Moshi: International School of UWCEA yasitisha masomo Baada ya Wanafunzi 2 kupatwa na Corona

Miss Zomboko

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May 18, 2014
Shule ya kimataifa ya UWCEA Kampasi ya Moshi, Kaskazini mwa #Tanzania imesitisha mafunzo ya ana kwa ana kwa Wanafunzi kwa madai ya mmoja wa Wanafunzi kuthibitishwa kuwa na maambukizi ya Corona.

Kwa mujibu wa taarifa iliyotolewa na tovuti ya Shule hiyo, Januari 18 Mwanafunzi huyo alithibitishwa kuwa na Corona na jana Jumanne, Mwanafunzi mwingine ameonesha dalili za maambukizi ya virusi hivyo.


A UWCEA day student in the M4 class in Moshi Campus tested positive for Covid-19 on 18th January. On 19th January a second student is displaying symptoms that may indicate Covid-19 although this has not yet been tested. As a result, the Moshi Campus has temporarily stopped all face-to-face teaching and has moved all learning online until 1st February.

Details are given in the Director’s letter of 19th January, as well as in her earlier email of 18th January. Information on the Distance Learning Program can be found at the Distance Learning Update.
Arusha Campus is continuing face-to-face teaching with additional precautions.

Anecdotal evidence suggested that the incidence of the virus in Tanzania was relatively low for much of 2020, but the current situation is unfortunately less clear.

Tanzanian authorities do not publish details of coronavirus cases in the country and there is no information about any tracking of the epidemic. Official figures have not been released since April 2020 (and the figures given on most data collection sites are those from that date).

There are no mandated rules for slowing the spread of the virus although social distancing and hand washing were advised. At present most people do not wear masks. In December a Ministry of Health spokesman indicated that there were no plans to import any Covid-19 vaccines to the country.


Wyatt Mathewson

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Dec 22, 2017
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