Kati ya tamaa na upendo kitu gani kinaanza?


Sep 16, 2011
Hivi wale wanao anzisha uhusiano kwanza wanaanza kutamaniana au wanapendana? Mi binafsi naona kama tamaa then baadae unapenda au waonaje?


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Apr 16, 2011
Inaanza tamaa in most cases... Na mimi nina SWALI... Hivi hio Avatar inatumika na members watatu ama ni Mtu mmoja??


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Feb 2, 2011
Naona hauwezi penda bila ya kutamani... Vipo sawa unachokitamani unakipenda, na unachokitamani unakipenda.


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Sep 24, 2010
[h=1]ukiwaona hawa tu hapo chini huhitaji maelezo kujua ni kipi hutangulia........................................

15 women, 15 great outfits and why we wish we could go back to being 14 and start again with our style[/h]
  • Posted by: 3am
  • 17/09/11
  • 01:00 pm

We cannot express how much we love Chloe Moretz.
Yes, love.

"Love" is a word we rarely use in best dressed. It's normally "hate" and "jealous" and if our boss wasn't so strict we might even throw in a "b*%$*" or a "*%$£" too.

But not for Chloe. We tried hating her, we really did. At the end of the day she has all the ingredients for our loathing: she's young, she's funny, she's beautiful, she said "*%$£" more times in one film before her 13th birthday than we've ever said in our life.
Yet here we sit, musing over yet another set of amazing Chloe outfits and the feeling inside is all warm. WARM we tell you. Not angry, or sad, or prickly, but WARM. And then suddenly we realised - Chloe is going to be the perfect woman. The one hot A-lister who can always look amazing without making us feel bad about ourselves. The antithesis of Miranda Kerr and her annoyingly, jealous making, hateful legs and her bloody *&%$*@* flat as a board tummy.

Why? Absolutely no idea, but it's true, isn't it?
Go on. Look at her and try and say: "I hate you because you're beautiful" and see if it doesn't get scrambled in the output and come out as something more like: "Sooooooo cute. Sooooooo pwettty!"
Admittedly at only 14 years old, some of this garb is a bit... mature. But you can just tell that a gal like Chloe can handle it and still enjoy the joys of childhood.
We've stumbled across a candidate for new best friend forever. Question is, will she have us? OH YEAH - the clothes. Great aren't they?
We've given you 15 ladies instead of 10, in honour of NY fashion week, so enjoy and click on the 'i' for stylustings (where this week, we might try to be nice)...

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