Nicki Minaj akamatwa uwanja wa ndege wa Uholanzi, Begi lake limekutwa na Bangi


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Jul 24, 2018

Nyota wa muziki Nicki Minaj amekamatwa kwenye uwanja wa ndege nchini Uholanzi saa chache kabla ya kutumbuiza katika ukumbi wa Co-op Live jijini Manchester.

Rapa huyo wa Marekani, 41, alizuiliwa katika Uwanja wa Ndege wa Amsterdam wa Schiphol kwa tuhuma za kupatikana na dawa za kulevya.

Katika safu ya machapisho ya mitandao ya kijamii kwenye X na Instagram, alidai polisi walisema walipata dawa kwenye mzigo wake baada ya vitu kukaguliwa na forodha.

Minaj aliandika "walisema wamepata Bangi". Pia alidai "walichukua mzigo wangu bila idhini" na "wanajaribu kunizuia kutoka MANCHESTER".

Ujumbe huo pia ulijumuisha moja ambapo aliandika: "Hii ni Amsterdam btw, ambapo Bangi ni halali."

Nyota huyo pia alirekodi kile kilichoonekana kuwa afisa wa uwanja wa ndege akimtaka akaguliwe mzigo wake.

Minaj baadaye aliandika: "Ni mwendo wa dakika 45 hadi saa moja. Kwa hiyo huenda wanajaribu kukwama kwa takriban saa 4."


Music star Nicki Minaj has been arrested at an airport in the Netherlands hours before she was due to perform at Co-op Live in Manchester.

The American rapper, 41, was detained at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on suspicion of possession of soft drugs.

In a series of social media posts on X and Instagram, she claimed police said they found drugs in her luggage after items were checked by customs.

Minaj wrote "they said they found weed". She also claimed "they took my luggage without consent" and "they're trying to keep me from MANCHESTER".

The messages also included one where she wrote: "This is Amsterdam btw, where weed is legal."

The star also filmed what appeared to be an airport official asking her to have her luggage checked.

Minaj later wrote: "It's a 45 minute to an hour flight. So they're probably trying to stall for about 4 hours."

And she added: "Now they said I have to go 5 mins away to make a statement about my security to the police precinct."

She has not posted on X since.

Asked about Minaj, Robert van Kapel, a spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, told Sky News' partner network NBC News: "We can confirm that we have arrested a 41-year-old American woman at Schiphol Airport because of possession of soft drugs."

It is unclear if Minaj's show at Co-op Live has been affected.

A post on the venue's X account said shortly after 5.15pm: "Please note that general admission and premium doors for tonight's Nicki Minaj show will now open at 19:00."

As part of her Pink Friday World Tour, Minaj is due to perform in Birmingham on Sunday, followed by a concert at London's O2 arena on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday, she is due to play in Glasgow followed by a gig on Thursday, again at the Co-op Live arena in Manchester.

The beleaguered arena - the UK's largest indoor entertainment venue - opened earlier this month after it was plagued by a series of problems.

There had been weeks of setbacks, cancellations and postponements, before live music finally got under way there on 14 May when Manchester rock band Elbow took to the stage.

The problems included part of the building's ventilation and air conditioning system falling to the ground from the ceiling during a soundcheck in early May.

The venue was initially due to fully open with two Peter Kay stand-up shows on 23 and 24 April, but these dates were pushed back when problems emerged at a test event headlined by Ricky Astley.

The arena then planned for US rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie to open the arena on 1 May, but it was called off just over an hour before his performance and after doors had opened to fans - because the ventilation system became detached.

The ventilation issue meant scheduled performances by US pop star Olivia Rodrigo and British band Keane were postponed, while a series of shows by Take That were moved to the AO Arena in Manchester.
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