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Top 10 IDEAS that changed the world.

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Elimu (Education Forum)' started by Remote, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Remote

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    Jan 1, 2012
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    1. FARMING: Neolithic Revolution (14,000 years ago,). This IDEA helped to change the life of human being and civilization.

    2. THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND: This IDEA was suggested by father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. What we understand about the sexes, relationships, films and books can be seen as reflected through a Freudian mirror.

    3. RELATIVITY: Albert Einstein's E=mc^2 is probably the world's most famous equation. The theory has had an enormous impact on society: it paved the way for the development of nuclear power. Atom bombs aside, it has also had huge applications for the military -- like the synchronization of the global positioning system (GPS) which is a network of satellites transmitting radio signals at the speed of light to receivers around the globe.

    4. VACCINATION: The origin of vaccines -- which involve introducing an antigene which encourages the body to produce antibodies boosting the body's immunity to a particular disease -- is thought to be 17th century India, when powdered smallpox scabs were used to inoculate people against the disease. Modern humans owe better healthcare and longer life-spans to this innovation.

    5. EVOLUTION: English naturalist Charles Darwin's"Theory of Evolution"proposes that all life, including humans, is related and is descended from a common ancestor. Prior to Darwin's theory, published in"On the Origin of Species"in 1859, it was accepted that man came from an archetype created by God, and was set apart from animals.

    6. WOMEN'S LIBERATION (FEMINISM): Kuisha kwa mfumo dume na kuanza kwa mfumo wa haki sawa kwa wote.

    7. WORLD WIDE WEB (www): it was invented in 1989 by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

    8. ZERO: Although zero has been around since the time of the Babylonians, it didn't infiltrate Western thinking until the 12th Century when Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci included it in his book"Liber Abaci."Once it was finally adopted, it paved the way for the concept of decimals, allowing mankind to advance its knowledge of mathematics and logic. It has also given us everything from simple algebra to quantum physics and rocket science to binary code, the basic language of all modern computers.

    9. GRAVITY: The well-known story of the apple that fell on Sir Isaac Newton's head inspiring him to come up with the"Universal Law of Gravitation"is probably apocryphal.

    10. FREE MARKET: Adam Smith's major economic idea, or one strand of it, was that in pursuit of their self-interest, individuals would be led, as if by an invisible hand, to the common good. The idea was further developed by Milton Friedman, Margareth Thatcher (Thatcherism) and Ronald Reagan (Reaganomics).

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    asante kwa updates izo.