Bob Marley fought cancer his own way

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Jan 13, 2023
His thumb doomed him, Bob Marley tried to defeat cancer his own way and treated it as if it was a cold.


Marley's final stage started in 1977, he went to the doctor for an injury on his toe and was told he had stage 3 cancer and then he made his first mistake.

He was offered to have his toe amputated but he thought that might affect his show those close to his disregarded the situation until the cancer played with him.


Marley decided to refuse treatment and to continue with his career as if it was nothing, one day in 1980 he went jogging one central park when he suddenly collapsed.

The illness was trying to tell him something now the diagnosis would be even worse, the cancer had spread all over his body and he was given only a few months of life.

Which completely changed the musician all his concerts were canceled and his mood plummeted, marley agreed to start chemotherapy but it was too late he lost his hair and weight and left all damaging excesses but his health did not improve.


So he started a more radical treatment he traveled to a small town in the Alps, a hospital focused on terminal cases that promised they could fix his situation but the miracle never came.

He was in treatment for 5 months but when it seemed like his health was improving, the cancer struck again he was taken to a hospital in Miami where his wife and children stood by his side.


Bob Marley knew it was his end so he called his children and told them "sing a song. Money can't buy life" and he passed away at the age of 36 consumed by an illness he couldn't treat.

Leaving a valuable legacy to the world that will be enjoyed for generations.
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Just saw the trailer of his made movie, about his life. He died before his time ⏲️
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