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May 12, 2008
Dear colleagues,

Today I am dreadfully sorry to have to share tragic information with you.

This is that our brother Simbo Ntiro has suffered a terrible car crash in
the early hours of Sunday morning (13th July), and that he passed away at
the scene, here in Dar es Salaam.

We have therefore lost a founding member of our online community and a very
energetic participant in national, regional and global efforts in the realm
of "ICT for Development". He was to turn only 47 years old next month, and
so may have been expected to have plenty more to contribute in many ways.

It appears that for some undetermined reason, he lost control of his Honda
CRV on Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, just after passing the small feeder road out
of Leader's Club. This caused his car to mount the high pavement and it was
stopped by a tree that was hit sideways between the front wheel and the
driver's door. We were told that he died instantly of his injuries.

I had spent some time with him during the evening before, and he had at the
time a very positive mindset brought on by a whole range of issues, one of
which was a family get-together due for Sunday afternoon, towards which he
had been shopping. And we also discussed a number of forthcoming
work-related events which we were preparing jointly.

My deepest sympathies go to all among us who knew or interacted with him in
any way. Arrangements are being made to set up an online condolence book,
so that we may be able to express our sorrow and share our support and
memories with his family. I hope to be able to provide you a URL for this
before tomorrow.

In terms of immediate family, Simbo leaves behind a two children (adolescent
and young-adult) who were living with him in Dar, and a wife (their mother)
who is due in from Nairobi today. He also has his mother and elder brother
who are due in from Kampala. Then he leaves a large extended family with
members in Tanzania as well as in Kenya and Uganda. Also grieving for him
is a vast network of friends scattered across all four corners of the globe,
including this online community.

May our Almighty God bless Simbo's soul with eternal peace!

Yours in grief,
David Sawe.
Mungu Ametoa Mungu ametwaa..Msiba uko wapi?Ni pengo kuwab hasa kwa E-thinkTZ na watanzania wote..

Hivi David Sawe wewe ndiyo mwenye hii Id?..connecting to the dot..
Mungu amlaze mahala pema peponi. We shall miss him but we can not afford to forget his contributons.
May God grant him eternal rest, and his perpertual light shine upon him, may he rest in peace, Amen.
My Deepest Condelences to the family and friends.
May He Rest In Peace-Amen.
What Loss, to ICT community in Tanzania and elsewhere!

My condolences to the family and friends!
Mwenyezi Mungu ailaze roho ya Marehemu mahali pema peponi~AMEN
Poor Simbo and what a tragedy! I am not saying this because he is gone, but he was such a nice person. This is very sad indeed. Pole David - you were very close.
Ni habari ya kushtua mno,Poleni sana Wanafamilia, Ndugu na marafiki wa Marehemu.Alikuwa mtu Mpole na Mpenda watu,Mwenyezi Mungu amempenda zaidi Simbo,Maombi na sala zetu zielekezwe kwa wanafamilia,ili wapate nguvu na ushujaa wa kukipita kipindi hichi kigumu cha Maombolezo...Bro David Pole sana !!!
Poleni wanafamilia na jamaaa wa marehemu. Amani ya Mungu iwafunike katika wakati huu mgumu.

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