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    Magufuli the Dictator of the Corrupt government officers

    I just wonder people call him Dictator but the fact is doing a good job and I support him 100 percent. We Africans we don't like to work and take responsibility and we don't understand the meaning of accountability; the reason why we are behind is because of this kind of stupidity and nonsense...
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    Trump and Nancy: Look at them as if they are kids in high school

    Look at them as if they are kids in high school. The President is not a politician. He says what thinks and doesn’t hold back. I believe he is right that there is something illegal going on in that Democratic Swamp. No, he shouldn’t speak as he does but we all know what he is thinking. Now we...
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    These are the 20 most corrupt countries in Africa right now

    Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Guinea Bissau and Equatorial Guinea are the most corrupt nations in Africa and the world. Topping from below on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) table with a score less than 20 out of 100...