i need girlfriend


Oct 10, 2011
Duu!!,u sound so serious hata atakayepiga lazima ajifikirie mara mbili mbili!!

Vin Diesel

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Mar 1, 2011
I got everything I want in my life except a girlfriend

Ah, B2k

Just coped a Bentely and it's parked in my garage
a 2 oclock appointment for my massage
and everywhere they know just who we are
there they go, it's them ghetto superstars

the latest throwbacks and them ones on my feet
get out the benz and then i'm off up the jeep
takein flicks with chicks that look like 'licia keys
all of that i'm still missing one thing (whoa)

a girlfriend( hey) girlfriend ( everything i wanted)
i need a girlfriend (yeah) girlfriend ( and everything i)
girlfriend (oh) girlfriend ( would you be my)
would you be my girlfriend ( hey) ,girlfriend

we hit the mall , i buy you prada nike suits
i'm being pampered while i'm chillin by the pool
from the show to the limo to the club
and to the end showin nothin but some love

got plenty clothes plenty ice plenty cash
i'm pretty swole, pretty abs, pretty shhhhhh
i got every single thing THAT I NEED except for a main squeeze

i need a girlfriend ( oh) girlfriend (girlfriend)
i need a girlfriend ( oh) girlfriend ( i need, i need i need, i need)
a girlfriend girlfriend ( would you be my)
would you be my girlfriend ( girlfriend)

yeah yeah

tell me who's gonna be my girlfriend
and who out there needs a real man
and who's gonna ride or die wit me
who's gonna give b2k what they need

i need a thick with big hips
that's just my motivation
no more game preparation, this is pimperation
she must be ready and steady for a grown man session
i'm talkin willin to learn a lil fizz lesson
now she plannin it again and now we arguin
talkin girls, talk mess and tellin all her friends
but i seen this new chick tonight
and ima make her my girlfriend my girlfriend

i need a girlfriend, girlfriend ( someone for me )
i need a girlfriend girlfriend(that is all i need) a girlfriend girlfriend
( in my life)
would you be my girlfriend, girlfriend( i need a)
a girlfriend, girlfriend ( someone to call my own)
i need a girlfriend,(spend some money on) girlfriend (and i'm gonna take her out)a girlfriend (to show her what i'm all about)girlfriend(hey,hey,oh,oh)would you be my girlfriend girlfriend(dun dun oh oh)


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Jun 8, 2011
nahitaji girlfriend kuanzia 17yrs-20yrs nipate through my phone no:0713667607

Huu umri ni wa mwanafunzi, sasa wewe unatafuta girlfriend wa umri huu, wewe una umri gani? na si ajabu you are still schooling, kwa nini usizingatie kwanza masomo? Jamani, jamaniii, tutaendelea kweli kwa njia hii?

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

Kuna taarifa umeiona humu JamiiForums na haifai kubaki mtandaoni?
Fanya hivi...

Umesahau Password au akaunti yako?

Unapata ugumu kuikumbuka akaunti yako? Unakwama kuanzisha akaunti?
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