Kenya Election 2007: Outcomes


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Feb 26, 2006
0815hrs: retired President Moi votes

0817hrs: Voting in Langata finally starts

0818hrs: Makadara civic ward aspirant name missing from ballot paper

0821hrs: ECK cancels election for Civic ward in Makadara

08:22hrs: Trouble in Manyatta Constituency as a Cooperative minister Peter Ndwigas agent is thrown out of social hall for allegedly recieving a phone call inside a polling station.

0824hrs: Mutava Musyimi casts vote in Gachoka constituency

0825hrs: Orengo about to walk into a polling station

0920: William Ruto leaving Eldoret home to cast vote

0922hrs: Charity Ngilu protests at a kitui polling station.

0922hrs: Pius Muiru accompanied by wife casts ballot

0923hrs: Kalonzo Musyoka expected to vote

More updates coming all day...

Moyale's 34,474 voters jam polling stations as one polling stations with as little as 124 voters report end of exercise with a hundred percent record of voters turning up...

0925hrs: Early voter turnout in Mararal in Samburu

Crucial statistics

2,548 polling stations

15,000 civic seats

28,000 polling stations

14.2 million voters

Past Election Results



Daniel Moi _ 2.5m - 40.5%

Mwai Kibaki - 1.9m - 31%

Raila Odinga - 667,886 - 10.8%

2002 Results

Mwai Kibaki - 3.6m - 62.2%

Uhuru Kenyatta - 1.8m - 31.3%

Simeon Nyachae - 345,161 - 5.9%


NO Team (led by Raila Odinga) - 3.5m - 57%

Yes Team (led by President Mwai Kibaki) - 2.5m - 43%

1997 parliamentary seat

Kanu - 107 seats, 6 nominated MPs

DP - 39seats, 2 nominated seats


FOrd Kenya- 17 seats, 1 nominated

2002 results

Narc- 125 seats, 7 nominated

Kanu - 64 seats, 4 nominated

Ford People - 14 seats, 1 nominated

Safina - 2 seats

Ford Asili - 2 seats

Sis Kwa Sisi- 2 seats

0951hrs: Kibaki arrives at Mutoini primary school

0952hrs: KJ about to vote in Dagorettie

0955hrs:Raila getting into Old Primary School to vote, the polling station gets into a frenzy as he strolls in holding Ida Odinga and accompanied by Fidel and Rosemary and his campaign detail

0956: Our Busia reporter files this story -

Busia District Hospital authorities today barred a man from leaving institution to go and vote since he was nursing a child that was being treated for tetanus.

According to the hospital matron, Ms Semrick Obel, the 55 year old Alex Musina, from Shinamwenyuli village in Butere district, had initially sought discharge for the child to enable him vote .

"There are those we can permit to go and vote after assessing the condition and how long they can take outside, but not this particular one" said Sister Obel wondering why the ECK didn't consider setting up mobile polling stations in hospitals.

"If KNEC can bring examinations in the hospital what prevents ECK to bring the ballot boxes here?" she asked, adding that many patients had felt disenfranchised.

The nurses said that tetanus was a dangerous disease that the government may need to investigate if immunization was appropriately carried out in the patients' place of origin.

'The government has spent a lot of money on treating the child who is now showing signs of recovery and now you want to discharged him against medical recommendation, we can't allow that", the matron told the man and threatened to report him to the Children 's department for child abuse.

0957hrs: Raila recieving hands in his identification details to first clerk and they are NOT certified

1000HRS: Raila appeals for calm even as he heads to Nyayo Stadium to complain of the anomally

1002: What happened to the black book issue? editor asking

1003hrs: Uhuru votes, in Nyeri away Mary Wambui votes

1004hrs: Kalonzo Musyoka yet to arive at polling centre

1152hrs: Kalonzo votes and appeals for calm

1152hrs: PNU Press Secretary Ngari Gituku releases statement on Raila saying he campaigned on live television shortly after his name went missing at polling station.

1153hrs:Raila told a crowd that they should vote an ODM Government

(Source: Abunuwasi web)
1200HRS: The Electoral Commission of Kenya says that Raila's name was in the voter's register throughout and that at no time did it miss. Jack Tumwa a deputy commissioner says that he went to the wrong queue,the centre has divided the polling stations into specific alphabetical order..

1201hrs: Raila goes back for the vote...

1202hrs: Eldoret North Constituency parliamentary ballot papers were this morning found at Ndabibi polling Naivasha as panc now spreads

1204hrs: Moi avenue, Turbo road, Kenyatta Avenue Kimathi Street, City hall way closed by police as they say everyone should avoid the roads till the results are announced.

1205hrs:PNU AND ODM announce their own tallying and Press Centres - ODM at Pentagon House and PNU at Presidential Media Centre along Lenana Road
2007-12-27 @ 06:44 by Kuria

We cannot have an illiterate president who does not know where his name is.

He did that intentionally to make the world see that the elections are being rigged. Raila is a loser. He is just trying to justify his reasons to claim foul play. Raila and the Standard Newspapers will flop. KTN even gives Raila a chance to speak on TV on the day of the electuions and it is not allowed internationally for a candidate to appear to campaign on election day.

His friend Kwendo Opanga has always been like the party newspaper editor and today they have reported that names starting with A, O are missing because they are associated with Raila Odinga. Kibaki will win and if reports we have at the moment are true, then wait for today evening and hear the results.

In Uhuru Primary, there were no queues in lines with A and O, yet at the end of the day, it will be said that the elections were rigged.

To HELL with THe STANDARD. KWEDNO OPANGA, a KANU operative should be fired from his job. He has no business being at a newspaper that has for five years been fighting the government. Shame on Kwendo. Like Raila, KTN and the Standard are losers. They made innocent people (policemen be killed) in Nyanza. To HELL. I will NOT buy the Standard again.
sasa matusi ya nini bwana Shy hata kama humpendi Raila, acha wakenya wachague wanayemtaka.
Shy una hisia mbaya na Raila au Wajaluo kwa jumla? Tuliza munkar bado matokeo...akishinda nenda kajinyonge.Akishindwa piga mbiu na ufurahie maisha.
I have just completed my vote at olympic primary.The turn out is massive and there is a rumour floating that Livondo WHO IS SUPPORTED BY KINA KIBAKI ETI AMNG'OE RAILA KWA LANGATA CONSTITUENCY bado hajulikani alipo na kuna umbeya unasema amejiuzulu kwa niaba ya Raila dakika ya mwisho! Nimeiskia lakini ngojeni nidhibitishe for now its just a rumour among the queuing crowds of people.I will go back later to make sure the counting is without PANUA tricks.

But as news from other areas stream in its hard to understand how such stupid mistakes can be made.ECK should employ qualified and experienced staff.This is so unprofessional.These mix-up will deny most poeple especially women,nursing mothers,a chance to vote as dusk will fall on them,rains in some part might deter voters staying late.Atleast in nairobi most pple including women have vowed to wait till they vote,but in many parts of shags delays will affect total voter numbers.

Voting has been delayed in Budalangi primary school after a mix up with parliamentary ballot papers.

ECK returning officer Lydia Nambenge said the parliamentary ballot papers produced at the polling station were intended for Bura constituency.

Nambenge said the papers have been taken back to Nairobi and they're waiting for the proper parliamentary papers to be flown to Budalangi.

Mix up of ballot papers were recorded as those of Eldoret North found in Naivasha, Changamwe found in Kajiado North and Gatanga in Kitutu Chache

Ntafurahi sana kama Kibaki akishinda, kwa sababu utendaji wake wa kazi kwenye miaka mitano iliyopita utakuwa umetoa mchango kwa ushindi wake(kama akishinda kwa ukabila sitafurahi)
Nitafurahi kama Odinga akishinda kwa sabau watanzania tuliolala tutakuwa tumeona kuwa si lazima rais awe madarakani kwa vipindi vyote viwili, na si dhambi kuchagua mtu kutoka upinzania. Itakuwa ni precedence nzuri sana. L
KTN NEWS: 1.00pm - ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga finally casts his vote at Old Kibera Primary School in Lang'ata constituency after earlier irregularities in the register are resolved by the Electoral Commission.ECK OFFICIALS apologize to the Opposition chief.

Kura za Samburu West kwenye kituo kimoja zimeshahesabiwa...Raila 5789, Kibaki 551. 16 ziliharibika....

Raila hoyee!
Kuna thread ya election progress- hebu nenda kule utupe updates ndugu!

Shukran Nimeiona. Ninahamia kuko huko sasa hivi....very interesting views ....inaonekana waTZ fulani wanampenda Kibaki kuliko Raila...diyo demokrasia eti.

Du Kenyan tanzania,
Ahsante kwa habari moto2- sijui kwa nini Lang'ata walichelewesha- any clues?

Majibu ya haraka. Mhe. Mzalendo wacha nitafute ripoti za halali kuhusu hili nitarejea hewani baada ya muda usimrefu. Utulivu umerejea kwenye pande zilizoshuhudia vita jana.


1. Zikiwa zimesalia dakika 52 muda wa uchaguzi ukwishe Wakuuu wa TUME ECK wapohewani wakisema kwamba vituo zilizofunguliwa late zipewe muda zaidi kadri ya ile ambayo ilikuwa imepotezwa awali.

2. EU obsavas wanasema wamepata ripoti nyingi toka kwote nchini lakini watatoa ripoti yao kamili jumamosi. Amesema viongozi warespekt wanakura

3. Viongozi wa kimataifa wanapongeza Kenya kwa kupiga siasa za hali ya juu sana Afrika

4. Mkuu wa ECK anasema wananchi ambao tiyali wapo kwa foleni wapewe nafasi kupiga kura hata itakapokwisha muda wa kura yaan saa kumi na moja jioni.

Baada ya two hours ntarejea.
Shukran Nimeiona. Ninahamia kuko huko sasa hivi....very interesting views ....inaonekana waTZ fulani wanampenda Kibaki kuliko Raila...diyo demokrasia eti.
Tunawapenda wakenya wote Raila, Kibaki wote ni jirani zetu. Mkiamua wakenya tutawasikiliza.
Ahsante- ila wewe una roho zaidi nzuri ya Kitanzania kuliko Kenya- njoo tu nyumbani ndugu!

Kama hauna mke basi tukutafutie mke wa Kitanzania haswa toka Zanzibari! Je unesemaje?
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