"End and Heal from Emotional Verbal Abuse


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Feb 9, 2007

Dear Friend,
Emotional verbal abuse is toxic, clearly. But when on the receiving end, it can be confusing, debilitating and often keep you spinning.
It's the most common form of abuse within relationships. We hear about it daily and see its impact on people of all walks of life.

It has no particular target. Female, male; rich, poor; black, white, yellow; educated, professional and not; no specific religious or political orientation... It can show up in just about any household imaginable.

Yet when it does, we are in awe. Trying to understand it, trying to stop it, wanting to heal from its impact.
We know it is wrong. We know it hurts. And we realize our partner’s commentary to diffuse, minimize, justify and defend the emotional verbal abuse is utterly ridiculous.
We seek to stop the ongoing flow of verbal licks and emotional manipulations. And we long to heal from the scars of emotional verbal abuse. Question is how?

Azimio Jipya

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Nov 27, 2007
Ukichochewa na maneno makali ya kuumiza ...

wewe usizalishe usifanye kama anavyofanya yeye ..mnyime hasira, chuki ... na kinyongo ...

alafu chukua hatua ....

utakuwa umjiokoa...

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

Kuna taarifa umeiona humu JamiiForums na haifai kubaki mtandaoni?
Fanya hivi...

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