I have a knife in my back


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Nov 4, 2010
One man enters in an ambulant and says to the doctor:
Help me, please. I have a knife in my back.
The doctor, looking his watch says:
Now is 2:20 PM, and I work till 2, so as you can imagine I've finished for today, and I can’t help you. Be so kind and come tomorrow morning, at 8.
But tomorrow morning I will be dead. You must help me now.

The doctor, angrily says:
I explained to you gently that I've finished my shift for today, and that I

can't do nothing for you. You must pass here tomorrow.
But, until tomorrow I will lose all my blood, and I will be dead. Don’t you see that I have a knife in the back.
The doctor, already very angry and irritate extracts the knife from the back, and put it in the patients’ eye.
Now you can go to ophthalmologist, he works till 3 PM.



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Jan 8, 2011
Oooooooohhh!!!!!!!!.hahahahahaha!!!!! bila shaka alimsaidia ku stop bleeding mgongoni!!! . Ame solve tatizo kwa kuongeza tatizo kubwa na complicated zaidi!!!


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Apr 12, 2008
dah, jokes zingine bana.. Mpaka uwe na roho mbaya ndiyo zitakuchekesha!

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