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Biography ya msanii wa kimataifa ay

Discussion in 'Celebrities Forum' started by realznzrian, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    Representing the initials of his
    names Ambwene Yessayah. background….. Began his musical career at the
    tender age of ten.
    While in primary school he
    participated in talent searches
    and frequently entertained
    guests at parties and weddings. In 1996 while in high school he
    formed a group with his friends
    called S.O.G. it had three members
    including A.Y.They recorded an
    album and released it in the year
    2000. career….. In 2001 A.Y. decided to go solo
    and recorded his first solo album
    ‘Raha Kamili’.
    The first single off the album
    ‘Raha Tu’(Pure Joy) was a huge
    success and topped the charts both on radio and T.V. and
    introduced A.Y. into the
    Tanzanian music scene.
    The second single ‘Machoni kama
    watu’(a swahili phrase meaning
    their faces are human but their hearts are inhuman) feat Lady
    Jay D also did extremely well in
    the radio charts and helped push
    his album sales in the market. serious business…
    In 2005 A.Y. released his second
    album ‘Hisia Zangu’ (my feelings)
    and the first single ‘Yule’ (That
    one)topped the charts.
    The album included various collaborations with top East
    African Artistes like Prezzo,Tattuu
    and Deux Vultures(Kenyan
    Artistes),Maurice Kirya(Ugandan
    Artiste).This gave A.Y. more
    appeal and recognition in East Africa.
    The second single off the album
    ‘Binadamu’(Human Beings) was
    a huge hit in East Africa and was
    nominated for a Kora Award
    making A.Y. the first Tanzanian male artiste to be nominated for
    the award. more serious business… After the release of the second
    album A.Y. ‘s popularity
    increased in East Africa and
    established him as a top artiste in
    the region.
    In 2006 he got an endorsement deal with ‘Konyagi’ one of the
    top selling liquors in
    Tanzania.This gave him huge
    visibility all over the country.
    The endorsement deal opened
    more doors and he did various commercials with different
    companies like Coca-
    Cola,Vodacom,Celtel, Uganda
    Waragi, Kilimanjaro Lager and
    Malta Guiness style and approach.. Hip Hop music that talks about
    the daily issues and lifestyles of
    African’s today.
    The issues are conveyed in a
    witty yet entertaining style.
    His music relates to and appeals to people of all ages. Recognition… 2005,Nominated for Best Male
    Artiste East and Central Africa at
    The Kora Awards for the single
    2006 Nominated for Best Male
    Artiste,Tanzania at Kisima Music Awards in Kenya.
    2007 Received a Kilimanjaro
    Music Award for Best Hip Hop
    2007 Received a Kisima Music
    Award in Kenya for Best Music Video-Tanzania.
    2007 Received a Pearl of Africa
    Music Award for Best Hip Hop
    2008 Received a Kilimanjaro
    Music Award for Best Collaboration.
    2008 Received a Pearl of Africa
    Music Award for Best Male Artist-
    2009 Nominated for Best Hip Hop
    Artist at Mtv Africa Music Awards in Kenya.Same Category with JAY
    2009 Nominated for Best Group
    & Best East African Video at
    Channel O Music Video Awards.
    Akon has repeatedly acknowledged A.Y.’s music and
    was particularly impressed by his
    style and sees him as the next
    rap artist from Africa to make it
    internationaly. Achievements
    5 Awards to date.
    Has had 14 hit singles all of
    which made it to number one in
    East Africa.
    His biggest song to date is ‘Usijaribu’(Don’t you dare try)
    .The song has won him various
    awards and international
    recognition the song talks about
    gossipers and haters.
    His latest hit single ‘Habari Ndo hiyo’ (that is the news)is
    currently number 10 on the radio
    express chart-Africa.
    He various collaborations with
    top East African Artistes like
    P.Square (Nigeria),Mwana FA,Lady Jay Dee,Prof Jay,TMK
    Wanaume,Shaa and many more..
    (Uganda) ,
    Amani,Nameless,Juacali,Jaguar &
    Avril (Kenya) and others. What you didn’t know…
    Real name: Ambwene Yessayah
    Style: Simple and Casual
    Date of birth: 5th July
    Star: Cancerian
    Favorite Color: Black & Blue Favourite scent:DKNY, Game
    Inspiration:Dr. Dre performances……
    The launch of his four albums
    was a huge success and
    sponsored by Tanzania
    Cigarrette Company and invited
    international artists like Fat Joe,Eve,Shaggy and others.
    Was one of the main artistes
    perfoming during a huge concert
    ‘Music Against Aids’ in Tanzania
    an intiative supported by
    Tanzanian government and U.S.A.I.D.
    The Coke side of life tour in East
    The Afro Arabs youth Festival in
    Uganda that had different artistes
    from all over Africa. Perfomed for refugees of Rwanda and Burundi
    courtesy of U.N.H.C.R
    Zanzibar International Film
    Festival,Selam Festival,
    Sauti za Busara Festival,Olympic
    Shared stages with Akon, Wyclef,
    Miss Elliot, Angelique Kidjo, Oliver
    Mutukudzi, P. Square,D’Banj, HHP,
    Fally Ipupa, 2 Face,Lizha James and etc
    Tanzania was hourned this year
    to have the Olympic torch pass
    through their country, A.Y. was
    one of the few artistes selected to
    perform at the event. Has also perfomed in East
    Africa,U.S.A ,Malaysia,Ethiopia,and
    the U.K.
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    S.O.G----Space Of Gangstar

    Sio kila siku mambo bang bang sio kila siku mambo wa waa ni Ay kitambo sana enzi hizo wapo iyunga walibamba sana na hii track.
  4. S

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    Bravo A.Y! Mara nyingi tumezoea (utamaguni) kusikia wasifu wa mtu akiwa kwenye kaburi!
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    (utamaguni) -> hapo kny mabano ulikua unamaanisha nini labda
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    Nyc 1, ni wakati wa wasanii wengne kuiga
  7. Mkare_wenu

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    sio Iyunga,ni Ifunda
  8. Mkare_wenu

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    una CV nzuri sana,but ningependa cku 1 nione cv yako inaendana na mafanikio kimaisha i.e nyumba nzuri,magari mazuri,etc.mfano mzuri CHAMELION n' BOBI WINE.Ay ulipaswa atleast uwe level ya maisha ya hao watu
  9. Bukanga

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    oya!!!!!!!! aliyeweka hiyo CV, aiweke vizuri!!
  10. Mamndenyi

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    Kumbe ni kimataifa.
  11. Remmy

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    True. But baada ya Siku mbili tusije sikia ame...... Alijitabiria....
  12. Deo Corleone

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    Na sasa amelamba mkataba na Samsung ameshaanza kutokea kwenye matangazo yao.
  13. Dinazarde

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    Mi nimeishia kusoma comment
  14. carter

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    East coast team hawapo kwenye cv yake kimuziki?
  15. stable woman

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    Duh maelezo kibaoooooo!! Wallah nimeshindwa kusoma msaada please

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    Ndio tatizo letu Watanzania.
  17. qn of sheba

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    Cv yote siioni ECT . Tuache unafiki ECT ilichangia sana piq na yeye kujulikana na wenzake GK na FA aache dharau.

    Alafu me naona mafanikio mengi ni ya cv na mitandaoni vipi kimaisha kaganikiwaje kama wenzake akina Jaguar na Chammelion.