1. Q

    UNDP: In the long run, COVID19 will have significant risks to sectors in Tanzania especially tourism

    UNDP TANZANIA: In the long run, #COVID19 will have significant risks to sectors in #Tanzania such as tourism & hospitality, transportation & storage, wholesale & retail trade, construction & real estate, manufacturing industry. More on: New Report released: Rapid Socio-Economic Impact...
  2. dudus

    US panel hears of risks to Indian Muslims

    Jisomee masuala ya huko Marekani. ==== Washington (AFP) - Experts warned a US government panel on Wednesday that India's Muslims face risks of expulsion or other persecution under a citizenship law that has triggered major protests. The hearing held inside Congress was called by the US...
  3. Asante Mambosasa

    You will never grow if you are afraid of the changes and danger(risk taking)

    “You can either step forward into growth, or backwards into security.” -Abraham Maslow Growth means learning. It means working, doing, creating, resisting, failing. Comfort means safety. It means stability, protection, pleasure, and feeling good. Growth cannot happen as long as you choose...
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