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Ten things you should know about the Igunga By-Election..

Discussion in 'Chaguzi Ndogo' started by G. Activist, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. G

    G. Activist JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Ninajaribu kutafakari ushindi wa CCM jimbo la Igunga, na ningependa kuleta kwenu, kuona wana Jamvi mnatafsiri vp mwelekeo huu wa CCM!!

    Tu assume kwamba uchaguzi ulikuwa wa huru na wa haki
    Hivi kwa umri ilionao CCM ni wa kutumia nguvu zote zile kukabili wapinzani wao CHADEMA ambao hawajawahi kusimamisha mgombea katika historia ya maisha ya chama chao Jimboni Igunga?? Hii mimi inanipa wasiwasi sana kuhusu future ya chama cha mapinduzi!! Hakika haya ndio mapinduzi yenyewe!!! Kwani wanapinduliwa bila wao kufahamu.

    CCM imeogopa kupeleka wapambanaji wa Ufisadi jimboni Igunga kisa Rostam hata toa support yake jimboni Igunga, mtu mmoja anaogopwa na taasisi kubwa kama CCM, hii haiingii akilini kabisa.

    Tuchukulie ukweli ambao Watanzania watanzania walio wengi wanaamini ndicho kilichofanyika Igunga (UCHAKACHUAJI)
    Eti uchaguzi mdogo kama Igunga na nguvu zote walizotumia wameiba pia!!!! Uhai wa hiki chama unaelekea wapi?? Inasikitisha kwa kweli!!

  2. Rutashubanyuma

    Rutashubanyuma JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Ten things you should know about the Igunga By-Election.


    1) Voter apathy is now CCM trump card to cling onto power. Low voter turn-out has emboldened ccm that if it is supported with vote-rigging can reassure her stay onto power for generations to come….it is sad yet a plausible fact…


    2) Given the despicable levels of ccm antipathy experienced across the nation, we may as well be wise and forget a people driven process into constitutional making mandate...JK regimented with his henchmen are hell-bent to ensure a manipulated constitutional making process is in the offing…the tactic here to appear doing something to appease the masses while in reality they do too little to qualify for anything..letting the naysayers grapple about the squandered political opportunities well after 2015…


    3) As much as I have to disappoint JF adulators but facts ought to be bared regardless of one's personal tastes….And the B IG fact is Chadema is "work in progress" and nothing else….Where unruly, rowdy yet unemployed youth pampers Chadema with never miss attendances in their huge rallies….but skilled voters of my caliber are confounded to differentiate Chadema from her political nemesis in ccm….little surprise do we register among ourselves as when JK threw a banter at Chadema for being a ccm replica iat 2010 stolen election……rallies…JK's beef has usually been to alert and forewarn voters to be wary and vigilant of opposition parties that are doing lip-service in rejecting ccm aura while privately photocopying ccm manifesto and far more important….her greasy hands in snapping official graft….if you permit me to assiduously extrapolate JK unsaid rhetoric…it is mistrust of Chadema designations as much as indignations of ccm's invidious incompetence that is driving voters to a state of hopelessness and stay home during voting day….


    4) The local police will continue to damage her call for self coined "police jamii" as it is determined to be partisan in electoral issues….voters are wondering is the police safeguarding national interests or is persevering protecting the rot in the police force that the opposition is striving to dismantle……water cannons have at best excelled in reminding voters the police are against them and that they should not be trusted…so we may be smart to sneer at police Jamii as a crazy idea wholesale photocopied from western capitals….and irrelevant to address African problems like ours…..


    5) CUF despite her remonstrations remain a "ccm-B"………in the oven…albeit it is a potent political force in Pemba where "a beggar cannot afford to be a chooser" mentality seems to benefit CUF………but CUF has lost her political mantra following her political Islamic agendas….such as hedging upon unproductive causes such as IOC and kadhi Courts…Ensuing from such parochial agendas CUF is now embroiled in an image and identity crisis……is CUF fomenting religious divisions and hatred among the populace just to serve her colonial masters residing in Oman and other Middle East Islamic nations..or her association with ccm in an ignominious power-sharing mishmash sufficient enough to distract CUF from her loftier ambitions of gaining power?


    6) Freeman Mbowe as Chadema top-dog has already outlived his political usefulness and someone ought to advise him to voluntarily relinquish at least the chair position…he has been biting too much and the beef is weighing heavily on his fragile mandibles…freeing Mr. Freeman from sinking Chadema with him could be the best X-Mas gift for all Chadema adulators….Ask yourself with unrelenting rises in unemployment and with standard of living plummeting to telling heights….do we need further proof how Freeman has failed to free the whole caboodle of us from ccm oppression if his flimsy political skills and questionable character do not offer the narratives here?


    7) JK is sadly playing the Almighty GOD…when he is conniving to hand over power to his ccm stooge in 2015….regardless of the voters' wishes!!!!!!!!!!….being a student of African military coup detats…it is of little surprising that such coup detats……of his personal initiations frightens not our JK…Wisdom if permitted to prevail would have led JK to do the Kaunda on UNIP and bequeath this nation with a culture of handing power to the opposition something even the saintly JK Nyerere could not visualize if his insidious speech of 1997 celebrating the longevity of his mom in relationship to ccm stay in power could be anything of guidance here…


    8) A plump Mkapa is politically a spent force, and totally irrelevant in our political equation….I keep wondering why the media informs us over cheap musings on roadside………the man in the mirror disburses with pardonable eloquence…….In Igunga not even a single soul voted basing their choices upon Mkapa idiosyncrasies…So Mkapa is neither a "baby come" nor a "comeback kid"….he should enjoy his hefty retirement package while waiting for Our maker to crop him out at the appointed time……Certainly Isaiah 57:1 was not uttered with Mkapa in mind..until then we can do with less decibels from him…maybe he should listen to Madonna oldie….song…"papa do not preach…"


    9) Ccm grudgingly induced internal reforms now baptized as "magamba ya nyoka" continues to rival even Zee-comedy on stature of comedies…Magamba remains the biggest joke of 2011…I suspect we have seen everything in the orbits of comic entertainment for this year….maybe ccm starlets and spin doctors can still dream up something much more stupefying than magamba ya nyoka….Nobody cares for ccm and her reincarnation circuses......let the dead bury their own.......


    10) Is Igunga By-Election a trendsetter for ccm exit… am afraid not…as long as ccm finds a way to retain the de-jure constitution in its archaic form….ccm will still be a party in power despite our rejection of her contemptuous, dictatorial tactics.
  3. p

    politiki JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    CCM iko hatarini kuliko wanavyofikiria kwani uchaguzi wa mwaka jana wa urais walipoteza kura milioni 3 overnight kutoka kura mili.8 mwaka 2005
    mpaka mil.5 mwaka 2010. na hali ya maisha inavyozidi kuwa ngumu wanaweza wakapoteza mil.3 zingine mwaka 2015 ndio utakuwa mwisho wao.
    kwa watu tunaofahamu a little beat statistics hizi namba siyo za kuchezea kabisa. huko igunga kutoka kura elfu 36 just last year 2010 mpaka elfu26
    mwaka 2011 that is almost 30% drop in less than a year from the last election.
  4. K

    Kamura JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Wafuasi na wanazi wa CHADEMA poleni kwa kuangukia pua na kung'oa meno lakini msikate tamaa. Ninajua leo ni siku na usiku wa maumivu na majonzi lakini hizo ndio siasa Kashindye keshashindwa. Jipangeni muanzishe operesheni ASALI Tabora baada ya operesheni Sangara Kanda ya Ziwa huenda ikasaidia 2015.
  5. ipogolo

    ipogolo JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Kwanza niwapongeze kwa juhudi kubwa mmeonesha mnaweza japo kuna vitu bado hamjaviweza katika siasa za Tz.
    Tz huwezi kuilinganisha na nchi kama zambia katika nyanja za kisiasa kijamii na kiutamaduni achilia mbali kiuchumi.
    CDM mkijaribu kuyafanya haya mnaweza kuchukua nchi hii bila kutumia nguvu kubwa.
    41% ya watanzania wameichoka CCM hawa ni pamoja na asilimia 35 ya vijana wanaoishi mijini ambao kwa sasa inaonekana ni mtaji kwa CDM.
    kati ya hao 20% ni wasomi. Pamoja na usomi wao bado hawajawa na nguvu ya kutosha kuwashawishi wazazi wao kule vijijini ambao wana IMANI bado na CCM. Ndio hao tunaona wanavaa RANGI YA KIJANI A NJANO. Wanakijua CCM.

    Njia mbadala ya kuchukua nchi kiurahisi bila fujo:
    1: wale wanachama watu wazima wa (umri) wa CDM ni wakati muafaka sasa kuwashawishi wazee wenzao taratibu madhara ya kuendelea kukichagua CCM
    2:vijana wasomi wa CDM wawashawishi wazazi na walezi wao watu wazima madhara ya CCM pamoja na mazuri waliyoyafanya tangu kuzaliwa kwake 1977 na kabla ya TANU.
    3; CCM hii sio ile ya Mzee mwenzao NYERERE na akina KAWAWA.
    4:Watoe mifano hai ya wasomi kumaliza Elimu ya Juu pasipo kazi wakati watoto wa vigogo hasa wa CCM wakijineemesha ikiwezekana watoe na mifano. wawasomee taarifa zinazoandikwa magazetini kwa utuo bila jazba wazazi watawaamini na kuwaelewa.
    5: Mimi mama yangu alikuwa CCm wa kutupwa lakini kila nikipata wasaa wa kukaa naye namsimulia mambo ya shule na madhara ya CCM nime fanikiwa kumbadilisha na kwamba kukosa kwangu kazi na yeye kuwa na maisha duni pamoja na kunisomesha yamesababishwa na CCM. Ameniamini kiasi kikubwa.

    hivyo viongozi wa CDM ngazi zote fanyeni mikakati hii.
    6: CCM hapakaliki wanagombana kila siku tuendelee kutia FITNA wasambaratishane.

  6. mwakichi

    mwakichi JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    ama kwel wahenga walisema na leo umma umeshuhudia..tabora kwa ujumla ndo mkoa ulionyuma zaidi kuanzia elim,kipato,afya...kifupi maisha duni,kuanzia nzega mpaka tabora mjini njia zake ni vichochoro leo wamejitishwa tena zigo la ccm kama
  7. DASA

    DASA JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Acha unafiki kijana. huna aibu kusema hivyo!!, najua sasa sasahivi mnapumulia kwa masikio sababu hamuamini kilichotokea, yani nyie pamoja na kuchakachua na mtaji wenu wa kuwa na hilo jimbo kwa zaidi ya miaka 35 mnawazidi CDM kwa kura 3000. Oneni aibu sana CCM. na mjue kwamba hizo zilikuwa pepo nyepesinyepesi kimbunga kinakuja. tafuteni mapema pa kujificha. someni nyakati kwa makini, jifunzeni kwa yaliyotokea zambia.
  8. NewDawnTz

    NewDawnTz JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Kama umelisema hili kutokana na uchaguzi wa Igunga ntakuomba ufute kauli yako......

    Pamoja na kushinda kwa CCM (plus irregularities za serikali ya magamba na vyombo vyake) Kwa kura zilizoenda upinzani (I MEAN CHADEMA) na zile za magamba kuna kila sababu ya kuwapa pongezi wana-IGUNGA kwa kuanza kuonesha kiu yao ya kutaka mabadiliko
  9. Wakusini

    Wakusini JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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  10. mwaJ

    mwaJ Tanzanite Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Poleni nyie magamba yaani pamoja na kusaidiwa na bakwata, shura ya maimau, wastaafu, NEC, mtaji wa CUF na vyombo vya dola mmeambulia 50.4%! Shame on you!
  11. mashikolomageni

    mashikolomageni JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Thanx kila mmoja kwa nafasi yake atoe elimu ya uraia kwa jamii unayomzunguka na kuelezea madhara ya kutawaliwa na sisiem
  12. mashikolomageni

    mashikolomageni JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Pole sana inaonekana hujui ulisemalo au unasukumwa na ushabiki zaidi kuliko ukweli, Usiku mwema!
  13. Kibanga Ampiga Mkoloni

    Kibanga Ampiga Mkoloni JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Dr Dalaly Peter Kafumu is carried shoulder-high after he was declared the winner of the Igunga by-election yesterday afternoon. PHOTO | FIDELIS FELIX

    By Ray Naluyaga
    The Citizen Bureau Chief

    Igunga. Clear message delivery, well coordinated party network, campaign strategies and long experience in local politics are some of factors that enabled the ruling party to retain the Igunga parliamentary seat.The CCM candidate, Dr Peter Kafumu, beat seven other candidates in the Sunday by-election to win the seat left vacant after the resignation of former, long-serving MP Rostam Aziz, over what he described as gutter politics within the ruling party.

    Speaking to The Citizen here yesterday, a political science PhD student who was in Igunga as part of research programme, Mr Tungaraza Timothy, said CCM's message in the campaign aimed at telling the voters that its failure to accomplish some projects, which was Opposition's main agenda, was caused by factors which were beyond the party's control.

    "Admission by CCM that the national cake is small and that it must prioritise on what it does with it made people understand why Igunga lacks bridges roads," he explained.He said CCM's extensive network that goes all the way down to the grassroots was an added advantage. Mr Timothy observed that compared to Chadema, which enjoys immense support among the youth, CCM has women as permanent voters.

    "I attended Chadema's campaign closing rally, it was the largest compared to that of CCM and CUF, but the crowd comprised mostly youth between 15 and 17 years of age who are not registered as voters," he said.He further observed that CCM's decision to use Rostam Aziz at its opening rally restored the lost confidence among some voters who had started to see it as a party marred by internal conflicts.He further said former President Benjamin Mkapa was also most handy for, he noted, many people still cherish some of the things he did during his tenure.

    As for Chadema, he said, apart from spending most of its time attacking CCM and its government, it failed to give its candidate, Mr Joseph Kashindye, enough time to campaign.

    He observed that during Chadema's first rally at Nkinga Ward, party chairman Freeman Mbowe spent most of the time faulting President Kikwete, a thing that was not a priority to Igunga voters.

    For his part, Mr Ali Athumani observed that Chadema did not give enough time to its candidate to speak to wananchi during its rallies. For example, he noted, in Nkinga Mr Kashindye was given only three minutes though most people wanted to hear from the person who was seeking to be their MP. At Nanga and Ziba villages the candidate spoke for only five minutes.

    He further noted that Kikwete's month-end speech, in which he strongly warned that the government wouldn't tolerate anyone who would even think of causing chaos on the voting day was also a boost for CCM. "This is so because women and the elderly who are CCM's traditional voters were assured of peace and security, so they turned out in large numbers," he said.

    Chadema's defeat was also blamed on the party's failure to localise its campaigns. According to Mr Wiston Joseph, Chadema used people from outside Igunga such as its MPs and other party officials while CCM relied heavily on locals.

    "Wherever CCM held a rally, people close to Dr Kafumu, who were Igungans and spoke the local dialect, remained behind and chatted with the people face to face about their candidate and the party. This is something that Chadema did not do," he said.

    But also Chadema's decision to dump election agents hailing from Igunga was said to be another reason why the party lost. One Ms Amina Salum said some youth from Igunga felt the party had no faith in them.

    "If the allowances paid to outsiders were paid to the locals, their impact could have been felt at the family level and help the party gain approval of the voters," she said.

    Mr Timothy further told The Citizen that Chadema, which came second in the poll, failed to articulate its policies as clearly as CCM did."Chadema used its meetings to tell people how evil CCM was but this does not help voters who would like to hear what the party and its candidate would do for them," he said.

    He also hailed CCM's decision to use Mr January Makamba and other youthful party stalwarts to woo the young who are otherwise pro-Chadema.
  14. p

    politiki JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    i hope the respected parts have got your advise although it may have been so helpful if you can alert them in most spoken language in our
    country which is kiswahili. i would disagree with you on number 6 regarding on your perspective on Mbowe. he has done alot for the party and i don't think without him the party would be where it is today. if there is a need for him to relinquish the power you might need to come up with suggestion who you think might fill up the vacated position well. With respect to Igunga, Mbowe and his kamandas have done a superb job in Igunga although they may have lost the battle but not the war. I would like to get your takeon what else could they have done to secure the victrory in such hostile political environment ??
    Good Night.
  15. ndyoko

    ndyoko JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    umeneana sahihi NDTz
  16. Sungurampole

    Sungurampole JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Thank you for revealing your handicap in analysis!


  17. S

    Steve1 Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Good analysis sir!
  18. M

    Massenberg JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    You still need comprehensive lessons in grammar not to mention your over-stretched sentences and repeated absence of necessary punctuation. A full stop is represented by a single dot (.) and not a trail of dots (.......)
  19. ndyoko

    ndyoko JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Yap yap yap yap!
  20. M

    Massenberg JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    Huu ndiyo uandishi wa habari wa nchi yetu. Inawezekanaje Bureau Chief mzima ananukuu watu habari nzima? Sasa yeye kama mwandishi wa hii habari ameandika kitu gani. Hii ni sawa na kumpa mtu voice recorder halafu atafute mtu amrekodi.
    Hii ni mojawapo ya sababu vyombo vyetu vya habari ni rahisi kutumiwa na serikali, CCM na watu binafsi kwa matakwa yao.