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Nakupongeza msando alberto

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by BLUE BALAA, Feb 22, 2011.


    BLUE BALAA JF-Expert Member

    Feb 22, 2011
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    Narejea thread ya Mh Msando Alberto aliyoitoa kama sikosei last week. Alituonyesha hapa jamvini jinsi anavyofanya allocation ya marupurupu yake ya udiwani na nakumbuka ni pesa kidogo sana ambayo anabaki nayo kwa ajili ya kumsaidia kuweka mafuta kwenye gari lake. Huu ni moyo wa uzalendo na pongezi sana.

    I am sure 100% that you are doing it but I am not sure 100% if you mean it. Are you doing it inorder to impress the society? or there is spirit hitting to the bottom of your heart.

    So far nakupongeza kwa moyo wako wa uzalendo na Mungu atakusaidia. Tafuta historia ya Compassion Africa itakufundisha vitu vingi sana
  2. M

    MsandoAlberto JF-Expert Member

    Feb 23, 2011
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    BB, there is always that part of our human-ness which will query the 'intention' or 'motive' behind a certain thing. Not necessarily the intention or motive is evil or good.

    It is always there and more so when an act is not one of the obvious acts that we are used of witnessing.

    For me the 'giving away' of the little that I receive by being a Diwani is a gesture. A call upon other leaders that leadership should and must remain a service to the society. Not an employment opportunity. It is a sacrifice that we make for those who have toiled for this country but still live in abject poverty.

    I mean what I have decided to do. I am doing it for the people who have seen me grow, who have helped me grow.

    The truth is, I am coming from a very humble beginning. A son of a primary school teacher and a TRC worker. Both retired as we speak. So my life in the village shaped me. Everytime I make a visit there and a child stops to wave it reminds me of my younger days. I see myself in them, and for me that is the reason why I will give back. It is like I am giving but to the young Alberto of mid 1980's.

    Again, one might look at it as 'not having any impact'. I saw one comment which said 'mawazo yako ni ya kimasikini'. Yes, it is true that I am hailing from a very poor background and so my thoughts may be reflective of that. But one thing I am quite sure of, I do not have a poor heart. I do not have it. And my ideas will grow and out of poverty my society will come.

    I am calling upon all those who have the wish to help this country to go back to the villages and wards. There we are needed most. There our help will speed up the wave of change.

    It has been my prayer everyday that we the young generation should go back. Go back to where it all started and help. It is hard, it will be very challenging as we all want to get established in towns but it is a sacrifice. Not a sacrifice that will not give you a reward in terms of the number of lives you will touch.

    I urge all of those who want to see change in this country to take up the challenge. Our villages and wards need those of us who have the vision of a better tomorrow. Some of us are tempted to run for the Member of Parliament seats, it is not bad always, but it also is not good always. An MP needs a strong Diwani and Village leadership. As things are now that is lacking. There is, among other things, a huge gap in terms of vision between the Diwanis we have and the village chairmen and the Wabunge. The gap must be bridged.

    We should bridge that.

    Otherwise BB I am humbled by the appreciation and encouragement.
  3. Click_and_go

    Click_and_go JF-Expert Member

    Feb 23, 2011
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    naendelea kumpongeza pia!
  4. M

    Mfwatiliaji JF-Expert Member

    Feb 23, 2011
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    Msando Alberto,
    naomba unilink na hiyo thread mkuu
  5. MwanaHabari

    MwanaHabari JF-Expert Member

    Feb 23, 2011
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    hehe wabunge aliyewaomba waweke posho huku mbona kimya... na mimi nampongeza
  6. M

    MsandoAlberto JF-Expert Member

    Feb 23, 2011
    Joined: Nov 2, 2010
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    Mwanahabari, Regia amejibu. Soma uone na kusikia.