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Paul Chizzi amuumbua Mwakyembe

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Makupa, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. M

    Makupa JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Aliyekuwa mtendaji mkuu wa ATCL ameibuka na kusema kwamba Dr Mwakyembe alidanganya umma kutokana taarifa alizopewa kuwa ni za uongo na zisizokuwa na ukweli wowote.

    Kwa mfano uniform ziligharimu dola 18,000 tu na sio dola 50,000 kama alivyosema mwakiembe, Bwana Chizi alisema pia tatizo ni kwamba kuna watu hawajui chochote kuhusu sekta ya anga lakini wanajidanganya kuwa wanajua mbele ya umma.

    Chanzo: The Guardian on Sunday

  2. Albedo

    Albedo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Ofkoz Mwakyembe alikurupuka na hii ilikuwa ni katika Harakati za Kutafuta nini cha Kuzungumza CDM Square (Zamani Jangwani)
  3. Lunyungu

    Lunyungu JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Kama aliyekanusha ana ushahidi basi Mwakyembe shule haijamsaidia au nitaamini kuwa hata ukiwa msomi na intergrity yako ukiingia CCM unakuwa **** .
  4. M

    Makupa JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    Joined: Apr 11, 2011
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    Mkuu kama una nafasi nakuomba ukanunue gazeti la leo la Guardian ndio utaamini kuwa kumbe hata wale wenye Phd za ukweli wana matatizo.
  5. B

    Bob G JF Bronze Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    kwani hizo dola 18,000 ni kidogo? wakati shirika halina hata ndege moja? Tusiwaonee haya wahalifu kama hawa ni hatari kwa nchi yetu
  6. tindikalikali

    tindikalikali JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Mwakyembe ni mpenda misifa, msiomjua nawapa pole.
  7. njiwa

    njiwa JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    mwakyembe anatafuta umaarufu tu! ....
  8. N-handsome

    N-handsome JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Humu JF tumevamiwa na majuha, ni nani asiyejua ubadhirifu unaofanyika katika sekta ya umma?

    Kitu chaweza kuwa dola 200 lakini kikaandikiwa invoice ya dola 2500 bila aibu, kuna sehemu kwa sekta ya umma mwanzoni mwa mwaka 2000 nilikutana na invoice amboya one of the price ya RJ45 iliwekwa dola 250.

    Sasa kama unashangaa alichosema Mwakiyembe basi fuatilia hata bajeti zetu uone wanatenga mamilioni mangapi kwa chai na entertainment na kila mwaka hela za fenicha, Chizi mwizi na Mwakiyembe nae mwizi tu, maana mwizi afukuzwi kazi tu na ashitakiwe na kufilisiwa, mshatuona WATZ mabwege sanaaa. Mnakera
  9. P

    Precise Pangolin JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    kwani huyu jamaa mwenye Phd ya ukweli katokea chama gani?
  10. P

    Precise Pangolin JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    Joined: Jan 4, 2012
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    Waziri wa Uchukuzi Ndani ya CCM kwasababu huko Mbeya CDM ina wanachama na viongozi wanaoitwa Mwakyembe
  11. S

    SEBM JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    Joined: Mar 7, 2012
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    Sacked ATCL boss faces Mwakyembe
    By Florian Kaijage
    10th June 2012

    . Reveals what transpired before he wasfired

    The sacked Air Tanzania Company Limited's acting chief executiveofficer Paul Chizi yesterday emerged, saying all allegations raised by Ministerfor Transport Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe are false and based on hearsay andulterior motives. Chizi, who spoke for the first time since he was dismissed last week, termed the minister's accusations against him as malice-driven and unfounded, adding that he saved Sh40 million for his decision to procure uniforms for air hostesses and captains from China. He also clarified the $3 million (Sh4.8 billion) insurance payments from Alexander Forbes, saying the government's instructions reachedhim on May 22, nearly two weeks after the transaction had been effected throughan ATCL account.

    Citing the leasing of a Boeing 737-500 plane which ATCL leasedfrom a Dubai-based firm, Aero Vista, Chizi defended the deal, saying he acted within his mandate as the company's CEO in sealing what he termed as the ‘bestand fairest' deal within the aviation industry. "For instance, the issue of uniforms which the minister sayseach cost $50,000 (around Sh80 million). If this statement remains uncorrectedpeople will tend to believe it, but the fact of the matter is that the amount of money used to purchase the uniforms in China late last year was $18,000 onlyout of the stated amount, as the remaining amount was spent on the purchase ofother materials," stated Chizi.

    With regard to claims that the prices of air hostesses' and captains' outfits were inflated, the sacked CEO said, "The uniforms cost ATCL only $18,000 and not $49,000 as claimed by the minister." "The process started by inviting local suppliers to submit theirquotations…we did our calculations and established that local suppliers were more expensive," he added.

    "We finally decided to buy directly from the suppliers in China,and in so doing I saved Sh40 million which would have otherwise been spent if the company procured the uniforms locally," Chizi elaborated. He addd: "The consignment was of high quality material and we decided to make the purchase in China after drawing conclusions that it was more expensive to buy the required material in Tanzania according to the submitted quotations submitted. In fact, by opting for the Chinese material ATCLsaved about Sh40 million" Chizi, a professional aircraft engineer, said he wondered whythe matter had to be raised after his appointment was nullified while, to his knowledge, the uniforms were purchased towards the end of last year.

    "The ministry at that time formed a team to investigate the matter following a letter from an anonymous author. The team was led by one Ekingo Magesa from the Civil Service secretariat and its secretary was the ministry's deputy director of administration and personnel, Hashim Butara," hesaid, adding:
    "The panel also included the ministry's chief accountant and former director general of the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA), ProsperTesha. According to the probe team's report, everything was properly done. Nowwhere do these new accusations arise from?"

    He challenged the ministry of Transport to issue the probe team's findings and state if they were contrary to what he was saying now,adding that even the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) noted thatthe uniforms' procurement met the legal requirements and that there was valuefor money.
    The material included uniforms for the cabin crew, pilots andfront office staff. A quick survey conducted by The Guardian on Sunday hasestablished that a single full pair of an airhostess's uniform costs between$200 and $600. PrecisionAir last year imported its airhostess' uniforms from Hong Kong at a similar price, according to details gathered by this paper.

    A reliable source told The Guardian on Sunday yesterday that the airline imported several sets of uniforms for its airhostesses last year from Hong Kong at the cost of between $200 and $600 per set. He said the cost of a set depended on the category of the set,adding that the most expensive category could cost as high as $600 while the lowest cost $200. Referring to the transfer of $3 million paid by insurer Alexander Forbes as part of insurance payment for an aircraft, a BombadierDash-8 which crashed when taking off at Kigoma airport last April, Chizi said the minister misrepresented the matter by stating that the ministry had issued directives to have the money deposited in a different bank account to avoid the money being affected by a court order.

    "The truth of the matter is that the ministry directed ATCL to contact Consolidated Holding Corporation (CHC) so as to be provided with bank details about where the money from the insurer was to be deposited, but by the time the directive reached us on May 22 the money had already been deposited by the insurer and there is no way the payment could have been deposited in a different account from that of the aircraft owners – ATCL," Chizi stated.
    He added: "The public should also understand that the said courtorder which would have affected the payment had it been deposited in ATCL's bank account with Stabic Bank is still controversial because there is a valid court injunction owing to there being other matters to be sorted out betweenATCL and the creditor who sought the court order. However, the money is still intact."

    With regard to sour relations between him and senior ministry officials after the minister accused him of acting without the ministry's knowledge, he said all the matters the minister pointed out were merely executive. "Administrative matters are quite different from those of a technical or executive nature. There is no way a chief executive could seek approval from the parent ministry about every single matter. "The leasing of an aircraft is a technical matter. What isimportant is to inform them (minister), for if you act the way the ministry wants you to you might end up doing entirely nothing because they do not respond to letters in time on the pretext of attending a series of endless meetings," he said..

    He explained that all decision on technical matters are concludedby the ATCL management, except those which need approval from higher authorities, such as government guarantees. He said in the case of leasing theBoeing 737-500 airliner no guarantee or deposit was needed, adding that it was the best leasing deal the country had ever entered into. "The problem is that there are people who know very little about this industry but they tend to project the image that they know much," he said..

    Chizi's sacking was announced by the ministry of Transport on June 4 through a statement signed by Permanent Secretary Omar Chambo.
    It said he would be replaced by Captain Lazaro Lusajo with immediate effect. According to the PS, Chizi and four other top officials had violated the public procurement Act, apart from the fact that his employment did not follow laid down procedures. The statement read: "Through Act No 8 of 2002 and Public Service Principle No 17(4) of 2003, the minister for Transport has revoked the appointment of the acting ATCL director-general with effect from 5 June."

    The other four directors were suspended on the grounds that their services had threatened the survival of a public entity. They are heads of legal, business,finance and technical departments
  12. Bitabo

    Bitabo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Waswahili wanasema KAWAIDA NI KAMA SHERIA. Watanzania tumefikia hatua ya kuzoea kuibiwa kodi zetu mpaka imekuwa sheria sasa kuwa tusipoibiwa lazima tulalamike. Shame on us

    Sitaki kumtetea Mwakyembe au Chizi maana wote baba yao ni jambazi (CCM na baba Mwanaasha)

    Hapa nawalaumu watanzania wenzangu kama huyu mleta thread (kama ni mtanzania kweli) ambaye anaona hilo la uniform ndo swala la muhimu kulileta hapa bila kujadili kwa nini ATCL miaka yote inapewa hela na serikali ila zinapotelea mifukoni mwa wajanja na shirika linakufa.

    Watanzania tunaboa sana.
  13. Bondpost

    Bondpost JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Kama kweli bwana Chizi anadhani Dr. Harrison amekosea au alidanganywa then sioni sababu yeye akae kubwabwaja kila siku kwenye vyombo vya habari. Uchunguzi utafanyika, nadhani atapata nafasi ya kujieleza then ukweli utajulikana.

    Sidhani kama kuna tatizo, kinachonishangaza ni kwamba huyu bwana yuko busy kutafuta sympathy ya wananchi, kazi si ilikuwa yake? Anataka tumuone innocent mpaka tusiwe na imani na tume? Amekuwa Maige mwingine sasa.

    Lowasa alipojiuzulu hakuhangaika kujieleza kwa watu, ila alipobidi akajieleza kwenye mkutano mbele ya JK, naye asubiri muda wake tumemchoka, kama pesa alihonga na kulewa ma-whisky shauri yake, too late.
  14. M

    Makupa JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    Joined: Apr 11, 2011
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    Mkuu njia aliyotumia Mwakyembe ndio hiyo hiyo aliotumia Paul Chizzi
  15. Vin Diesel

    Vin Diesel JF Gold Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Si ajabu anaitwa chizi....utatumiaje dola 18,000 kushona nguo ambazo zaweza shonwa kwa batiki za hapa hapa na hata Millioni 2 isifike.....
  16. Fixed Point

    Fixed Point JF Bronze Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    siasa inahitaji PhD?
    ni uwezo wako tu wa kuongea
  17. w

    wikolo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Hata kama hivyo ndivyo alivyosema, bado kuna tatizo kubwa sana hapo.

    USD 18,000 X 1500=Tsh. 27,000,000 kwa unifomu moja! Milioni 27 kweli kwa nguo moja?

    Hajaweza bado kuniweka kwenye kundi la watu wa kumuamini na sana sana ananiongezea machungu tu ya PAYE niliyokatwa mwezi uiopita.

    BABU CHONDO JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Kwani hizo 18000 alitoa mfukoni kwake,na hao alio watuma wakasubiri kwa siku 45,gharama zake,mi nadhani ange kaa kimya.

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  19. MwalimuZawadi

    MwalimuZawadi JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    ...Bora habari yenyewe imeandikwa kwenye gazeti la Kiingereza...
  20. J

    Jenifa JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    shule zingine bomu kabisa. labda ni english unreachable. kununua nguo zote ndiyo hiyo dola 18000. weye mwenzetu ati wadhani uniform moja dola 18000?