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The frozen pond

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Lugha' started by Mwali, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Mwali

    Mwali JF-Expert Member

    Jul 16, 2012
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    When the winter of my heart throws its black coat on my stripped soul
    And when the bright shining stars Seem to me as dark as coal
    I hear a voice calling my name and whispering words of comfort
    "Wipe your tears, mourn no more, Look up to the sky and surrender to happiness"

    I smile at the idea and open my eyes: There is a colorful butterfly on my nose
    An early sign, announcing the renewal of life. I look at it and can't believe what I see
    "Did you talk to me? I ask him in astonishment, Can you speak, my language?
    Yes I did, answers the exquisite butterfly, and I can see your sadness

    He has words for me, as fresh as spring, I love his voice, I love his wings
    And the more he talks about my problems, the more I am fascinated
    by the depth of his mind and the wisdom of his advices, all suited for me
    I know something is not right, butterflies can't speak my language!

    I know I have to think with my head and turn away … but why would I?
    This butterfly here can speak, can laugh and most of all can talk to ME
    His voice, as soft rain speaks the language of my heart, and his laughter is light
    As light as a leave carried away by the breeze, I close my eyes, open up my soul

    I want to hear clearly, make sense of this, I close my eyes and the word stands still…
    Only his lips move. Do I focus on his lips just a little bit more than I should?
    The image of these lips combining with his tongue and teeth to make sounds of words
    The smile on his face when he makes a point…Should I stop? I don't think so.

    So I open my eyes and look at him again, He is as bright as he has ever been.
    The vivid colors of his glistering wings, make all beings clap for him
    The birds are singing, the bees are bussing, flowers are blossoming,
    celebrating his magnificent beauty. My eyes are delighted by this elfin sight

    when his lips touch mine, the sweet taste of ripped fruits he feeds from thrills my sense
    I see my butterfly spreading its wings and flying high in the sky, swirling gracefully
    Coming back, kissing my nose, flying again, landing on a flower, drinking its nectar,
    Flighty and flirty, kissing a second one, as charmingly as only he can be
  2. Mwali

    Mwali JF-Expert Member

    Jul 16, 2012
    Joined: Nov 9, 2011
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    I don't enjoy the sight of his swirls around flowers so I want him next to me now
    I want all his laughter as light as a leave carried by the breeze to be mine alone
    And more his voice as soft as rain sound, And maybe, I want his lips on mine too
    And so I call him… but he can't hear me, all at his care for the little Lilly

    Is my voice too low? Or am I too far from him? I try to move toward him… I vain
    My feet can't move. I am grounded to the earth I discover who I am
    To my great despair, I have leaves and roots, I belong to a thorny bush.
    I am nothing but another flower… not different from all those around me

    I look at my butterfly and envy his freedom, flying gracefully from one flower to another
    While all I can do is to bend and sway awkwardly at the hot summer wind
    Wait for a butterfly to notice my monochrome petals and to land on my nose
    How depressing, how unfair! Tears of sadness and outrage roll on my check

    and dark clouds as thick as smoke gather over my bent head, hiding the sunlight
    somewhere beyond the clouds the sun is still shining, but I can't see it
    green leaves turn to orange and from orange they turn to brown
    they fall as dull as my wishes. a cold wind blows all joy away from my spirit

    and the sweet odor of ripped fruits that fed my lover, has now a bitter taste
    So deep is the weariness of my heart! No hope from it will ever bother the fate again
    so deep is my pain and so dark my anguish that I never wish to smile one day…
    but then, just then, my lover, the butterfly comes again and licks my tears

    ‘would you want me to stay?" he asks without conviction, should I say yes?
    Even knowing that butterflies feed from flowers, and need lots of them to survive?
    Already his colors are turning pale, the glitter that I loved so much is fading
    He has to find the sunlight he so much depends on, the nectar he feeds from

    I know his delight of being able to wander, happily moving from flower to flower
    Providing hope and love to each of them, as if they were unique. Bringing a meaning to their lives…
    "no, you don't have to" I say between two sob, looking at my roots, this subtle manacles from nature
    I know he wouldn't have stayed anyway, and his question was more out of politeness

    And when he leaves without a word, without turning back, another drop of love and pain
    Springs from my heart, strips my soul, rolls from my eyes, and drops on my feet.
    One drop, two drops, one from me, two from my sister and three from the little Lilly
    All tears roll down our cheek and drop at our feet, into the large pond of tears

    The cold pond made of sadness and sorrow, that sprang from our hearts and stripped our souls ….
    That's when the winter of my heart throws its black coat on my stripped soul
    And the bright shining stars seem to me as dark as coal
  3. Neiwa

    Neiwa JF-Expert Member

    Jul 17, 2012
    Joined: Feb 17, 2012
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    Mwali, I have read the poem, It is touching and aesthetically
    impressive. This is what is mine on the poem...

    I feel the intense confusing feeling of the mournful Flower,
    Its worry-It's dark thoughts-It's never ending despair
    and it's melancholy whisper of its million pieces from its
    Severely injured and shattered heart…. I utter softly to the Flower,
    Murmuring while being careful and thoughtful not to further do the damage..

    After its whole escapade with the astute and saccharine sage butterfly;
    (Yes I name it "Sage butterfly" as it is wise beyond others of its cluster)
    The Flower should realize the experience was a lesson to it, regardless of the pain,
    Regardless of the sorrow, that it should hold to the bittersweet memories and
    cherish the experience. As It was an important lesson to its existence and survival.

    That not all that you want and cherish you can have and behold forever….
    That the Sage butterfly's act was to come and go, as is written in the stars…
    That as much as there are million broken pieces from its heart it was for the best…
    That the only way the Flower was to learn this lesson was to go through all that…
    That it should not worry-not have dark thoughts - not despair. For it was fate.

    The Flower should understand the acts of the Sage butterfly…
    When he Spoke its language – it was to show language is universal, he understood her.
    When he kissed it's lips - it was to nourish your dry ones for long of wait.
    When he smiled at you - was because you were able, were unique, were wonderful.
    When it came back while it easily could not have, it said it all…

    When he swirled gracefully coming back and forth
    – was a sign he would not always be there forever for he is of that kind.
    When he gave you a taste of the sweet nectar
    – was a way of showing you how much he wanted to share what was his.
    When he asked without conviction if he could leave
    –was to show you that he is only human and he was powerless regardless of his dire need of you...

  4. The Boss

    The Boss JF-Expert Member

    Jul 18, 2012
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    You don't know, you don't know, you don't know
    How it is tough to be a butterfly ,you don't know
    Avoiding poisonous plants while flying,you don't know
    and poisonous insects too,you don't know.

    Do wandering butterflies enjoy wandering around?
    Or is it a sign of a wandering heart?
    All this pain is because of a wandering butterflies?
    Or may be,just maybe because of the weather?

    All the Butterfly did was making you smile...
    Why now wishing never again to smile?
    Its not his fault that there is a cold pond
    Just appreciate the beauty of the bond..

    Seeing can be very deceiving my dear Flower
    Those seems happy could well be very sad
    and those complains a lot,could well be so blessed
    Sometimes it is fate that decides,so count your blessings
  5. Neiwa

    Neiwa JF-Expert Member

    Jul 21, 2012
    Joined: Feb 17, 2012
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    The Boss..

    Need the flower know of the feels of the butterfly? Need the butterfly not voice its feels?
    How was the flower to guess? How was it to know without knowledge on how to know?
    It looked so perfect – so carefree- so full of promise – so full of life that it spread to the flower…
    It was a source of hope – a source of happiness – a source of enigmatic energy…

    Wandering is in their nature, enjoying relies on how each nurtures its wander'
    It was a butterfly so sage, it should have given some hints to the hopeful sorrowful flower'
    The pain was inflicted by the butterfly's care, kisses, caresses thus yes it was bcoz of it'
    The weather only had to do with the butterfly's back and forth but ever rightly there'

    He made the flower smile, but why not warn it won't be forever?
    Him doing all that, making the flower blissful did it not see pain was bound?
    Him and his actions is the cause of anguish, It is not the pond to be blamed.
    He had to know it would be hard, he had to know it would tear the flower apart.

    Why is that butterflies and flowers talk the same language yet have different meaning?
    Why is that whenever a flower thinks it is perfect yet the butterfly feels otherwise?
    Why is it the butterfly may inflict anguish but refuses to acknowledge its part but the surroundings'?
    Why is it that the butterfly may be ever torn about leaving the flower yet still he does?
    It makes me wonder, same universe but each with one's own meaning.. why? Why? Why?
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  6. The Boss

    The Boss JF-Expert Member

    Jul 21, 2012
    Joined: Aug 18, 2009
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    In a world where there are so many Butterflies and flowers...
    One Butterfly can never be so sure of the feelings of one flower..
    And some decisions can be out of defense and not malice..
    Did the flower really act like this Butterfly is the one and only one?

    Neither the flower nor the Butterfly knew or saw the future..
    Only two souls gave each others love and hope for a better future..
    Like a sailing boat sailing unaware of the waiting storms and the changed weather
    How can a Butterfly say anything when a lot depends with the changing weather?

    The Butterfly could not warn since hurting was not the intention..
    Much of what the beautiful Flower is talking is only her interpretation..
    No one can be the source of love and happiness with cruel intention
    Why in this world of love and feelings there is so much wrong interpretations?

    So the flower now think he was just another Butterfly being a Butterfly
    And the Butterfly thinks she was just another Flower and so he cant stop flying..
    In this world of wrong signals and wrong interpretations why only the blames goes to Butterfly?
    In a world of unknown heart's desires and the always changing weather,it is really hard being a Butterfly...
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  7. Neiwa

    Neiwa JF-Expert Member

    Jul 21, 2012
    Joined: Feb 17, 2012
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    The Boss

    The flower was in its own world, in a pond of which had stripped it of soul…
    The pond had deprived the flower of elate, of life, of hope and of feelings of love…
    Till one day along comes the butterfly, touching her with its language and with flair…
    Articulating ‘wipe your tears and mourn no more and surrender to happiness'...
    The flower so bewildered surrendered itself and thought of the future no more…

    The flower nor the sage butterfly was not to know or see the future, who is there to know?
    Yet the butterfly had the ability to make it not change, why did he not try enough?
    The butterfly shared its rich soul to the soulless flower, like it would do that forever'
    Yet the butterfly did more damage when it took that away that share, than when it gave it'
    The butterfly needed only say the truth to the flower, a heavy storm was coming it should brace'

    The butterfly and flower both know it was one of a kind, their pain-doubt-despair mirrors it...
    The butterfly signal where confusing to one who was soulless – it was to say it was not forever…
    The butterfly may think it is hard being butterflies but tell that to the soulless flower…
    She will smirk and say to herself, ‘try living in a cold wet pond which grips your heart and sou'l…
    As opposed by being surrounded by pretty scents, pretty colors filled with sunshine…

    YES the butterfly should not be blamed of the love willingly given to the flower,
    But can rightly be blamed for abruptly taking that wonderful soul filled love away,
    -Could it not at least be honest with giving the truth doing it gently as opposed snatching?
    YES no one can be source of love and happiness with cruel intention,
    But it is the –why –when –how you emit the opposite with the death of that love,
    -the wrong interpretations are because there are so many Relationships yet so little love…
    How does one know the love is sincere and genuine aside from the use of actions?
  8. The Boss

    The Boss JF-Expert Member

    Jul 25, 2012
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    So many relationship indeed...and so little true love