Can Cheating Ever Be Acceptable?


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Nov 15, 2010
Kwa maoni yangu usaliti unasabaisha mhusiano, mapenzi, uaminifu kupungua kwa wapenzi baada ya moja kufahamu anasalitiwa.
Ila kuna upande mwingine unaamini kwamba usaliti unafaida katika mahusiano.
Wengine wanasema usaliti usaidia kuongezeka kwa zaidi Love making position kuliko kuwa katika mahusiano ya mapenzi yale yale ya wawili wa siku zote. Some people believes it is wat peoples relationship need to move ahead… so I just want to know if there are situations where cheating can ever be acceptable and how?
for me kwakweli hata ikiwa acceptable mi sitaki kabisaaaaa nitaumia sana. so no situation cheating is acceptable for me.
Honestly those who cheat are usually serial cheaters - they never change only change the technique not to be caught again. Accepting it is giving them cheaters your power - and making u their doormat.
no! having an open relation with someone else than your spouse can be tolerable (think of separated people who'se divorce procedure iss taking more than it should, or of a paraplegic spouse who would tolerate an affair etc). But that is not Cheating as the one having an affair is not ding it in the back of his/her partner.
Some would argue that sometimes the victim partner might have provoqued the cheatting behavior, I don't buy this.
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