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Corruption king makers in Tanzania

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Nyenyere, May 11, 2011.

  1. Nyenyere

    Nyenyere JF-Expert Member

    May 11, 2011
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    Katika pitapita yangu kwenye net nimekutana na hii kitu. Kama imeshawahi kusomeka hapa JF naomba mods muifute.


    We, the Tanzanian Community now living in Canada, have been making a follow up of what
    is happening in our beloved mother country, Tanzania. Problems facing our country range
    from being political, social and economical, but the underlaying cause of all these problems is CORRUPTION..

    We have discovered that it's corruption that is "eating" Tanzania and all efforts being made by the Prevention and Control of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has failed. In our opinion, the fight against Corruption will only be successful if the right person is appointed to head the Bureau.

    Here we have a person going by the name of Edward Hosea, the current Director General of PCCB. Mr Hosea is the right hand-man of Martern Lumbanga, the former Chief Secretary.

    All Lumbanga's property is taken care of by Mr Hosea, whom in the eyes of those who appointed him consider him as being "Clean."

    This is the opposite, and he might be the dirtiest man than most Tanzanians tend to believe!

    Since one Jitesh Ladwa a highly indebted businessman circulated an email message all over the world on what has become to be known, the "BoT Scam" Mr Hosea has turned to be a nuisance to businessmen and investors in Tanzania.

    Being a close friend to Mr Ladwa, Hosea has been contracted by Ladwa to make sure that all those mentioned in those email messages are taken to task including prosecution. The trick, of which we know, is to make sure the current BoT Governor Mr Daudi Ballali and some Asian businessmen are taken to court and a new Governor is appointed. The complete deal would see Hosea getting paid Tsh 1 billion!

    Hosea has initiated a dirty campaign full of threats whereby he moves from one bank to the other requesting banks' authorities to furnish him with bank statements of some of the businessmen. These businessmen are summoned and given a condition of giving huge money to him or face corruption charges.

    Surprisingly, these bank statements, believed to be top secret are exposed in different areas in Dar es Salaam including bars and hotels. Some of the bank statements have been spotted at places like pubs and bars!

    Hosea, who's said to be a devoted Christian who goes to church every Saturday, has sent his wife Sarafina and children Magembe and Shoma to the US on forged documents. His wife is being paid about $9,500 per month.. (All documents with regard to this scandal are available).

    It's no secret that Hosea also owns a house in the US. This is the man who is supposed to be in the forefront fighting corruption. Recently, Hosea received a lot of money from Barrick Gold as an inducement to interfere a Court Case. It's Barrick who have built him a multibillion house at Mbezi Beach.

    The house is in three plots where you meet eight (eight??) dogs on guard and bills settled by PCCB. It's the same Hosea who is fully involved in Prof Mahalu's case, and that's why there are two conflicting reports on Mahalu's investigation report. One prepared by Hosea himself and the other by PCCB.

    Hosea, who's at the payroll of Mohamed Enterprises Ltd has caused Tanzanians to suffer a lot following his failure to investigate a multibillion fertilizer scandal involving the company. The outcome was the decision by the Japanese government to cancel a fertilizer
    grant to Tanzania. The same Hosea is sitting on another big scandal involving the same company.

    Recently, Mohammed Enterprises imported hundreds of tones of sugar which was declared that it was meant for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). But TRA discovered later that the huge consignment of sugar was for the Tanzanian local market. TRA decided to impound the sugar, and reports have it that the matter "was recently settled" by some government officials, PCCB team and TRA officials after the importer, Mohammed Enterprises Ltd agreed to give away Tsh 500 million.

    The matter was reported to almost all media houses, but the story is not coming out because editors and reporters were "paid" millions so that they can contain the

    Recent news have it that already the matter had been solved "amicably" whereby
    Hosea and some TRA officials have been paid millions to cover the would be Tanzania's
    biggest scandal for 2007!

    Memories are still fresh in most Tanzanians especially the media fraternity when Hosea,
    engineered the arrest and prosecution of the editor of Family Mirror, one Zephania
    Musendo on arranged and calculated plan aimed at silencing him from publishing stories on Hosea's unethical behaviour.

    The Family Mirror was carrying stories of complaints from many people whom after being charged by the then Prevention of Corruption Bureau (PCB) were forced by Hosea to hire his law firm. The then PCB Director General (rtd) Brig General Kamazima had warned Hosea that having a law firm that was giving service to those charged by the PCB was unethical because of conflict of interest, but as of now most of those charged by PCB are forced to use the services of Hosea's Law firm! We were also victims of this arrangement.

    What's interesting in Hosea's bid to fight corruption is the style he applies. Although he's conducting investigations on the BoT scandal, we have never heard of many Asians being interrogated.

    Hosea's victims are only black Tanzanians and they are the ones he wants to sacrifice, Tanzanians watch out believe from me Planted Black Tanzania on the BoT scam will be the ones to be implicated.

    Why? Jitesh Ladwa, a close friend of Hosea and the author of ALL emails in relation to the so-called BOT Scam was in the past a major beneficiary of the EPA Account.

    On March 7th, 2005, he applied for a Deed of Assignment and Indian Ocean Hotels Expansion Project. He wrote to the Bank of Tanzania saying that he had purchased Commercial Debt of Itochu Corporation of Japanese Yen 1,078,439,516 from Itochu Corporation formerly known as C. Itoch and Company Ltd.

    According to the "executed" Deed of Assignment of Commercial Debt said to have been
    signed by Hiroyuki Sogabe on behalf of Itochu Corporation and Jitesh Ladwa on behalf of
    Indian Ocean Hotels Ltd its (Itochu's) address is Africa Re Centre, 6th Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, P.O. Box 30288, Nairobi, Kenya. The Deed was executed on December 7th,

    Mr Jitesh told the Bank of Tanzania that he intended to utilize the funds for the expansion of the controversial Indian Ocean Hotels with new convention Centre, suites, serviced apartments and rental area in an effort to bring conference tourism in Tanzania.

    His application was rejected by the BoT via the bank's letter dated Sept 1st, 2005. The bank said it was unable to process his request at the moment.

    The main reason why Ladwa's application was rejected was the fact that the Deed of
    Assignment was forged. It was discovered that some of the JPY did not exist and some had
    been applied by other companies.

    Also the Deed's signature by one Hiroyuki Sogabe was forged. This is the cause of Jitesh's war with the BoT management and his fellow Asian businessmen. Jitesh who is close to the Finance Minister, Zakia Meghji, has caused a lot of damage to Tanzania.

    He has tarnished the name of our country through almost all media houses such as Times and Africa Confidential and all local newspapers using some corrupt local and foreign senior reporters and editors who frequent his offices at Golden Tulip Hotels. The same Jitesh Ladwa started attacking our fellow Asians, including Jeethu Patel because
    Jeethu had turned down his request for money.

    Instead, he compromised with Tanzania's KING maker, Rostam Aziz who gave some of his cut to Jitesh and that's why although Rostam received the EPA funds he's not mentioned anywhere in Jitesh's emails.

    In fact, in Tanzania we have two governments, one under Jakaya Kikwete and the other under Rostam Aziz. Rostam Azizi's government seems to be more powerful than Kikwete's because his government (comprising of corrupt businessmen) has the money which is badly needed by CCM.

    What we see here is that Jitesh is trying to scandalize the government and the BoT because he is highly indebted by many financial institutions ie: IFC ($6 million),
    EuroAfrican Bank (Tsh 1 billion) and Barclays Bank ($2 million). All the hotels, Golden
    Tulip and Karibu Hotels are mortgaged. Surprisingly enough, Jitesh is using his friend Hosea to threaten the banks.

    Tanzanians must watch out: ?€? The secret agenda why Asians are fighting for political posts is to get information from the government and how they can influence such decisions. ?€? Ordinary Tanzanian may ask why in the EPA there was NO black Tanzanian ?€? The next move is to make sure the year 2010, some Asian heavy weights enter the
    parliament i.e Yusuph Manji. Their number and of course their financial muscle,
    would make them powerful in the House, and eventually have the first Asian Speaker
    of the National Assembly.

    ?€? What's needed is to make sure the government is deliberately empowering black
    Tanzanians otherwise poverty would continue haunting them and we will continue
    seeing the Sabodo's enjoying the money they swindled.

    ?€? The so called BoT scam was carefully created in order to fool the public, but in fact this was an Asian business conflict affair. ?€? Let the government form a probe committee to investigate the accumulated wealth of Mr Hosea, it would be discovered that he is "the most corrupt Tanzanian." Some of us are not in Canada because we love this country, but ran away from Hosea's threats.

    ?€? One would ask, why all National Housing Corporation (NHC) joint projects go to Asians OR Why all concessions in the Serengeti go to Indians and Arabs? Did the Corruption boss, Hosea, took trouble to investigate?

    And now the big scam:
    The mother of all scams is in the making. This is the decision by the Tanzanian government to privatize half of the Serengeti National Park in what they call Concession for 99 years. The plan under the cover of the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) includes all players in the major scandals in Tanzania.

    At the centre of the project, "The Serengeti National Park Privatisation Project," is Mr Paul Jones who has been commissioned to conduct a 'study'. We are informed that TANAPA is footing all travel, food and accommodation expenses for Mr Jones. Under the project, we have learnt that the US millionaire Mr Tudor James would construct a Presidential Lodge in the Serengeti. What a shame?

    Hosea knows all this; and that corruption is involved in the whole deal, but he has not taken or initiated any investigation against TANAPA's management and its Directors because the engineers of this project had promised him a big cut once the project is endorsed.

    In simple language, Tudor James owns TANAPA. Through lobbying by TANAPA's Board of
    Directors, while in New York recently, Kikwete met the Serengeti 'investor," Tudor James.

    With this friendship, (Tudor and Kikwete) it's now evident that Serengeti will be SOLD to an American tycoon!

    Source: Pccb Scandal
  2. engmtolera

    engmtolera Verified User

    May 11, 2011
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    " it's now evident that Serengeti will be SOLD to an
    American tycoon!"

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,mbona hatari hiiiiii imekaaje jamani? ya kweli haya?
  3. Sizinga

    Sizinga JF-Expert Member

    May 11, 2011
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    hahaaa...nani aisome???ndefu mno, bora hata ungesamar'iz then ukaweka link!!we umebeba kama ilivyo...hata mods sidhani kama wataisoma hii.
  4. Nyenyere

    Nyenyere JF-Expert Member

    May 11, 2011
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    Acha uvivu mkuu. Hutaki details?
  5. M

    Mkandara Verified User

    May 11, 2011
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    Mkuu ndio hali halisi hiyo...Unajua wakati JK anaingia madarakani hawa wahindi wa Canada walijaribu sana kumvuta Lowassa against kina Ladhwa lakini ilishindikana kwani mkono mtupu kama alivyosema mwandishi hii ni vita ya panzi, makunguru (mafisadi) hufaidika..
    tatizo lipo kwako wewe na mimi kwa maana kwamba hata siku moja panzi na kunguru hawana urafiki na binadamu..
  6. D

    Deo JF-Expert Member

    May 11, 2011
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    Thank you

    I remember having read this article sometime in this forum.
  7. Titans

    Titans JF-Expert Member

    May 11, 2011
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    hatutaki wavivu jf,soma mkuu...kama vpi nenda mambo ya kikubwa..

    BONGOLALA JF-Expert Member

    May 11, 2011
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    hii rangi nyeupe inatumaliza!
  9. M

    Marytina JF-Expert Member

    May 12, 2011
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    Sasa wauze mpaka barabara za kuelekea mikoani

    CAMARADERIE JF-Expert Member

    May 12, 2011
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    Lingekuwa shairi la 20% ungesoma mara mia!!!
  11. N

    Ndinani JF-Expert Member

    May 12, 2011
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    Ukweli ni kwamba serikali yetu inaongozwa na mapapa!! Ukiona wanang'ang'ania kitu kwa mfano ujenzi wa hoteli kwenye mbuga za wanyama ujue kuna lao jambo!! Lowassa akiwa waziri mkuu ndio aliyempa [ brokered the deal] mmiliki wa Kempisk Hotels ile hoteli ya Seventy seven pale Arusha [ alipata commission kubwa sana kama kawaida yake] ambayo Mrema wa Impala alikuwa ameshinda tender ya kuinunua.
  12. Fredrick Sanga

    Fredrick Sanga JF-Expert Member

    May 12, 2011
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    PCCB wanahitaji semina elekezi.:A S 103:
  13. Mwendabure

    Mwendabure JF-Expert Member

    May 12, 2011
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    Nchi inagawanwa vipande vipande na viongozi wenye uroho kama wa fisi..loh!
  14. M

    Mulli New Member

    May 22, 2011
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    Jitesh Ladwa amefanya sana uharibifu wa sifa ya Tanzania. Yeye ni rushwa na anapenda kujivunia yeye ni kulipa rushwa kwa mawaziri na yeye ni kingmaker ya marais. Yeye ni ila shida. Yeye hits wanawake katika maeneo ya umma kama mmoja ambaye alikuwa mgeni ambaye yeye kuwapiga hadi na yeye alikuwa na mbio Chole Road mapema masaa ya asubuhi na nguo yake imechanwa. Kwamba mwanamke alifanya hakuna matatizo na mtu yeyote katika Tanzania lakini Jitesh cheated yake nje ya fedha yake na kisha kuwapiga wake juu ya kukaa kimya yake. Yeye ni mtu mbaya hii. Nini wageni kusema ya Watanzania wakati uzoefu wao katika nchi hiyo ni kama hii?
  15. kipindupindu

    kipindupindu JF-Expert Member

    May 22, 2011
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    hii ni lugha gani?
  16. n

    nyuki dume JF-Expert Member

    May 22, 2011
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    Hiki ni kihindi nini?
  17. Mulhat Mpunga

    Mulhat Mpunga JF-Expert Member

    May 23, 2011
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    Im totally confused
  18. u

    underthecoconut New Member

    May 24, 2011
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    Jambo. But this is an old story. We thought someone new was coming forward with information about bwana Jitesh Ladwa. He beat up a foreign woman who used to work in Tanzania for an international org. She was seen running on Chole Road early hours one morning with torn clothes and bwana Ladwa not far behind. But she left Tanzania not long after the incident. So he cheated her out of her money also? Tell us something we don’t already know about our colorful bwana. He is the modern day robin hood - what he takes from those who work for a wage he gives to those who take up a post for the extra extras. Someone should brief these foreign women. In TZ it is common for a man to have more than one woman at the same time. In India a woman must give a man her money as dowry. No return policy. What is the problem? Woman beating? Bwana Jitesh takes his chances beating up the daughters of european fathers. How can he know what they are raised to accept and not accept? Mulli if you know about this story then you are close enough to know about other stories. Keep sharing information you have about the entertaining bwana Ladwa. English is ok. We can read it.