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    Hotuba ya Rais Kikwete - Sept 2013: Akubaliana na wapinzani muswada urejeshwe Bungeni

    people should read between the lines...
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    PENDEKEZO LA WASTANI: Tusiishie kutengana kwenye kuchinja; tutengane kwa kila kitu...

    Those trying to follow the debate between Max Shimba and NasDas they can follow it HERE
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    Uchochezi wa Mohamedi Said na dhihaka kwa Wapigania Uhuru wa Tanganyika na Zanzibar

    This thread is now "stuck" in this section for easier access and contribution.
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    Dr. Namala Mkopi (kiongozi wa MAT) afikishwa mahakama ya Kisutu

    This is just silly; ni kama wanafuata kitabu cha utawala wa kikoloni. Kwenye kitabu kile serikali ikizidiwa inatumia mahakama au nguvu. Watafikishwa wangapi mahakamani?
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    Waislamu wazindua Jukwaa la KATIBA

    Guys, as you have seen your giving us more work than necessary; next time somebody bring some religious bigotry and inuendos he/she will suffer an extended ban! We can't keep going through each post as if we are monitoring kindergaten kids!
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    Bungeni: Ripoti ya Jairo yawasilishwa, wabunge wachachamaa!

    For those who would like to read the report it is attached in the first post for your convenience.
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    Rostam, Mkapa kuungana kampeni za CCM Igunga

    Check this out
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    Maandamano ya Kumpinga JK Washington DC

    A number of members who have used derogatory and insulting remarks in this thread have suffered a 2 weeks ban. If people can not restrain themselves we will help them do so. For Admins.
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    Mgao wa Umeme: Tatizo ni UKAME - Kikwete akihojiwa na BBC

    We have transcribed the BBC Interview for those members who for any reason could not listen the original piece. For Admins.
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    Rostam Aziz aachia ngazi CCM

    Folks, 1. Do not copy the whole speech when quoting or responding to one part of the speech. Just copy or quote what you want to respond to. All members have an equal access to the full speech in the first post. 2. Do not copy the names of the members visiting the thread, be it one or 1000...
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    Juu ya OIC na Mahakama ya Kadhi

    Anybody wants to contribute, discuss, add, or reply on this very passionate topic, here it is again.
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    Lowassa: Wakimwaga mboga namwaga ugali

    Guys no need to call names.
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    Tuhuma za rushwa BAVICHA zipelekwe TAKUKURU - Zitto

    You guys have to be fast and sharp; There are no guarantees here that whatever report you see at any given moment will be here the next morning. If you see some reports of such sensitive and personal nature posted be fast to grab it while it is still hot. Some are left just for a little while...
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    msaada wa kisheria kuhusu madai

    Due to the very personal nature of the thread we advice the couple to consult their respective lawyers before turning this forum into a courtroom. For this reason and others, this thread is hereby closed. Thanks.
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    Tuhuma za rushwa BAVICHA zipelekwe TAKUKURU - Zitto

    Dear members, As you have probably noticed we have censored the so called "evidence" of corruption for two major reasons: a. The privacy "clause" of our constitution guarantee our citizens of Republic almost absolute privacy when it comes to their private communications. Unwarranted and...