Political metamorphosis and gradual loss of tolerance amidst DP World saga. Is Samia lossing tolerance?


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Jun 10, 2011
Is Samia metamorphosing into a Magufuli?

Tumultuous moments are a good test of genuineness. In these situations, good people may turn bad and vice versa. If good people turn bad, one may wonder if they were at all good.

The DP World saga has rated our politicians’ ability to debate professionally on matters of national interests. We’ve seen our Parliament concurring 100% to the obviously controversial contract leaving questions on our politicians ability to understand contractual documents and critically deliberate on them.

Among things I wanted to find out this time is how far Samia remains genuine in letting democracy and freedom of speech trickle their course. But Is she about to lose tolerance as the bandari saga hikes? Will she metamorphose into a Magufuli?

Sadism is inevitable when the situation is alarming, I'm not sure about DP WORLD situation is it alarming or just a fear .But all in all Sadistic mind should be discouraged .
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