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Top Famous Inventors Who Became Victim of Their Own Inventions

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by CHASHA FARMING, Aug 26, 2012.


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    Inventors really work hard and bring new yet most interesting, useful and much-required inventions to the world. Sometimes these inventions are the result of life-time search but sometimes it is an idea that comes overnight in any person’s mind who then gives it a shape. Though inventions are mostly necessary for humans but sometimes these inventions become killing tool for the inventors. Below list is about top famous inventors who became victim of their own inventions.
    [h=2]Otto Lilienthal[/h]


    Human aviation history writes Otto Lilienthal as among their pioneers who earned fame with the title “Glider King” in the history. Otto Lilienthal made several successful gliding flights and got registered as the only person who did it that time. Lilienthal attempted a gliding attempt on August 9, 1896 but lost his life after falling from a height of 17 meters.
    [h=2]Perillos of Athens[/h]


    You probably will agree with me that Perillos of Athens was the most deserving inventor of our list of top famous inventors who became victim of their own inventions. This bronze worker designed a device called the Brazen Bull during the ancient Rome time. Though it was made for the criminals to give them a painful death but he was put inside the bull by the local tyrant lord and lit the fire underneath him. It claimed his life.
    [h=2]William Bullock[/h]


    The rotary printing press was invented in 1863 which is recognized as the vital point of bringing revolution in the worldwide printing industry. It was the invention of William Bullock who made really an efficient and great speed machine. He lost his life in an attempt of repairing one of his own designed and developed machine.
    [h=2]Horace Lawson Hunley[/h]


    Though Horace Lawson Hunley was a lawyer by profession but he always proved his abilities for submarines and contributed a lot in designing three different models during Civil War. He ultimately got killed as soon as third design of Hunley went under. He decided to test his third submarine along with seven crewmembers on October 15, 1863 but died as it sank in Charleston, S.C.’s waters. This was his own funded project.
    [h=2]John Godfrey Parry-Thomas[/h]


    John Godfrey Parry-Thomas is at No. 5 in our top famous inventors who became victim of their own inventions list who actually was an engineer as well as a Welsh motor-racing driver. Parry-Thomas always dreamed of going ahead of Malcolm Campbell in breaking land speed record. He created a car with a lot of modifications and broke record on April 27, 1926 which got broken by Campbell in 1927. In an attempt to reclaim his record, Parry-Thomas lost his life.

    [h=2]Franz Reichelt[/h]


    This Austrian-born French inventor is another inventor who became victim of his own invention and is at No. 4 in our list. He always intended to build a flying parachute suit though he was a tailor by profession. Airplanes were very new concept at that time. His dummy test was though successful but later on he put himself into the test. This test couldn’t be a successful test and took his life after he jumped from the Eiffel Tower.

    [h=2]Thomas Midgley Jr.[/h]

    Both CFCs and petrol were actually invented by a notable American chemist who is known in the history with the name Thomas Midgley. Though Midgley lauded during his time but history noted him as the reason of deaths for maximum number of people than any other man in history, only because of his inventions. He invented pulley operated bed which eventually became the reason of his death at age 55.

    [h=2]Henry Smolinski[/h]


    Henry Smolinski was an extraordinary Northrop-trained engineer who had a dream to bring a flying car to market. He left his job and opened Advanced Vehicle Engineers Company for this purpose. His company used a Cessna Skymaster airplane’s rear end fusing and made first two prototypes in 1973. The tail section was easily attachable and detachable from the car. Smolinski decided to take a test flight on September 11, 1973 and got killed with pilot Harold Blake.
    [h=2]Marie Curie[/h]


    Marie Curie was a notable chemist at her time who belonged to a French-Polish descent. Marie earned fame for discovering new elements’ host in which polonium and radium are also included. She also presented the isolation of radioactive isotopes as well as the theory of radioactivity. Marie Curie lost her life from exposure to radiation on July 4, 1934.
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