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  • Hi members after reading what you write I have seen that ufisadi seems to be the issue especially Lowassa and his friends. Me I want to say the following; Development cant be delayed by these three people. what slows down our speed in development is our attitude towards work. People don't work especially the youth. You can get reed of Lowassa but if you don't change your mindset towards work we will still be poor. Youth of Tz they are not ready to go out and look for work. currently south Sudan is the destination of all the Youth in East Africa expt vijana wa TZ kwa nini? jamani tufanye kazi maneno na chuki havitabadilisha hali yetu. binafsi namwanini Lowassa kuwa ni mchapa kazi na kama atagombea urais 2015 nitampa zote. Kitu vijana wa CCM wasichoelewa ni kwamba sasa wanafanya kazi ya Chadema kupangua safu ya CCM ili wachukue nchi 2015 Ufisadi ilikuwa agenda ya Chadema siyo ya CCM. TAFAKARI
    Hello brothers and sisters how are you doing, i am new(tanzanian) in this fantastic page can i get your big up. thanks

    Hi, I got nothing to say at present that can add value but I really feel like saying some thing and that is "I love being in this community and I love you all members".

    Big up for all those ones who were involved to make this very valuable thing possible and thanks to them as well for their non ending efforts to maintain it, you are really great people.

    Big up also to all those ones who have been contributing ideas and any other posts to make it look a very useful tool.

    Hey Guys hope everyone of us is fine. I have missed the Watu Wema Group for so long.
    I 'm okay
    hello bubu, good to meet u on jf. hope ur doing fine? my name is douglas james bako:A S 8::smile-big:
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