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Ds-tv mobile

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by Mbava, May 21, 2011.

  1. Mbava

    Mbava Member

    May 21, 2011
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    Wanajamii forum hamjambo wote! Safi. Kuna hii iliyoanzishwa vodacom dstv mobile ambayo inakuweza kuzama channel zipazo 5 kwa njia ya streaming video kwa sasa, hasa kwa wale wenye simu yenye uwezo wa 3G pamoja na real player. Sasa nilijaribu kutafuta huduma hii kwenye simu yangu ilikataa. Hata hivyo nilijaribu kuwauliza voda hewani walinipa maelezo namna ya kupata nayo ilishandika, kwani simu yangu NOKIA E65 Original . Kama kuna mtu tayari anatumia huduma hii anisaidie tafadhali.
  2. BabuK

    BabuK JF-Expert Member

    May 21, 2011
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    Mkuu hizi ni review chache za hii simu iliyoingia sokoni mwaka 2007:

    Pros: VoIP - leveraging the versatility of wi-fi broadband networking, you are able to bypass the costly local phone line infrastructure and realize significant savings

    Cons: Wi-Fi could have a better antenna for reception.

    Summary: I have just recently purchased my E65 in Asia. I know it does not support the US standard for 3G. I don't have a need for 3G so the phone suits me fine.

    If you needed 3G then the N95 is the phone to go for.

    The reason I chose this phone was for the ability to roam with my North America number.
    I no longer need to carry my Analog voice adapter with me when I travel. As I long as I have wi-fi access.

    I use www.zingotel.com for my VoIP number in North America. It's cheaper then Vonage and there is no extra charge to use it as a softphone.

    Have a look on their website as all the information is there.

    There is nothing like being in a coffee shop in Asia and receiving all your phone calls like you where back home. With no extra charges.

    I am very happy to have bought this phone and highly recommend it. It's going for around $500 US.

    "Worst phone i have had in 8 years"

    Pros: Looks elegant, lots of software

    Cons: battery life, incredibly slow to open messages/menus, freezes very often, sometimes will refuses to call out until reset... etc

    Summary: First off, do not discount this review because its a one off, i have had this phone replaced and both times it has had the same and differnet problems. More importantly though, i would say it is quite likely that every other person to write a review on this phone works for nokia.

    There are so many hundreds of complaints on the nokia forums about this phone.

    My first E65 had one of the stiffest keypads i have ever seen in any phone, it did not feel as though i was pressing anything (and not in a good way). The buttons on the side of teh phone are so small that only a skinny 4 year old could press the button and find it an appropriate size.

    Once you get passed these two initial problems you have to deal with significant software problems.
    1. On a regular basis (happened on both phones) the phone will not let you call out. It will let you select the contact, but then when you press call, or go to menu and 'call', it does absolutely nothing.
    2. If you are lucky enough to get the phone to call out, it freezes on hanging up about 50% of the time (happened on both phones)
    3. Terrible terrible battery life, maybe the price you pay for having extra features...but the pros definently do not outweight the cons.
    4. Loss of soo many features from previous nokias such as no automic keypad lock after a certain amount of time.
    5. Made pretty much every every aspect of using the phone more complicated than previous nokia's...most operations that used to take one click/selection usually take at least two or three on the E65.
    6. The menu and clear button on the front are incredibly small, and the phone for some stupid reason will not let change teh middle selection button to open menu (like EVERY other smart phone ever made) and the clear button to the top right like it used to be in previous Nokias.

    Overall... do not even consider getting this phone until nokia gives a release date on a software upgrade. considering how many issues it needs to fix, it could be a LONG LONG LONG time

    "Good phone for Price"
    Pros: Easy to Use

    Cons: Switches off randomly

    Summary: We have had three on these phones were i work. The first one i had was a dud, didn't work the best and made stange noises when i spoke to people on the phone. The second switches off unexpectantly.. The third has worked great.

    Apart from the first two that i think were just plain duds its a great phone..
    Many good features and i would buy another one

    Pros: wifi and VOIP

    Cons: not enough themes

    Summary: This pretty much replaces a blackberry pearl. I was an owner of a pearl for 3 days, till i returned it back to the store. The features are unlimited. It browses the internet just like your on a computer. Document printing via infrared bluetooth or any printer on your network. You can use powerpoint from the phone then view it from a projector. This phone is for someone that needs a smart-phone but at the same time don't want a bulk phone carrying around. Small on the outside HUGE on the inside! By the way, the VOIP is perfect, every call i made the end user never knew I was on a cell using SKYPE. i also made calls to my msn users via messenger.

    "Nokia E65 is a beautiful design business product but lack of full business function. eg. front cam."

    Pros: Performance is fast. Camera (both image and video) is good though lack of flash light.

    Cons: Edit key on side suit woman finger, not man. Lack of software eg. alarm clock feature in 6280. Incompatible to most S60 3rd ed software on market.

    Summary: The product push out fast but its firmware, support & software need to catch up. Eg. occasionally open the sms and it read instead (a bug). I have encountered about 3 times auto reboot while reading sms or opening mp3 file. Unhappy cusotmer feedback will flood in if the software incompatibility does not solve asap.

    Naona umejisomea mwenyewe: Kama mambo yakijipa badilisha..