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Lowassa apanda chati kuelekea uchaguzi mkuu 2015

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Ritz, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Ritz

    Ritz JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Wakati mchakato wa Uchaguzi ndani ya Chama cha Mapinduzi CCM unaendelea kuanzia ngazi ya shina hadi taifa. Mbunge wa Monduli Edward Lowassa anaonekana kupanda chati kwa kasi ya ajabu na kuonekana ana nafasi kubwa katika mbio za urais 2015.

    Uchambuzi wa kisiasa unaonesha karibu kila kona ya nchi hii, katika watanzania 10 utakaowahoji kuhusu ni nani hasa anayefaa kumrithi Rais wa sasa Kikwete, saba kati yao wanamtaja Lowassa wakidai ni "Jembe" linalopigania haki na maendeleo ya kila Mtanzania.

    Makundi makubwa yanayotajwa katika mnyukanakano huo ni pamoja na kundi la Lowassa, Samwel Sitta, na Bernad Membe. Kila mmoja anapambana kufa na kupona kuhakikisha kwamba wanaingiza watu wao muhimu katika vikao vya (NEC) na ndani ya Jumuiya za chama hicho, UVCCM, UWT, na Wazazi, katika makundi yote hayo Lowassa anaonekana kuwa ni mtu makini ana nafasi kubwa ya kupenya na kupererusha bendera ya chama hicho.

    Kusimama kwa Lowassa kama mgombea Urais ni pigo kubwa kwa vyama vya siasa hasa Chadema, CUF na NCCR Mageuzi. Kutokana na rekodi ya Lowassa, ni mtu wa kufuatilia kila jambo analoamini katika dhamira yake kwamba linafaa kwa ajili ya maendeleo ya wananchi ni mwenye hulka ya kusaidia na kuchangia shughuli za kijamii bila kujali itikadi za kisiasa wala dini, tofauti na viongozi wengine wa kisiasa amekuwa mtu tegemeo katika shughuli za kijamii iwe za kanisani au msikitini.

    Ukitaka kumjua Lowassa ni kiongozi wa namna gani, tembelea jimboni kwake Monduli ukaone namna alivyowezesha makundi ya vijana na wazee kiuchumi.
  2. English Learner

    English Learner JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    [TABLE="class: contentpaneopen"]
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    Lowassa was Richmond's ‘point man', reports say

    The Richmond scandal which rocked the nation three years ago appears to be here to stay as new information emerges revealing that there was more which took place behind the scenes than what the public already knows Based on reports generated from internal memos and correspondences between various government Ministries and departments, it appears the former Prime Minister, Edward Lowassa was directly involved in the Richmond scandal contrary to what he has always wanted people to believe.

    This is according to one of the authoritative Kiswahili daily, Nipashe issue of October 26th 2009 which accessed these documents and correspondences and using its professional team putt the different pieces of information together to fit the wider jigsaw puzzle. On February 7th 2008, Mr Lowassa was forced to resign from premiership immediately the chairman of a parliamentary select committee entrusted with the task of probing the Richmond saga, the Kyela (CCM) legislator, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe had submitted, in the Union Parliament in Dodoma, the report that laid bare the Richmond scandal.

    The Kiswahili daily said after going through numerous letters linked to Richmond saga from the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Energy and Minerals and the Tanzania Electric Supply Company, Tanesco, it discovered that Mr Lowassa was not only involved in the execution of the Richmond project, but also directed the entire exercise.
    The paper said the then Minister for Energy and Minerals, Dr Ibrahim Msabaha was reduced to a mere clerk with his main work being to implement Mr Lowassa's directives.

    According to Nipashe, Mr Lowassa directed Dr Msabaha to sign the contract that would enable the US based company, Richmond Development LLC to execute the provision to Tanzania of the emergency power. The coming into Tanzania of the Richmond Development LLC was made possible through a tendering process that followed a long drought that reduced water levels at Mtera, Kihansi and Kidatu dams used for generating power through hydro electric power plants.

    Dr Msabaha on his part passed on the prime minister's directive to the then Permanent Secretary in the Ministery of Energy and Minirals, Mr Arthur Mwakapugi. The paper notes that the signing of the Richmond contract was carried out by government officials after being directed to do so by Mr Lowassa.

    Dr Msabaha's letter dated June 21st 2006 to his permanent secretary, Mr Mwakapugi reads as follows: "Direct Tanesco (the Tanzania Electric Supply Company) to sign the contract with Richmond for the provision of (emergency) power to Tanzania as soon as possible. I'm also sending you a copy of a permit, on the exercise, issued by the Office of the Prime Minister for the record of your ministry".

    According to the newspaper, after receiving, in writing, the directive from his minister, Mr Mwakapugi on the same day directed the Chairman of the Tanesco board of directors, Mr Fulgence Kazaura to ensure that Tanesco signed the contract with Richmond Development LLC. The paper said Dr Msabaha's directive to his permanent secretary which was handwritten read: "prepare a letter to the Tanesco board chairman, directing him to enter (Tanesco) into contract with Richmond."

    After Tanesco had entered into contract with the Richmond Development LLC on June 23rd 2006, 60 days elapsed but the US based company had failed to provide the required emergency power, giving rise to mumblings between and among the general public, members of the media and some members of parliament. The mumblings made Mr Lowassa realize that the job he had supervised with all his efforts appeared to have failed. The development led him into issuing another directive to the minister for energy and minerals. The prime minister's letter dated April 12th 2006 to Dr Msabaha read as follows:
    "As you know, many things have been said over the fore mentioned company's (Richmond) ability to import Gas Turbines as provided for in the contract after it had won the tender. Apparently, this has also been written in yesterday's issue of THISDAY (20.09.06)."

    "It is possible this could be business wars. But because these things are being said by many and different people, it is better if you could satisfy yourself on the ability of this company to deliver. However, if you are not satisfied, then I suggest that you get in touch with the Attorney General so that we can take recommended actions immediately." Knowing that there was something fishy going on in relation to Richmond, in his letter dated June 21st 2006, he appeared to encourage himself when he wrote:

    "On the other hand, because the payment (to Richmond) is in the form of L/C, the company cannot con us. But all the same, I suggest that you work out a procedure during which you can make follow up to ensure that the company delivers the turbines and in accordance with the agreed quality, specifications and on time. I want to get a report on the follow up of this issue on daily basis and without fail". The involvement of Mr Lowassa in the Richmond saga does not only end with his letter dated September 21st 2006 which was duly signed by him, but goes further than that to embrace a letter written by Dr Msabaha to the Tanesco board chairman, Ambassador Kazaura.

    In his letter to Mr Kazaura dated April 12th 2006, Dr Msabaha tells the board chairman that the issue of machines for providing emergency power to the country had already been dealt with by the prime minister. The letter reads in part as follows:
    "I think there was a misunderstanding. The question of dealing with gas turbines had been dealt with by the prime minister who had formed a three man committee from Treasurer, Energy and Attorney General's Office.

    The objective was to remove the whole issue from the hands of Tanesco management which had failed to handle it efficiently".
    Dr Msabaha's letter to the Tanesco board chairman not only laid bare Mr Lowassa's role in the entire Richmond process, but also exposed how he had single handedly sidelined the country's sole power experts, Tanesco, in the exercise related to power production in the country.

    For instance, the minister's letter to Ambassador Kazaura had read in part: "Leave the appointed committee to work in cooperation with your board and experts from Tanesco as they it deem fit. You should not create a picture that Tanesco has been re-assigned the job. For doing that would be tantamount to going counter to the Honourable Prime Minister's directives".
    Mr Lowassa's hands in the Richmond saga is not only involved in directing Dr Msabaha what to do. But it also played a role in guiding the committee of permanent secretaries from Treasurer, Energy and the Attorney General's Office.

    It was this committee which was entrusted with the task of holding discussions with Richmond.
    In another letter dated June 17th 2006 and written by Dr Msabaha, it shows that six days before the signing of the Richmond contract, the minister had been told, step by step, on the negotiations process between the committee and Richmond Development LLC and how the contract would have been implemented.

    In the same letter, Mr Lowassa was told the cost of importing the gas fired turbines and the entire programme of importing the turbines in three phases. In order to show the kind of priority he gave to the issue, on June 21st 2006, Mr Lowassa, through his private secretary, Mr B. Olekuyan informed the permanent secretary in the ministry of energy and minerals on what his boss, the prime minister, had said.

    Mr Olekuyan's letter read: "The Honourable Prime Minister has accepted the minister's recommendations and advice. Please inform your minister accordingly". In an unprecedented speed, on the same day Dr Msabaha while working on Mr Lowassa's answers directed his permanent secretary, Mr Mwakapugi on the steps to be taken on the Richmond contract.

    Dr Msabaha wrote to Mr Mwakapugi: "The Government has accepted the ministry's recommendations (the ministry of energy and minerals), that Tanesco should be directed to enter into contract (with Richmond Development LLC) of importing gas turbines that would be able to generate MW105.6 in accordance with what has been agreed on between the US based company and the three man committee".

    With the same alacrity, Mr Mwakapugi on the same day wrote the Tanesco board chairman, Ambassador Kazaura, directing him to direct Tanesco to enter into contract as soon as possible with the Richmond Development LLC.
    Interestingly, the contract between the two parties, as directed by the government from the prime minister to Tanesco's board, was signed two days later but at night.

    The alleged role of Mr Lowassa in the Richmond saga once again emerges in another development which saw him allegedly directing that Richmond Development LLC be given another deal to provide additional 40 megawatts. That was after the US based company had already entered into contract with Tanesco for the provision of MW 105.6. Apparently Mr Lowassa's role is seen through Dr Msabaha's internal memo dated July 13th 2006. The memo read: "I have today spoken once again with the Honourable Prime Minister on the cost of Aggreko's power plants.

    The stand is the same just as I told you earlier. He has directed that we ask Richmond if they can provide us with 40MW for the same price that is not more than 4.99 USD cents per kwh. And if we can get, then let Richmond provide us with it (extra power).
    Through Mr Lowassa's directives, Dr Msabaha in his letter to his permanent secretary wrote: "I have called Mr Mohamed Gire of Richmond on the possibility of giving us the extra 40MW. Mr Gire has said he could provide us with the extra 40MW by September for the same price of 4.99 USD cents per kwh. He says he does not require new rounds of discussions on the issue. He says it will suffice if a letter could be written to him on the additional 40MW".

    The Kiswahili daily said going through letters related to the Richmond saga, there was no way the former prime minister could claim that he was not involved in the Richmond saga. And as if Dr Msabaha knew that what he was being directed to do by his boss, the prime minister, would one day be exposed for what it was. He had, throughout his communications whether through official letters or internal memos, showed clearly that whatever he was doing, he was simply carrying out his boss' orders.

    Dr Msabaha' s modus operandi has at the end of the day greatly helped the public in understanding the role of the former prime minister in the saga that forced the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete to dissolve his government, appoint a new prime minister and cabinet after Mr Lowassa's resignation. Mr Lowassa has since denied any corrupt involvement maintaining that his actions were proper and acted in the interest of the country which was at cross roads and headed towards a total power blackout. There has been no formal charges brought against Mr Lowassa and those accused of playing a critical role which led to the signing of the Richmond contract. As it appears this case may continue rumbling on with various unexpected twists.

    Source: Lowassa was Richmond's ‘point man', reports say
  3. P

    Precise Pangolin JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    CCM nacho ni chama cha kaskazini? kwasababu Lowassa ndio anakotokea naona sasa zile propaganda zenu za ukanda zitaisha labda mtafute single nyingine. halafu suala la Lowassa kupendwa ndani ya chama kwaajili ya vinjaa vyenu sio kujustify kuwa anapendwa na kila mtanzania. Mbona Arumeru hawakumpa ubunge mkwe wake pamoja na huo ushawishi unaombambikia?
  4. bluetooth

    bluetooth JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    umeniwahi ... wabaguzi wa kikanda na udini wanajikanganya ... very low
  5. ma2mbo

    ma2mbo JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Mleteni mleteni uyo ndio mwepesi!!
  6. Mess

    Mess JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    I Admire him, however he has placed in a wrong party.
  7. m

    majebere JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Lowassa ndio kiboko yenu nyie, ndio maana hofu limewajaa, mkwe wake kushindwa haihusiani kabisa, nikuulize,wewe dada yako akiposwa na wewe unavishwa pete?
  8. Saint Ivuga

    Saint Ivuga JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    ukanda na udini umewajaa tu. Lowasa wenu hatumtaki hata kama ni mkristo sisi hatunaga mambo ya udini.
  9. rosemarie

    rosemarie JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Mkuu Ritz sikujua na wewe unasapoti kambi ya lowassa,hivi na madudu yote ya Richmond na mvua za kutengeneza unafikiri anaweza kupenya??
  10. Matola

    Matola JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Kinachonifurahisha mimi licha ya kelele zote na propaganda za udini na ukabila wa CCM, lakini Rais ajaye ni lazima atoke kaskazini na ni lazima awe Mkristo, hapa mmejikaanga kwa mafuta yenu wenyewe.

    Nadhani Pasco anafanya kazi nzuri sana kama ameweza kumsajili na Ritz kwenye kikosi kazi cha kuelekea 2015, narubungo uko wapi?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 4, 2016
  11. M

    Mundu JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Mshaanza kumpigia kampeni...Sasa na nyinyi hamna macho? Ama mnajifanya vipofu? Lowassa ni mwizi. Hajakamatwa hadi leo Kwenye kesi ya Richmond ni kwa sababu ya urafiki tu na mkuu wa nchi!
  12. m

    majebere JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Rais ajae hata kama ni baniani muhimu atatokea CCM.
  13. kibogo

    kibogo JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Ndugu usilete porojo huo utafiti umeufanyia wapi? na hiyo sample ilikuwa ni akina nani na wapi? nchi hii kwa sasa CCM haipendwi na imepoteza mvuto na hakuna atakaye simama kuiokoa hapo 2015.
  14. Amiliki

    Amiliki JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    CCM watakula sana matapishi yao mwaka huu. Mpaka ikifika 2015 wanaweza kuja kutuambia kwamba Rostam nae ni chaguo la mungu.
  15. Annael

    Annael JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Lowassa is a best na kama kweli wa TZ tunataka kiongozi mzuri basi Lowasa.
  16. P

    Precise Pangolin JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Ni kiboko yenu nyie mliyekuwa mnamuita gamba halafu mnashindwa kumtoa mngejaribu mgefutika kwenye medani za siasa
  17. m

    majebere JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Kwanini wewe usiende kumfungulia kesi kama ushahidi unao. Kwanini usubiri mkuu wa nchi amkamate wakati hata wewe unayo haki ya kumshitaki?
  18. m

    majebere JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Naona hata wewe gwanda unamkubali.
  19. m

    majebere JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Chaguo la mungu ni Slaa na Lema.
  20. Chilisosi

    Chilisosi JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Ukitaka kumjua Lowasa nenda Richmond