Hamisa Mobetto declares self most beautiful in Nigeria


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Jul 31, 2017

Diamond Platnumz second baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto is currently in Nigeria for a beauty pageant and while there, she took to Snapchat and made this post;

"The most beautiful girl in Nigeria is Tanzanian."

While at home, she has issues with a handful of babes who are after her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, but in Naija, she has gone ahead to launch an attack on all the babes there according to her statement.

The few hours she has been in the West African country, she has not seen any babe that comes close to her in looks, otherwise, how else could she come up with such a statement.

Now that it's a beauty pageant and her assumption is that they chose the very best for the contest, but looking at the all of them, she comes off as the fairest, thus coming to that conculsion.

Trust Nigerians, they are already roasting her and by the time she gets back to the Magufuli land, she will be humbled.

"You still look old with makeup, may be you should first remove it before you try comparing yourself to Naija babes, baby mama and husband snatcher, please take a seat."

"This one is operating on a high form of weed."

"You can never be a Nigerian because we don't have pot holes on our faces dat we have to use potty filler like you did, u are just a monkey with no direction."

"Remove your make-up ooh, Imagine, how can a Tanzanian be the most beautiful in Nigeria...."

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Inapatikana: Uganda Online - Hamisa Mobetto declares self most beautiful in Nigeria

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Nov 2, 2014
Wasituchoshe nafsi zetu,hizi habari hapa hata sio sehemu yake kuleeeeeeeeeeeeee kwa wenye stress ndio kwake..lol..

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