Conquering the Onion from crying when cutting it

Shining Light

JF-Expert Member
Jan 8, 2024
It's baffling how every time I take a knife to an onion, my eyes tear down. I've scoured the depths of Google, trying every suggested method to prevent this tearful ordeal.

Out of the six techniques I experimented with, only one came to my rescue: keeping a wet tissue close at hand while slicing the onion. Can you believe it?

I tried a fan before, using glasses and even biting on a bread, all what googled suggested I tried, Even chilling the onion before cutting it, microwave it before and nothing helped.

Legend has it that onions produce their tear-inducing defense mechanism by releasing sulfuric acid, a chemical deterrent to ward off predators us Human (lol). it's a tiny warrior fighting against being eaten.

But armed with my trusty wet tissue, I finally found a way to outsmart the onion's tearful assault.
Onion, this very onion, you want to conquer it? just position yourself against the wind.
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