ZTE Unlock solution: Cracked dc-unlocker only for ZTE modems


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Feb 13, 2010
[h=1]ZTE K3565-Z (Vodafone)


interface:USB 2.0 (A plug)
chipset:Qualcomm MSM6246
GSM frequency bands:850, 900, 1800, 1900
UMTS frequency bands:900, 2100
HSDPA:3,6 MBit/s
GPRS:57,6 KBit//s
connector for ext. antenna:-
connector type:-
internal antenna diversity:+
voice telephony:-
microSD-drive:+ (up to 8GB)
rebranded versions:-

Vodafone K3565
Vodafone sells two different versions of the K3565:
  • K3565-H which is a Huawei E160X
    (Rev.2 models carry the hardware ID "K3565")
  • K3565-Z which is produced by ZTE (no equivalent in ZTE's product range)
Those two version are not only produced by two different companies, but they are also technically totally different. Since the K3565-Z was introduced by Vodafone only in 2009, the earlier version from Huawei was only designated K3565 (without "-H"). However some sellers omit the extension (-H or -Z), so you should be careful during purchase and better check the label on the back of the box.

Debranding Vodafone K3565-Z
The K3565-Z comes with an installer for Vodafone's dashboard ("Vodafone Mobile Connect" ) in it's flashmemory, which will start installation of the dashboard automatically after plugging the modem into your computer. The Vodafone dashboard takes up relatively much resources on your system and it refuses to connect to other networks than Vodafone's. So if you want to use another network or just a thinner dashboard, you need to use an unbranded one. You can either just download and install such on your computer (see "Dashboard" below) or, if you want your device to have ready installation files for an unbranded dashboard permanently, use one of the following debranding methods:

soft method
With this method the flashmemory will remain untouched, it's easily reversible and so you won't risk to void your warranty. However you will permanently need a microSD-card, if you want your dashboard & drivers on the stick.
Basicly you just switch off the flashmemory, from which usually the branded dashboard is being installed after plugging in, and instead store the installation files for an unbranded dashboard on a microSD-card in the microSD-slot. Afterwards the microSD-card/drive will replace the flashmemory.

  1. Disable the flashmemory by executing the following AT-command: AT+ZCDRUN=8 (see: how to execute AT-commands

    note: in some cases you might first need to unmount the flashmemory by "safely remove hardware" and stop the "USB Mass Storage Device" in order the AT-command to take effect.
  2. Put a microSD-card in your microSD-drive an format it with FAT32
  3. download this file
    (containing an unbranded dashboard inlcuding drivers and autorun files)
  4. extract the contents from the downloaded RAR file to the root of the microSD-drive
  5. That's it. After unplugging and replugging your modem, the unbranded ZTE dashboard should install automatically from your microSD drive.
To revert this soft debranding just remove or format the microSD-card and reactivate the flashmemory by executing the following AT-command: AT+ZCDRUN=9 (see: how to execute AT-commands

hard method
please note that by debranding your device by the hard method you probably lose your warranty!
With the hard method the flashmemory of the modem will be changed persistently. This is also reversible, if you backup the original content of your flashmemory (also described in the following instructions). However if your device breaks down before or during restoring the original content of the flashmemory warranty claims may be refused.

  1. Install the original dashboard from your device, because later operations will require all drivers to be installed.
  2. Download QPST
    and install it.
  3. Click "Start", "Programs", "QPST" and start "QPST" Configuration" and select the "Ports" tab
  4. Now click "Add New Port"
  5. Find and chose the port labeled "USB/QC Diagnostic" and click "OK".
    note: If more than one "USB/QC Diagnostic" port appears, you have to find the correct one by trying each one. If you got the wrong one the "Phone selection" in step 7 won't show the "Unknown" phone but will be empty.
  6. Chose "Start Clients" from the menu and click "EFS EXPLORER"
  7. In the following dialog you should see an "Unknown" phone, which you select and then confirm with "OK".

    Now QPST will read the EFS filesystem of your device:
  8. When QPST has finished reading it will show up several files. Now you might first want to back up the existing content of the flashdrive, which is stored in the file "ZTEMODEM.ISO". Therefore right-click "ZTEMODEM.ISO" chose "Copy File from Phone"...


    and chose a destination where the file should be saved and click "OK".

    Now QPST will backup ZTEMODEM.ISO to the selected folder, which may take up to ~30 minutes.
    note: keep this downloaded backup version of ZTEMODEM.ISO in a safe place - you might need it one day!
  9. After the backup has finished, right-click "ZTEMODEM.ISO" and select "delete".
  10. After the old ZTEMODEM.ISO has been deleted, insert this one
    (NEW VERSION August 2010) [mirror 1
    - mirror 2
    - mirror 3
    - mirror 4
    - mirror 5
    ] by drag & drop (extract ISO from RAR first!). It contains the unbranded "ZTE Join Air" dashboard (version 1.00.0B02, English and German) with preconfigured settings for most German operators, a separate "Driver" folder with drivers (including installer DPInst.exe), MWconn 5.6 (an alterative dashboard) and MDMA, a monitoring tool with USSD-support. Unfortunatley it lacks MacOS-support.
    backup of original ZTEMODEM.ISO: ZTEMODEM.ISO from Vodafone K3565-Z (VMC
  11. Wait until the new ZTEMODEM.ISO has been written to your device and then close QPST EFS Explorer. When asked wether to reset the device click "Yes".
  12. That's it. Now your modem should contain the new dashboard.

To rebrand your device just follow the debranding instructions above but use the backup of original ZTEMODEM.ISO: ZTEMODEM.ISO from Vodafone K3565-Z (VMC

Instead of permanently debranding your modem (and so probably losing warranty), you can also manually install and use an unbranded dashboard from any ZTE modem. However since the drivers for all other ZTE devices are incompatible with the K3565-Z, the drivers, which will be installed with those unbranded dashboards won't work. So you either need to additionally install drivers for the K3565-Z manually or download and install this modified unbranded dashboard, which will install appropriate drivers for the K3565-Z right "out of the box": download here


Windows drivers only: download here

installation and usage under MacOS X
Following is tested on OS X 10.6.2.

  • [*]Download the connection manager
    (from this website
    ). It is for some device called MF626, which seems to be the same.
    Do not install this package but instead only ./Contents/Packages/drv.pkg (can be reached by e.g. right-click - show package contents).

    [*]Now plug in the UMTS-stick and wait for the ZeroCD-crap to be mounted. Eject the device in the Finder. Ignore any "found new devices"-messages for now.
    [*]Open Terminal.app and run sudo screen /dev/tty.ZTEUSBATPort.
    Type: at+zcdrun=8, press enter. You should receive "Close autorun state result(0:FAIL 1:SUCCESS):1". The annoying flash-drive is now disabled.

    [*]Now open System Preferences and choose "ZTEUSBModem". Go through Advanced - Modem and choose "Generic" as vendor and "GPRS (GSM/3G)" as device. Don't forget to enter the APN if your provider requires you to do so.
    [*]Use *99# as phone number.
Linux after debranding via the Hard method
If you have removed the ZTEMODEM.iso you will have problems under Debian Lenny
To solve this issue run following script to initialize the Modem.

debserver:/# lsusb
Bus 005 Device 003: ID 19d2:0016 ONDA Communication S.p.A.

debserver:/# ./script.sh 19d2 0016


modprobe -a option
echo "0x${VID} 0x${PID}" > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/option1/new_id


Dismantling the K3565-Z is easy and doesn't pose any difficulties.

1. Remove seals next to the USB-connector and open both screws.

2. Open housing by separating both halves of the housing with your fingernail.




PCB layout

ZTE Unlock solution: Cracked dc-unlocker only for ZTE modems

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