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acacia mining

  1. Samantha Cole

    Tanzanians are NOT surprised at the tax fraud in the UK

    By Samantha Cole of Tanzania Business Ethics Almost 1 in 5 of the biggest UK companies paid NOTHING last year and 5 companies even got a handout back from the taxman! We, in Tanzania, already learnt our lessons the hard way with Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining who succeeded for many years to...
  2. Samantha Cole

    Barrick hits headlines again – in Australia – Loses Supreme Court Appeal

    By Samantha Cole of Tanzania Business Ethics Barrick Gold loses their Appeal in the Australia Supreme Court. No surprise that the Judges found Barrick “inappropriate” and “not reliable” in their methods. When will someone be accountable? Last week, in Australia, following THREE lost appeals...
  3. Samantha Cole

    High Court Judge: Acacia Mining playing tactics to defeat justice

    A PUBLIC LETTER TO THE HON. PRESIDENT OF TANZANIA, MINISTER OF JUSTICE, ATTORNEY GENERAL AND OTHERS Hon. President John P. Magufuli, Prof Palamagamba Kabudi and Dr Adelardus Kilangi Copies to: Board members of Barrick Gold & Acacia Mining; Chief Secretary, Amb. JWH Kijazi; Minister of...
  4. Samantha Cole

    Acacia seeks goodwill from villagers in Mara

    Report in The Citizen By Beldina Nyakeke The Acacia North Mara Goldmine acting general manager has called for peace and harmony between the mine and the host community. Currently, the mine is surrounded by a wall that separates the firm from the host community. Acacia mining is advocating for...
  5. Samantha Cole

    Water everywhere, but no water for the residents of Tarime, Tanzania

    An open letter to His Excellency, President John P. Magufuli, President of Tanzania WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE - BUT NO WATER FOR THE RESIDENTS OF TARIME, TANZANIA? In our Holy Bible: Ecclesiastes 1:9 That which has been, is that which will be, And that which has been done, is that which will be...
  6. Samantha Cole

    Can anyone explain why Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining are falling to pieces?

    BARRICK GOLD SHARES July 2016 - around US$ 22.30 August 2018. - around US$ 09.80 ACACIA MINING SHARES August 2016 - around GB£ 600.00 August 2018 - around GB£ 109.00 We are NOT happy about this because it is is in our interests for these companies to be successful...