Sudan Kusini yapiga marufuku Pombe (Kiroba) maarufu kinachodaiwa kusababisha Vifo


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Jul 24, 2018

Authorities in South Sudan's Central Equatoria state have banned the sale of a popular beer after several people died after consuming the local gin.

The Royal Gin, popularly known as "Makuei Gin" is said to be addictive, mostly to young people.

Its consumption reportedly increased during Christmas and New Year celebrations, leading to deaths of an unspecified number of people.

“I have banned this red beer, Royal Gin called ‘Makuei’. Nobody should sell nor drink it because it is killing many young people," Governor of Central Equatoria state Emmanuel Adil Anthony said on Sunday.

"Many young people when they get drunk, they hit their mothers with machetes,” he added.

The Anglican Church in the capital, Juba, has urged the governor to make sure the ban is enforced.

The gin was nicknamed after Information Minister Michael Makuei in 2019, who is said to be the most talkative minister in South Sudan.

Last year, the minister called for the ban of the gin and demanded that the factory that produces it be closed down.
Wao wenyewe vichwa fyatu wakipiga Kiribati je inakuwaje

Ndo shida ya Africa, badala wakae na mamlaka zao kuona kama hio gin inakemikali mbovu iondolewe wao wanakimbilia kufunga, any way, nani yupo tayari tuwapekee visungura South Sudan?
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