Market research and training opportunities in Tanzania

Festo Andrews

Apr 1, 2022
Hello everyone...!

I hope you are doing fine..I am posting this thread because I believe there will be someone here who is dealing with this issue

My name is Festo Kaguo and I'm a freelancer researcher. Few weeks ago I met with a training company from UAE that provides training opportunities such as bank training, sales training and leadership training.
The company name is skillsmart and currently they are providing such service in Rwanda but they need to reach to Tanzanian market that's where I came in. I got this freelance job via linkedin and we got a freelance contract through fiverr freelance platform.

Currently I am looking to someone who deals with these kind of issues I think that might be a good starting point. If there will some questions or doubt I have attached some attachments that provides more explanation on this issue

If there will be someone who deals with this issue of the market kindly check me through +255765772976 or so that we can have a deal

Thanks jamii forums citizens


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