi wa Jumuiya ya Afrika ya Mashariki huko Arusha.

    Kati ya mambo yatakayozungumzwa ni jinsi gani inawezekana kuharakisha uundwaji wa shirikirikisho la Afrika ya Mashariki.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    Jul 23, 2006
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    maybe... :)
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    Jul 23, 2006
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    yes, i think so... :)
  4. S

    Spiderman JF Admin

    Oct 6, 2006
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    East Africa Community Opinions
  5. Wacha wajiunge labda matatizo yao yatapungua japo nasi tunayo
  6. Alai

    Alai Member

    Jul 7, 2007
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    Mbona watanzania hawajiamni ndani ya muungano. Kila kiongozi amewaambia kwamba kutojiamini inafanya watu wasiwaamini. Kila saa ni Tanzania pekee ndio inalia.

    Kwanini? Whats the problem with tanzania and Tanzanians? Is it that they fear Kenyans, Burundis, Rwandese and Ugandans so much? This fear to me is unfounded and makes me think that there is no National pride in Tanzania by Tanzanians.
  7. K

    Koba JF-Expert Member

    Jul 11, 2007
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    ....You can run from the argument or you can provide evidence from sources that support your fantasy with your fear mongering insanity (which, for the record, I have absolutely no respect for, as I find it to be nothing short of barbaric, ridiculous, and disgusting, but that's for a different argument).
  8. Manda

    Manda JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2007
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    mimi ni m tz nasoma chuo kikuu hapa kampala uganda,by the way maada za EAF huwaga hazikwepeki kwenye instutions kama hizi, na hususani course nayosoma[public admn] na wanafunzi wenzangu.
    Ila kuna kitu hawa jamaa siwaelewi, ukumuuliza sebo au nyabo yoyote yule kwanini fast track towards EAF? jamaa roho safi hawana hata aibu,, wanajisemaea wazi[ata wakenya pia] kuwa wanataka io ili waje kupata kazi bongo,,......!!!!! jamani waungwana ivi bongo kuna kazi kweli?? na wanalilia kweli kweli mbaka mimi naogopa jamani.
    Jamani ni kweli katika dunia ya leo ya utawazi sisi kama nchi maskini tuna hitaji kuwa na jumuia ambayo ni strong na ambayo itatatea maslahi ya wananchi wake, ni kweli tuanahitaji kuwa na soko kubwa la pamoja na vitu ka hivyo, lakini jee ndivyo akina " museveni" na wenzie wantaka iwe hivo?
    Kwa wale mliobahatika kusoma falsafa ya Karl Marx mtanisaidia au pengine mtanielewa vizuri zaidi... Marx anazungumzia kuhusu vvitu viwili ambavyo ni vya msingi sana.. the sub srtucture au wanaita foundation na cha pili ni super structure,, yaani kuwa sub structure i.e economic factors ndizo zitakazo determine the super structure yaani politics, government, values ,traditon etc kwa hio cha msingi hapo ni sub structure au foundation afu mengine yatafuata,..
    kimsingi kwa upeo wangu mdogo wa kufukiri naona Marx hakukosea hata kidogo, na huo ndio ukweli.. asa kama ni hivo kwanini hatujakubaliana kimsingi na kutekeleza policy zetu za kiuchumi kwanza na kukimbilia siasa?mimi nadhani nimkweli kuna haja "pengine" na kuwa na federation lakini si mapema kihivo.
  9. M

    MNENE Member

    Oct 16, 2007
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    Pressure on Kikwete to act on graft
    Published on October 14, 2007, 12:00 am

    By Ernest Mpinganjira

    When the gathering political storm in Tanzania reaches a crisis, President Jakaya Kikwete might be forced to do the unthinkable– sacrifice bosom friend, Prime Minister Edward Lowassa.

    The public views the premier as the embodiment of graft in the Government, which the President cannot tame.

    Jakaya has come under pressure in the past two months to purge "rotten eggs" from his stable. Among the donor community, he is anything but not in charge.

    The Government was last week thrown into panic after Western development partners demanded action on runaway corruption, failing which they threatened to withhold financial support pending the arrest and prosecution of the culprits.

    Donors have warned that Tanzania, which has a hole in its $5.8 billion budget, risks aid cuts for failing to rein in graft.

    The prospect of aid cutback elicited angry response from Foreign Minister, Mr Bernard Membe, who demanded that the envoys stop meddling in Tanzania's affairs.

    Matters were worsened when he threatened to expel foreign envoys who recently threatened to halt development funding pending investigation of fraud allegations.

    The standoff between Tanzania and donors had a ring of the controversy between Kenya and its development partners, during which aid was withheld for more than 14 years from 1992.

    Sources told The Sunday Standard that a Cabinet reshuffle looms in which key Kikwete allies, including Lowassa, are likely to be relieved of their duties.

    He added that the public is concerned that the Government has failed to quell ethnic clashes in the west where scores of people have been killed.

    The media have been directed not to report the bloodbath in Kagera "to maintain a good image of the country abroad".

    The Opposition has taken the cue from the public and given the Government one-month ultimatum to institute investigation into fraud allegations and quell ethnic cleansing or risk countrywide civil disobedience.

    Opposition parties – Chadema, Tanzania Labour Party (TLP), NCCR-Mageuzi and Civic United Front (CUF) – announced on Monday plans to organise demonstrations to force the Government to come clean on graft allegations.

    President's son in financial rip offs

    Word on the streets in Dar has it that the reshuffle could be on the cards soon after the national elections of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) next month.

    To cushion himself against potential retribution, opposition leaders said, Lowassa involved the president's son in one of massive financial rip offs in which the taxpayer lost huge sums of money through faulty tendering of Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) for the procurement of emergency power generators last year.

    The expensive equipment turned out to be second-hand. They stalled just months after they were commissioned, plunging the country into darkness and limited production hours.

    The public is also concerned over the dumping of the junk presidential jet for which the Exchequer paid $44 million - more than twice the actual cost of a new aircraft. The jet is not in use, barely six years since it was bought.

    There is also the matter of Bank of Tanzania (BoT) that is set to cost the taxpayer $340 million; with experts saying the figure is 10 times above the actual cost. The president is accused of being aware of the scams but failing to act as his henchmen have huge stakes in them.

    This is a new experience for Dar es Salaam, which is beginning to feel the heat after donors demanded transparency in public expenditure.

    The demand was prompted by the compilation and circulation of a ‘List of Shame' by the Opposition, which indicts Lowassa, Kikwete's son and wife, businessman and MP Rostam Aziz–who bankrolled Kikwete's election in 2005).

    But the Director of Communications Salva Rwayemamu dismissed the ‘List of Shame' as ‘A List of Lies'. Rweyemamu, a journalist, who used his position as managing editor at Habari Corporation to campaign for Kikwete, admitted on Tuesday that BoT was indeed under investigation.

    Civil disobedience is an alien concept in Dar and would never have been contemplated as a means of protesting at State culpability. Political unrest is also rare, save for occasional flare-ups at election time.

    But this time round, senior Cabinet members are under scrutiny as an increasingly restless public question the Kikwete administration's inability to fight poverty and corruption.

    As a sign of the a gathering storm, Cabinet ministers going round the country to ‘explain' the budget to the electorate were heckled as wananchi complained of rising cost of food, fuel and unemployment.

    The level of public discontent is unprecedented and the opposition has rolled out civic education to sensitise the public.

  10. Bubu Msemaovyo

    Bubu Msemaovyo JF-Expert Member

    Oct 24, 2007
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    This guy is Kenyan the way he has explained the issues, if he is not then he partial descedant of Kenyan original. We have been fighting against our rotten government and on the matter of Kilimanjaro please do not make me say something forbiden on this Jamboforums is it because you leave in "Mbeya" that you never heard that Kenyans have been advertising that Kilimanjaro is their mountain? Are you puppet of Kenya?
  11. Gigo

    Gigo JF-Expert Member

    Jan 6, 2008
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    Kho kho....!!
  12. Ben Saanane

    Ben Saanane Verified User

    May 2, 2008
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    Ni jambo zuri sana kuwa na federation kwani tutaweza kutengeneza soko kubwa la kiuchumi.Hii ndio best weapon for economic intergration.

    Hata hivyo ili kuwa na kiongozi mmoja ni lazima matatizo yetu ya msingi socially and politically yawe sorted out kwa Kenya,Uganda na Tanzania as well.

    Hatuwezi kumobilize army halafu tugive up kwa waganda na wakenya huku tukiwa hatuaminiani.Kwanza Mtu kama M7 inabidi astep down kwanza ili tufuate institutional procedures.Now we can debate from here!