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Tanzania, Malawi row over Lake Nyasa again

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Sheria (The Law Forum)' started by nngu007, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    By ADAM IHUCHA | Special Correspondent | July 28 2012

    A fresh row is brewing between Tanzania and Malawi over the ownership of Lake Nyasa, one of the world's largest freshwater bodies.

    Home to 1,000 endemic species of fish, estimated to be more than any other place on earth, Lake Nyasa (referred to as Lake Malawi in Southern Africa) is located at the junction of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.

    With an estimated fish stock of 168,000 tonnes, Lake Nyasa sustains nearly 10 million people in these three riparian countries.

    The latest dispute has been prompted by Malawi fishing and tourist boats allegedly encroaching on Tanzanian territorial waters on the grounds that the whole water body belongs to their country.

    Whereas Malawi maintains that it owns the entire lake, Tanzania claims the border is in the middle of the water body, intensifying animosity between the two neighbouring countries.

    The Member of Parliament for Mbeya Region (special seats), Hilda Ngoye, last week informed the Tanzanian parliament that in recent weeks, Malawi has been conducting tourism activities beyond its territorial waters.

    Ms Ngoye charged that the Malawian tourists and fishing boats have been trespassing on Tanzanian territorial waters at will, escalating tensions.

    "Tanzanians around Lake Nyasa's shores have the right to fish or engage in other productive activities on the lake, without being intimidated," she told parliament, demanding an explanation from the government on the status of the border between Tanzania and Malawi.

    This development comes at a time when the two countries have formed a joint team to resolve the issue of the shifting River Songwe border by creating dams to be used for the economic benefit of the people of Malawi and Tanzania.

    The standoff over the lake is reminiscent of a recent dispute between Kenya and Uganda over the tiny Lake Victoria archipelago of Migingo.

    Responding to Ms Ngoye's remarks, Attorney General Frederick Werema said Tanzania would seek international intervention in case diplomatic negotiations on the border dispute did not bear fruit.

    "We don't want Tanzanians to ask for permission from Malawi to fetch water or fish from Lake Nyasa," Judge Werema said, adding, "If we don't reach a consensus, we will take recourse in international law."

    He explained that international law requires a border to be in the middle of a water body. Recently, Tanzania announced plans to purchase a new $9 million ferry to ply Lake Nyasa's waters, provoking a critical response from the Malawian government.

    A Malawian government spokesperson said, "Like any international operation, we will need to sign a memorandum of understanding for them to start operating in a foreign water body."

    An official in Malawi's Ministry of Lands who requested anonymity said Tanzania has no legal right to start operating on Lake Malawi as the issues of the border was still unresolved.

    "We have been holding talks over the borders of Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa) with Tanzania and since we haven't agreed to anything as of now, the issue of sharing it with Tanzania does not exist," said the official.

    Another source in Malawi told The EastAfrican in Arusha that the perception of a majority of Malawians back home was that the entire lake and even Kyela in Mbeya belongs to their country.

    In the early 1960s, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, then president of Malawi, had claimed that Lake Nyasa and the whole of Mbeya area in Tanzania were part of Malawi.

    As a result, a committee was appointed by both countries to solve the dispute over the border and the lake's name.

    To date, however, no one knows whether it was agreed on that the lake be named Lake Nyasa or Lake Malawi or if it was given another name altogether.

    Records show that Tanzania's president Julius Nyerere said that he did not care if the name was Lake Nyasa, Malawi, Banda or Kamuzu, but "borders were not negotiable."

    Efforts by The EastAfrican to get a comment from the new Malawian government spokesperson, Moses Kunkuyu, who is also the Minister of Information and Civic Education, proved futile as he did not respond to e-mails.

    Anna Mghwira, a political analyst, said while the situation on Lake Nyasa remains calm today, the complexity of the boundary disputes between the two developing nations is a time bomb.

    "The two countries ought to conclude the issue once and for all, otherwise this wrangle will escalate into unnecessary skirmishes in future," Ms Mghwira noted.

    Lake Nyasa, Africa's third largest lake at 580km long and up to 80km wide in spots, has been named among the most beautiful places in the world by tourism and travel experts.

    [Daily News] Tanzania tells Malawi to respect diplomatic resolution on Lake Nyasa

    TANZANIA has called on the Republic of Malawi Government and the companies carrying out exploration of oil and gas in the eastern part of Lake Nyasa to stop doing so until a standoff between the two countries over the ownership of the lake is resolved.

    Speaking to reporters after the end of the two-day meeting of both countries, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Bernard Membe stated categorically that Tanzania wants all the exploration activities in the north east part of the lake to be shelved to pave way for the on-going discussions to resolve the crisis.

    "We told our colleagues from the Republic of Malawi that any exploration or research activities for oil and gas prospects must stop forthwith as their presence was likely to jeopardize the on-going negotiations and pose a security threat," the minister noted. The minister also said that Tanzania's security authorities have also spotted some aircrafts claimed to belong to the oil and gas researching companies from Malawi flying in the Tanzania airspace without a permit from the Tanzania Aviation Authority.

    Malawi claimed they were not aware of the incident. In this stand-off, Tanzania is seeking 50 per cent of the ownership of the lake while Malawi claims 100 percent ostensibly that the whole part of the lake under dispute belonged to Malawi. He said the purpose of the meeting aimed at reviving the stalled negotiations on the delineation, demarcation,delimitation and re-affirmation of the boundaries between Tanzania and Malawi on the lake and setting up a roadmap and programme of implementation for the boundary programme.

    The two countries also stressed the importance of resolving the issue of boundary on the lake diplomatically. Another meeting at the level of Joint Committee of Experts, Joint Committee of Officials and the Council of Ministers on Malawi/Tanzania Boundary is scheduled to take place in Mzuzuon 20 August, 2012.

    Tanzania's delegation at the meeting was led by Mr Membe and Malawi's delegation was led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Ephraim Mganda Chiume.

  2. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    This new Banda is now fighting for LAKE NYASA (MALAWI) again? we know the European loved the lake as they called

    the surroundings as one of the most beautiful places in the world...

    Hawataki Watanzania watumie hilo ZIWA kwanini?
  3. Bushloiaz

    Bushloiaz JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Mkuu hii issue kwa sasa imezidi kuwa mbaya baada ya siku sio nyingi zilizopita wamalawi kufika hadi maeneo ya mbinga kuangalia fursa za kuwekeza kwa madai hilo eneo ni la kwao na hivi sasa kuna wanajeshi wa tz wako positioned kule ku monitor hizi chokochoko za malawi.
  4. M

    Mwanaweja JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    huyu mama atakuwa anatumiwa na nchi za magharibi tuweni makini naye

    OSOKONI JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Attorney General you are making mistakes, we should not seek international intervention in case diplomatic negotiations on the border dispute did not bear fruit rather we should embark on military option as soon as possible!
  6. O

    OgwaluMapesa JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Sio kweli kwamba incumbent president wa malawi ndie anayechochea hili suasa,huyu mama amekuta tayari kuna diplomatic disputes between tanzania na malawai juu ya Lake Tanganyika, but nataka niwahakikishie kwamba predecesor wake The late Bingu wa mutharika alikuwa tatizo kubwa ilifikia kipindi uhusiano wetu na malawu ulikuwa mbaya na kimsingi hata alipofarika serikali ta mbayuwayu ikajihaminisha kwamba issui imehisha but kumbe wanachokifany ni ku_pospond problem

    Its better serikali washughulikie hili suala mapema kuliko kukaa kimya otherwise yatatokea maafa ammbayo yatasababisha watanzania wapoteze maisha.

    Reference.migingo disputes between kenya and uganda raia wengi wa both country walipoteza maisha, Abyey disputes between south sudan and North sudan watu wamepoteza maisha na wanaendelea kupoteza maisha, Kagera war Tanzania na Uganda wote ni mashaidi kilichotokea though tulimgoa Dictator Amin lakini loss tuliopata bad hatuja-recover after 26 yrs

    FYI. More than 8o percent ya conflict zinasababishwa na resources kama samaki na kwa hili ni wazi kabisa kinachogombaniwa hapa ni samaki na matumizi mengine ya hili ziwa kama usafirishji na mengineo.

    Ushahidi mwingine wa ugomvi kwenye resoutces tumeshuudia last week the way wabunge walivyokuwa wanamtetea Mhando kamati zote hta na hili ya ukaguzi wa mashirika ya serikali inayoongozwa na Zitto Kabwe, lakini mkurugenzi wa makumbusho kasimamishwa kama alivyosimamishwa muhando tena yeye kahonewa kwa kwa maslai ya wakubwa sikumsikia mbunge yeyote anamtetea reason pale ni pakavu hamna kitu, ni kijiwe kina njaa, hana pesa za kuwapa wabunge wamsemee
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  7. k

    kajembe JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Dawa ya watu hawa wa Malawi ni kupeleka jeshi tu basi!

    Kama M7 alivyofanya kule migingo ni bora kuzuia mapema kuliko kuja kupambana na madhara yatakayotukuta wamalawi wengi wanaamini mbeya yote mpaka Ruvuma ni yakwao ipo siku wakati sisi watu wako busy kuiba mali ya umma nchi itamegwa na majirani zetu maana sisi tumelala usingizi wa pono. Nchi yetu haiheshimiwi tena kama enzi za zamani!

    Tumeibiwa mali asili na wageni sasa wengine wanataka kuanza kugawana nchi yetu,tutakua kama Congo tukiendelea hivi, hata Congo walisambalatika kwa mitindindo ya kukithili kwa Ufisadi.

    Hivi serikali hawaoni hatari hiyo? Wabunge wetu wamekalia kugombana kuibia Tanesco wengine tuliwaamini kumbe matapeli wa kubwa! Napenda msimamo wa Nyerere alisema wanaweza kuliita jina lolote ziwa nyasa kama vile banda,kamuzu lakini swala na mpaka halina mjadala, sasa angalia kumbe wamalawi wanafika mpaka upande wa Tanzania na sisi tumekaa kimya!

    Ama kweli wajinga ndiyo waliwao.
  8. M

    MADABADA Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Great Thinkers, You should trust your government, it is very stable and everything concerning the border conflict over lake Nyasa is under control.

    Never jump to an issue brother.
  9. Grand Master Dulla

    Grand Master Dulla JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    AL sadat

    Nasema hivi - mpaka unajulikana tangu zamani ni kati kati, hao Malawi naona matatizo ya kiuchumi yanawasumbua na huko ziwani ni serikali yetu ya kishenzi wanaojari kuiba tu halafu wanasahau hata mipaka ya nchi yao.

    Malawi wameamua ku-reclaim mpaka tena baada ya kuona sisi hapo ziwani hatuna hata boti wala hoteli za kitalii upande wetu,hivyo wanaona ni kama tumekubaliana na matokeo ya madai yao, mbona zamani zilipokuwapo meli walikuwa hawasemi kitu iweje leo,majadiliano yakishindwa hakuna haja ya sisi kwenda kwenye int'l community.

    Tuweke meli na maboti na kambi za jeshi kwa nguvu ikiwezekana.tumelisahau sana hili ziwa wanaojua umuhimu wake wanalitamani sasa na si ndo tunaamka usingizini! Ukipeleka int'l arbitration kama kweli wanasapoti ya nchi kubwa za nje basi watashinda tu hata kwenye hiyo arbitratn.

    Mimi nahisi hawa mabwana inawezekana wameshagundua hata mafuta humo ziwani ndo chanzo cha yote hayo, na kama kweli mafuta yapo basi itakuwa ni shinikizo la nchi za nje na hatutawaweza, lakini lawama zote hizi ni kwa hiki chama na hii serkali imejisahau sana wamekaa kazi yao kuiba hela tu za nchi na kuzificha nje sasa watu namna hyo kweli wanaweza kweli kuwa na uzalendo kwa nchi kweli, ikumbukwe pia kwamba ni serkali hii hii inayoruhusu chakula chetu hadi leo hii kupelekwa kuuza Malawi kwenye njaa na wahusia wakulima wa mpakani na malawi msiwauzie hao wamalawi chakula hata kama wanakufa na njaa, mana wanaonekana nia washenzi sana unadhani watu kama hao wamalawi tukipatwa na sisi na janga la njaa watatukumbuka au ndo watatucheka na kutubeza.

    Kwa muda mrefu sana watanzania wamepoteza maisha yao kuzikomboa hizo nchi zote hizi lakini leo hii nenda kwenye nchi hizo hizo uone watanzania wanavyonyanyaswa, hili ndo funzo tujifunze kwamba kila mtu anakufa kivyako na chake regardless sisi tunania nzuri kiasi gani tunaowafanyia huruma hawana moyo huo kama wetu. Tuwaache waangaike na majanga yao yakiwapata.

    mi nashangaa tunawapa uraia wakimbizi wasiokuwa raia hivi hii kweli inaingia akilini kweli? Hivi leo hii Tanzania ikitokea vita wakimbizi wakakimbilia Burundi, Rwanda au Uganda au kongo au Zambia unafikiri watapewa uraia huko hata wakizaa na wajukuu huko huko? Nasema hii serkali haitufai mana imekaa sana madarakani hadi inasahau wajibu wake.

    unapompa ruhusa mkimbizi uraia unajitengenezea time bomb tukumbuke hao wakimbizi wanandugu zao huko walikotoka sasa mfano tunapigana vita na nchi hizo unafikiri hao hao walimbizi waliopewa uraia watakuwa upande wetu? Haiwezekani kwa sababu wana double royalty, hawawezi kuitumikia Tz kuwapiga dada na shangazi zao huko kuvunja makaburi ya babu zao. Wajibu wetu sisi ilikuwa ni kuwatunza tu na kuwarudisha kwao kwa nguvu amani ikirejea nchini mwao.

    Kila mtu atakufa na tatizo lake; mtu anayetegemea rafiki au ndugu kumfanyia fadhila baada ya yeye kumfanyia hapao kabla huyo mtu ni dhaifu na vivyo vivyo kwa nchi, sisi ni dhaifu tunawatendea majirani zetu wema ili na sisi tutendewe wema hapo baadae lakini haiwezi kuwa hivyo hawawezi kukubali inawezekana utegemezi wetu ukawa mkubwa kushinda hata sisi tulivyowasidia.


    Ttuweke meli katika hilo ziwa Nyasa pamoja na kambi za jeshi na meli za navy humo, halafu chakula kinachouzwa nchini ipigwe marufuku kuuzwa Malawi na wananchi wa mpakani na Malawi waeleweshwe kwa hilo waelewe uovu wa hako kanchi ambako mwaka huu tu katakumbwa tena na njaa.

    Tusiwaruhusu raia wa nchi za majirani kuja kuishi kwetu kwani ni hatari wanapopewa uraia wanaingia hadi jeshini hadi serkalini hii si hatari?

    Nakupa mfano wangu mmoja:
    Wakati nasoma chuo pale Mlimani Kitivo cha Sheria, kulikuwa na mwalimu wetu mmoja mmalawi. Yule bwana pamoja na fadhila alizotendewa na nchi hii lakini anawachukia watz vibaya sana na yeye ndo anayeongoza kwa kuwafelisha na kuwadisko watanzania, na hili limewezekana sababu kakutana na watu wabaya wa Tanzania ambao hawana mapenzi na nchi yao, wanashirikiana kuwafelisha wanafunzi sijui kwa lengo gani. Sasa huo ndo mfano wa mtu mgeni aliyeamua kuonyesha makucha yake baada ya kuona kumbe sisi wenyewe hatupendani ingawaje na yeye analipwa mshahara unaotokana na kodi zetu!

    Kanuni hii isiwe kwa wamalawi tu hata kwa watu wa Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi na Uganda tusiwaamini sana kwani wao hawatupendi sisi kama sisi tulivyokuwa tunawapenda wao, mimi nimekaa sana Kampala na nakuhakikishia kabisa kwamba waganda wanawachukia vibaya sana watanzania na kama unabisha hilo muulize yeyote aliyekaa sana uganda atasibitisha ninayosema.

    Sasa katika hali kama hiyo kuna usalama kweli hapo jamani na wakenya pia wanachuki kwetu ingawa si ya waziwazi isipokuwa wakenya wa pwani hawana chuki na watanzania. Wakongo adkari wakikusikia wewe ni mtanzania watakavyo kuadhibu wanaweza hata kukuua sasa tuna usalama hapo halafu serikali inasema hawa ni ndugu zetu undugu gani huo?

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  10. i

    iseesa JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Ni wachokozi hawa. Wakumbuke kipigo cha 1967. Urguement yao moja ni kuwa hata mpaka wa ziwa siyo katikati ya ziwa ila ukingoni upande wa TZ. Vile vile "Nyasa" (Nyanza kwa Kisukuma) kikwao maana yake ni Ziwa kwa hivo huwezi kuliita Ziwa Nyasa kwa maana ya "Ziwa ziwa".
  11. chash

    chash JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    " Among the most beautiful places in the world" safi sana
  12. Nyalotsi

    Nyalotsi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    hawa jamaa wamegundua weakness ya serikali iliyopo. Wamejua jamaa ni empty kwenye kila maamuzi. Mbona wakati wa fisadi mkapa hawakuthubutu? Watu wanatua njini kwako bado unasema tutanegotiate? Mbona borda inafahamika? Ngo kongo nao waingike mpaka s wanga..kigoma na uganda na kenya wachukue maziwa yao. Pumbaf sana hii serikali, hili suala sio la kubembelezana bora tuwe maadui na nchi yao land locked tuone watasafirishaje mizigo. Nawaombea laana hawa viongozi dhaifu.
  13. K

    Kakalende JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Intersting! Ukiangalia Google maps mpaka upande wa Tz umewekwa kwenye shoreline yetu lakini ukifika eneo la Mozambique unarudi katikati ya Ziwa.

    Hapa ndio kipimo cha diplomacy ya Mh. Membe ili yasifike mbale au tuuone ujasiri wa HE Colonel JK wa kuchukua hatua stahiki za kijeshi iwapo trespassing itaendelea.
  14. h

    hukumundo JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Wapendwa, tusiseme kwa kutumia jazba tu. Historia hapa inatakiwa itufunze. Kuna hata wataalamu walioandika tasnifu juu ya mgogoro wa mpaka wa Tanzania na Malawi. Kihistoria, Waingereza walichora mipaka mipya baada ya vita vikuu vya kwanza na kuamua kwamba ukingo wa mashariki na kaskazini wa ziwa ndiyo uwe mpaka wa Malawi na Tanzania. Wakapata na Wareno kwamba mpaka uwe katikati ya ziwa. Hata hivyo wakachukua viziwa vya Likoma, ambavyo viko mita chache kutoka ufukwe wa Msumbiki, viwe mali ya Nyasaland (sasa Malawi). Hadi hivi sasa visiwa vya Likoma ni sehemu ya Malawi ingawa vimezungukwa na maji ya Msumbiji. Angalieni ramani mtaona hiyo ni kweli kabisa.
    Taabu yetu ni kwamba tulikubaliana kama sehemu ya Charter ya OAU kwamba mipaka ya kikoloni haituridhishi, lakini tutaiheshimu. La sivyo tutakuwa na magomvi mengi sana. Kimantiki basi, ni lazima tukubali mipaka hiyo ya kikoloni ili kuepusha shari.
    Sasa kwa kuzingatia kwamba watu wamekuwa wakiishi kwenye ukingo wa mashariki wa ziwa wakitegemea raslimali ya ziwa kwa karne na karne, wajumbe wa baraza la kutunga sheria la Tanganyika (LEGCO) hata kabla ya uhuru walijaribu kuishinikiza serikali ya kikoloni ili kuanza mazungumzo upya na kubadili mipaka. Jambo hili halikufanikiwa. Jaribio la kufanya hivyo tena baada ya uhuru lilizua maneno ya kashfa na vitisho kutoka kwa Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda (one time president wa muyaya). Jambo hili limelala toka wakati huo hadi sasa. Na nilijua ugomvi utaanzia kwenye mafuta au utafutaji wa mafuta na uvuaji wa samaki.
    Kwa maoni yangu hakuna suluhisho hapo isipokuwa la kidiplomasia. Siafiki kabisa mawazo na ushabiki wa kutumia nguvu kumaliza mzozo huu. Njia hivyo haitamaliza mzozo, itafunika mgogoro kwa muda mfupi tu.
    Mnakumbuka juu ya Kilimanjaro jinsi wakoloni walivyopeana mlima ukaishia upande wetu. Imagine sasa Wakenya waje wadai kwamba ni mlima wao! Si kasheshe hilo?

    MNYISANZU JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Nikikumbuka tena JK ni dhaifu na TISS hawana umoja tena...balaa
  16. K

    Kakalende JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Ukiangalia Google maps utaona eneo lote la mpaka limewekewa 'dotted lines' kuashiria kama disputed territory, bahati mbaya hizo dotted lines zimewekwa upande wa shoreline ya Tanzania. Nakumbuka huko Americas Nicaragua na Costarica kribia ziingie vitani kwa kutumia reference ya mpaka wa google!

    Tz_Mlw boarder.png
  17. MtamaMchungu

    MtamaMchungu JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Sijui international wala national laws but sijawahi sikia water body ambayo haiko ndani ya mipaka ya nchi moja e.g lake Victoria and Tanganyika likadaiwa na nchi mojawapo kwa ujumla wake. Kwani kuna tofauti gani kati ya lake Victoria na Nyasa? Ningewaona wana point kama wangeitaka na Mbeya, Iringa na Ruvuma then wakachukue na upande wa Mozambique hapo watakuwa na lake ndani ya nchi yao. Vinginevyo twende kwenye hizo international courts tukishindwana, sio vibaya tukaamia another mode of problem solving i.e kutumia mabavu
  18. A

    August JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    mgogoro wa mpaka ulikuzwa na Dr Hasting Kamuzu Banda alipo amua kuwa Puppet wa SA wakati wa vita vya wapigania uhuru, hasa wakati tz tunasaidia liberation struggles huko msumbiji, na zimbabwe, lakini tz tukiwa tunaona tuna zungushana miaka nenda miaka rudi ni bora twende kwenye mahakama ya kimataifa. ambako sheria zipo wazi kuhusiana na nchi zinapo share lake, sea, river etc mpaka unsatakiwa kuwa kati kati

    BINARY NO JF-Expert Member

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Better late than never! Tanzanian government lazima ipeleke wanajeshi kule pamoja na navy tunaelewa hatuna meli za kivita zaidi ya viboti lakini kwa wakati km huu inabidi tununue meli za kijeshi zatakazokua zikipatrol huko..Lazima tutambue tutapozidi chelewa na wawekezaji wanaofanya utafiti wa mafuta uko ndo hao hao wanatoka ktk nchi hizo tata ambazo kwao maslahi kwanza urafiki baadae...Itakua ngumu sana km US,UK FRANCE componies zikipata mafuta uko then upeleke hii issue UN utegemee ushinde..Tumechelewa kuwaruhusu kuanza hizi chokochoko mpaka kwenye eneo letu la maji...ni ujinga kwa nchi km MALAWI kusema ziwa lote ni lao lakini ni ujinga zaidi kwa nchi km TANZANIA kuendelea kukaa kimya bila hatua zozote kali kuchukuliwa
  20. Mpita Njia

    Mpita Njia JF-Expert Member

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    Anajitafutia balaa