Occluded Monk

"GoldBronze" The message is positive (a touch mix of Burning, Spear Buju and Nas with an ironic Too Short like voice) but it is surely not catchy enough, therefore it cannot triumph the cutthroat market.

Feelin It is rockin it with safe formulaic lyrics, with a sorta like Bamboo flow in "Nairobberry"

Drug Music is good but wasn't developed to it's full potential.The chorus is tired, the girl has the voice but the singing is not creative enough, maybe it is one of those songs that grows on you but a first listen didn't quite do it.And whats with that "Cabin Stabbin" like rolling tape noise, was that intentional sound effect or just bad editing?

Tunnel Light
The production is fabulous, the blend of instruments and repetitive skit is the essence of hip hop.Just the right touch of harmonization and hardcore beats and lyrics.The (french?) chorus did its calculus.

Now "Cheers" starts with great promise, what with the mix of lingala and patois.The production is Primo disciple.The flow is maintaining, the chorus which so often makes or breaks a song is sadly lacking any excitement.

If the production on "Cheers" is Primo disciple, "Freestyle" is pure Primo himself.I mean did you guys make a trip to Brooklyn? The minimalist bass / drum is signature authentic East Coast Hip Hop.On top of all there is no whack chorus.And whats up with the Chinese style, that guy bsing or for real?

I can see Guru laying lyrics with his "monotone style" on this track just as it is.

Overall the production is solid or near solid, the rhyming is near solid with room for improvement as far as catchyness and wit is concerned.The choruses are wack and the songs could have turned very different with some more creative choruses.

If this was rated on a ten mikes scale I would give it a 6, the choruses took away two mikes, the lyrics and arrangement took away two mikes.
thnx for your constructive criticism, I appreciate you taking the time to look into it and giving me your opinion.

About the production, every thing was intentional.In my opinion the songs, in regards to both lyrical content & production, are a masterpeice worth more than 10 Mics... but then again... thats coming from the person who made them...

Peace! Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work you guys are doing here!

also check myspace/tribaltools

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