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How to Get Wi-Fi Without an Internet Provider

The internet is an invaluable resource that most of us need on a daily basis. If you don’t have an internet connection at home or you’re traveling to a place with no Wi-Fi or a poor connection, you might be wondering: “How can I get Wi-Fi right now?”

If that’s the case, we got you covered. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can get connected to Wi-Fi, depending on your unique situation.

What Is Wi-Fi, and How Do You Get It?​

Wi-Fi is a wireless internet network that uses radio frequency signals to connect your devices to the internet. Typically, this is done using a modem and router that are connected to the internet via wires; however, it can be achieved utilizing other methods.

Most homes are connected to Wi-Fi by purchasing an internet plan from an internet service provider (ISP) and then subsequently installing an internet modem provided by the ISP. This modem may then be connected to a router (if there isn’t one built-in) that will broadcast a Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.

If you’re not home or don’t have an ISP, you may have to get a little creative. Thankfully, getting connected to the internet without a home internet provider isn’t impossible.

Wi-Fi Without an Internet Provider — Is It Really Possible?​

While the most reliable way to get connected at home for long periods of time is signing up with an ISP, it’s not necessarily right for everyone. If you’re away from home, in between homes, or just don’t want to get internet installed due to extra costs and hidden fees or some other reason, you could benefit from Wi-Fi without an internet provider. While it could take a bit of effort or creativity, getting Wi-Fi without an internet provider is certainly possible.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi Using Public Networks​

Free Wi-Fi is becoming more readily available by the day. As our world becomes more reliant on internet connections, more businesses, public spaces, and governments in certain states are doing their part to provide free Wi-Fi in as many places as possible.

If you live in a metropolitan or suburban area, chances are you have a number of public Wi-Fi networks close to your home. Many people’s homes are even located within reach of public or unsecured Wi-Fi signals.

If you aren’t sure if you live within reach of a public Wi-Fi signal or not, just open up your device’s Wi-Fi settings and take a look at what networks are in range. If any of them are unsecured, they will not request a password when you attempt to connect to them.

Even if you don’t live close to a public Wi-Fi signal, you’ll be able to access the internet for free at most coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Some restaurants require you to purchase something in order to access their Wi-Fi, but many don’t require a purchase of any kind — especially large chain restaurants such as McDonald’s and Starbucks.

A Warning About Public Wi-Fi Networks​

While connecting to public Wi-Fi can be convenient — and free — there are some security concerns. If someone wants to gain access to your sensitive files, they might be able to do so if they’re connected to the same unsecured Wi-Fi signal as you. In order to protect your information and privacy while surfing on public Wi-Fi, you should install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN on your computer. VPNs secure your connection by obscuring your activity from your ISP and others connected to the same network. There are a number of low-cost and free VPNs to choose from as well as premium paid options. For a comprehensive list of our favorite VPNs, check out our list of the best VPNs in 2023.

Bumming Wi-Fi From Your Neighbors​

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This method might seem the same as the above method, but that’s only true if your neighbors are using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection — which is unlikely.

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors and your internet is out only temporarily, then you may be able to ask them to give you or share the password and explain your situation. However, if you don’t want to get your own internet plan and want to connect to your neighbor’s internet for the long term, you may need to broker a deal with them.

First, you may want to consider how many people are living in your neighbor’s house, what their internet speeds are like, and the connection speed from your home. If your neighbor lives alone or with their spouse and you suspect that they have a fast internet speed that can support all three of you easily, then they’re an ideal candidate.

You may be able to offer to pay for a portion of the internet on a monthly basis for access to their Wi-Fi password. In this case, some nicer neighbors may let you connect for free if they’re understanding of your situation. In either case, whether they want you to pay or not, you can still sometimes broker a deal that makes your monthly internet bill extremely manageable.

Using a Mobile Hotspot for Wi-Fi​

While using a mobile hotspot isn’t necessarily free, there’s a good chance that your cell phone plan already includes a mobile hotspot feature — so turning it on might equate to being “free” if you weren’t using it before.

Most new smartphones have a built-in hotspot feature that needs to be enabled while connected to service from your cell phone service provider — provided that you are paying for a plan that includes a mobile hotspot. This will allow any nearby devices to connect wirelessly to the internet.

Notes to keep in mind when using a mobile hotspot:

  • You’re powering your Wi-Fi connection with your mobile data. This means that if you have expensive or limited data, you can quickly use it up while connected to your hotspot. If you have cheap or unlimited data, then that makes the mobile hotspot a great Wi-Fi option.
  • You should set a password for your mobile hotspot to increase security. If you don’t, you can expose yourself to bad actors and unwanted connections using up your cellular data.
  • Depending on your service provider, you may also have the option to physically tether your devices as opposed to using Wi-Fi to share your cellular data with your other devices.

Wireless Hotspot vs. Cable Tethering​

Instead of creating a mobile hotspot, you can tether your mobile device to your computer via a USB cable. This can provide you with internet access on your computer by using the data from your mobile device. This is a viable alternative to hotspots if you only have one device to connect — it can also potentially provide faster speeds than Wi-Fi.

You should also keep in mind that a physical tether uses your cellular data the same way as a hotspot, so if you have limited data, you should keep an eye on your internet usage to not exceed your limit.

Can You Buy a Portable Wi-Fi Modem?​

Most of us think of a Wi-Fi modem as being stuck in one spot in your home connected to the wall via cable or phone lines. While that’s true in most cases, mobile Wi-Fi modems are somewhat commonplace.

This portable internet device (a hotspot separate from your smartphone) provides coverage with a data plan powered by a mobile broadband provider. This can be potentially cheaper than upgrading your cell phone plan to include unlimited data to accommodate hotspot usage.

Portable hotspots are typically small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and provide high-speed internet wherever you are.

Getting Internet Through Data or Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have to Be Hard​

If you need the internet because you’re away from home, don’t want to pay for an internet plan, or are finding it difficult to get connected in a conventional way, you have a number of alternative options to get yourself connected.

Here’s a brief recap below of how you can get connected to the internet without an internet service provider:

  • Connect to public unsecured Wi-Fi using a VPN for security.
  • Use a new or existing mobile hotspot feature from one of your mobile devices.
  • Buy a portable internet device.
Your decision to choose one of the above options will likely be based on your very unique situation, desires, location, budget, and available options depending on what your local internet service providers are offering in your area.

Jinsi ya Kupata Wi-Fi Bila Mtoa Huduma ya Mtandao.
Mtandao ni rasilimali muhimu ambayo wengi wetu tunahitaji kila siku. Ikiwa huna muunganisho wa intaneti nyumbani au unasafiri hadi mahali ambapo hakuna Wi-Fi au muunganisho duni, unaweza kuwa unajiuliza: "Ninawezaje kupata Wi-Fi sasa hivi?"

Ikiwa ni hivyo, tumekushughulikia. Kwa bahati nzuri, kuna njia kadhaa ambazo unaweza kuunganishwa kwenye Wi-Fi, kulingana na hali yako ya kipekee.

Wi-Fi ni nini, na unaipataje?
Wi-Fi ni mtandao wa intaneti usiotumia waya unaotumia mawimbi ya masafa ya redio ili kuunganisha vifaa vyako kwenye mtandao. Kwa kawaida, hii inafanywa kwa kutumia modem na router ambayo imeunganishwa kwenye mtandao kupitia waya; hata hivyo, inaweza kupatikana kwa kutumia njia nyinginezo.

Nyumba nyingi zimeunganishwa kwenye Wi-Fi kwa kununua mpango wa intaneti kutoka kwa mtoa huduma wa mtandao (ISP) na kisha kusakinisha modemu ya mtandao iliyotolewa na ISP. Modem hii inaweza kisha kuunganishwa kwenye kipanga njia (ikiwa hakuna kilichojengewa ndani) ambacho kitatangaza mawimbi ya Wi-Fi katika nyumba yako yote.

Ikiwa hauko nyumbani au huna Mtoa Huduma za Intaneti, huenda ukalazimika kupata ubunifu kidogo. Kwa bahati nzuri, kuunganisha kwenye mtandao bila mtoa huduma wa mtandao wa nyumbani sio jambo lisilowezekana.

Wi-Fi Bila Mtoa Huduma wa Mtandao — Je, Inawezekana Kweli?
Ingawa njia ya kuaminika zaidi ya kuunganishwa nyumbani kwa muda mrefu ni kujisajili na Mtoa Huduma za Intaneti, si lazima iwe sawa kwa kila mtu. Ikiwa hauko nyumbani, kati ya nyumba, au hutaki tu kusakinisha intaneti kwa sababu ya gharama za ziada na ada zilizofichwa au sababu nyinginezo, unaweza kunufaika na Wi-Fi bila mtoa huduma wa intaneti. Ingawa inaweza kuchukua juhudi au ubunifu kidogo, kupata Wi-Fi bila mtoa huduma wa mtandao hakika kunawezekana.

Jinsi ya Kupata Wi-Fi Bila Malipo kwa Kutumia Mitandao ya Umma
Wi-Fi ya Bila malipo inazidi kupatikana kila siku. Ulimwengu wetu unapozidi kutegemea miunganisho ya intaneti, biashara nyingi zaidi, maeneo ya umma na serikali katika majimbo fulani zinafanya sehemu yao ya kutoa Wi-Fi bila malipo katika maeneo mengi iwezekanavyo.

Ikiwa unaishi katika jiji kuu au eneo la miji, kuna uwezekano kwamba una idadi ya mitandao ya umma ya Wi-Fi karibu na nyumba yako. Nyumba za watu wengi ziko katika ufikiaji wa mawimbi ya umma au yasiyolindwa ya Wi-Fi.

Iwapo huna uhakika kama unaishi karibu na mawimbi ya Wi-Fi ya umma au la, fungua tu mipangilio ya Wi-Fi ya kifaa chako na uangalie ni mitandao ipi iliyo karibu. Ikiwa yeyote kati yao hana usalama, hataomba nenosiri unapojaribu kuunganisha kwake.

Hata kama huishi karibu na mawimbi ya umma ya Wi-Fi, utaweza kufikia intaneti bila malipo katika maduka mengi ya kahawa na mikahawa iliyo karibu. Baadhi ya mikahawa inakuhitaji ununue kitu ili kufikia Wi-Fi yao, lakini mingi haihitaji ununuzi wa aina yoyote - hasa mikahawa mikubwa kama vile McDonald's na Starbucks.

Onyo Kuhusu Mitandao ya Umma ya Wi-Fi
Ingawa kuunganisha kwenye Wi-Fi ya umma kunaweza kuwa rahisi - na bila malipo - kuna masuala ya usalama. Ikiwa mtu anataka kupata ufikiaji wa faili zako nyeti, anaweza kufanya hivyo ikiwa ameunganishwa kwenye mawimbi ya Wi-Fi ambayo hayana usalama kama wewe. Ili kulinda maelezo na faragha yako unapovinjari kwenye Wi-Fi ya umma, unapaswa kusakinisha Mtandao Pepe wa Kibinafsi (VPN) kama vile ExpressVPN au NordVPN kwenye kompyuta yako. VPN hulinda muunganisho wako kwa kuficha shughuli zako kutoka kwa ISP yako na zingine zilizounganishwa kwenye mtandao huo. Kuna idadi ya VPN za bei ya chini na zisizolipishwa za kuchagua pamoja na chaguo za kulipia zinazolipiwa. Kwa orodha kamili ya VPN tunazopenda, angalia orodha yetu ya VPN bora zaidi mnamo 2023.

Inasumbua Wi-Fi Kutoka kwa Majirani Zako
Video inayohusiana: Mpango wa Muunganisho wa bei nafuu husaidia kulipia mtandao (KMGH Denver, CO)

Njia hii inaweza kuonekana sawa na iliyo hapo juu, lakini hiyo ni kweli tu ikiwa majirani wako wanatumia muunganisho usiolindwa wa Wi-Fi - jambo ambalo haliwezekani.
Ikiwa una uhusiano mzuri na majirani zako na mtandao wako haupo kwa muda tu, basi unaweza kuwauliza wakupe au kushiriki nenosiri na kuelezea hali yako. Hata hivyo, ikiwa hutaki kupata mpango wako wa intaneti na ungependa kuunganisha kwenye mtandao wa jirani yako kwa muda mrefu, huenda ukahitaji kufanya biashara nao.
Kwanza, unaweza kutaka kuzingatia ni watu wangapi wanaishi katika nyumba ya jirani yako, kasi ya mtandao wao ikoje, na kasi ya muunganisho kutoka nyumbani kwako. Ikiwa jirani yako anaishi peke yake au na mwenzi wake na unashuku kuwa wana kasi ya mtandaoni ambayo inaweza kukusaidia nyote watatu kwa urahisi, basi wao ni mgombea anayefaa.

Unaweza kujitolea kulipia sehemu ya mtandao kila mwezi ili kufikia nenosiri lao la Wi-Fi. Katika kesi hii, majirani wengine wazuri zaidi wanaweza kukuruhusu uunganishe bila malipo ikiwa wanaelewa hali yako. Vyovyote vile, iwe wanataka ulipe au la, bado unaweza kufanya biashara wakati mwingine ambayo hufanya bili yako ya kila mwezi ya mtandao iweze kudhibitiwa sana.

Kutumia Mtandao-hewa wa Simu kwa Wi-Fi
Ingawa kutumia mtandao-hewa wa simu si lazima bila malipo, kuna uwezekano mkubwa kwamba mpango wako wa simu ya mkononi tayari una kipengele cha mtandaopepe wa simu ya mkononi - kwa hivyo kuwasha kunaweza kufanana na kuwa "bila malipo" ikiwa ulikuwa huitumii hapo awali.

Simu mahiri nyingi mpya zina kipengele cha mtandaopepe kilichojengewa ndani ambacho kinahitaji kuwashwa wakati umeunganishwa kwenye huduma kutoka kwa mtoa huduma wa simu yako ya mkononi - mradi unalipia mpango unaojumuisha mtandao-hewa wa simu ya mkononi. Hii itaruhusu vifaa vyovyote vilivyo karibu kuunganishwa bila waya kwenye mtandao.
Vidokezo vya kukumbuka unapotumia mtandao-hewa wa simu:
Unawezesha muunganisho wako wa Wi-Fi na data yako ya simu. Hii inamaanisha kuwa ikiwa una data ghali au chache, unaweza kuitumia kwa haraka ukiwa umeunganishwa kwenye mtandao-hewa wako. Ikiwa una data ya bei nafuu au isiyo na kikomo, basi hiyo inafanya mtandao-hewa wa simu kuwa chaguo bora la Wi-Fi.
Unapaswa kuweka nenosiri kwa hotspot ya simu yako ili kuongeza usalama. Usipofanya hivyo, unaweza kujianika kwa watendaji wabaya na miunganisho isiyotakikana kwa kutumia data yako ya mtandao wa simu.
Kulingana na mtoa huduma wako, unaweza pia kuwa na chaguo la kuzima vifaa vyako kinyume na kutumia Wi-Fi kushiriki data yako ya mtandao wa simu na vifaa vyako vingine.

Hotspot Isiyo na Waya dhidi ya Kuunganisha kwa Kebo
Badala ya kuunda mtandao-hewa wa simu, unaweza kuunganisha kifaa chako cha mkononi kwenye kompyuta yako kupitia kebo ya USB. Hii inaweza kukupa ufikiaji wa mtandao kwenye kompyuta yako kwa kutumia data kutoka kwa kifaa chako cha rununu. Hii ni njia mbadala inayofaa kwa maeneo-pepe ikiwa una kifaa kimoja tu cha kuunganisha - kinaweza pia kutoa kasi ya haraka kuliko Wi-Fi.

Unapaswa pia kukumbuka kuwa kifaa cha kuunganisha mtandao kinatumia data yako ya mtandao wa simu kwa njia sawa na mtandao-hewa, kwa hivyo ikiwa una data chache, unapaswa kufuatilia matumizi yako ya mtandao ili usizidi kikomo chako.
Je, Unaweza Kununua Modem ya Kubebeka ya Wi-Fi?
Wengi wetu hufikiria kuwa modemu ya Wi-Fi imekwama katika sehemu moja ya nyumba yako iliyounganishwa ukutani kupitia kebo au laini za simu. Ingawa hiyo ni kweli katika hali nyingi, modemu za Wi-Fi za rununu ni za kawaida.
Kifaa hiki cha mtandao kinachobebeka (eneo maarufu tofauti na simu yako mahiri) hutoa huduma kwa mpango wa data unaoendeshwa na mtoa huduma wa mtandao wa simu za mkononi. Hii inaweza kuwa nafuu zaidi kuliko kuboresha mpango wa simu yako ya mkononi ili kujumuisha data isiyo na kikomo ili kushughulikia matumizi ya hotspot.
Sehemu pepe zinazobebeka kwa kawaida ni ndogo vya kutosha kutoshea mfukoni au mkoba na hutoa intaneti ya kasi ya juu popote ulipo.
Kupata Mtandao Kupitia Data au Wi-Fi Si lazima Kuwa Ngumu
Iwapo unahitaji intaneti kwa sababu hauko nyumbani, hutaki kulipia mpango wa intaneti, au unaona ugumu wa kuunganishwa kwa njia ya kawaida, una chaguo kadhaa mbadala za kujiunganisha.
Hapa kuna muhtasari mfupi hapa chini wa jinsi unavyoweza kuunganishwa kwenye intaneti bila mtoa huduma wa intaneti:
Unganisha kwa Wi-Fi isiyolindwa ya umma kwa kutumia VPN kwa usalama.
Tumia kipengele kipya au kilichopo cha hotspot ya simu kutoka kwa mojawapo ya vifaa vyako vya mkononi.
Nunua kifaa cha mtandao kinachobebeka.
Uamuzi wako wa kuchagua mojawapo ya chaguo zilizo hapo juu utategemea hali yako ya kipekee, matamanio, eneo, bajeti, na chaguo zinazopatikana kulingana na kile ambacho watoa huduma wako wa mtandao wa karibu wanatoa katika eneo lako.

Jinsi ya Kupata Wi-Fi Bila Mtoa Huduma ya Mtandao.jpg
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