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Bootable cd ndio nini?

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by tizo1, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. t

    tizo1 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 5, 2011
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    Msaada jamani!
  2. sijui nini

    sijui nini JF-Expert Member

    Sep 5, 2011
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    [h=1]Boot disk[/h]From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A boot disk is a removable digital data storage medium from which a computer can load and run (boot) an operating system or utility program. The computer must have a built-in program which will load and execute a program from a boot disk meeting certain standards.
    Boot disks are used for:
    • Operating system installation.
    • Data recovery.
    • Data purging.
    • Hardware or software troubleshooting.
    • Customizing an operating environment.
    • Software demonstration.
    • Administrative access in case of lost password is possible with an appropriate boot disk with some operating systems.
    • Games (e.g. for Amiga home computers)
    While almost all modern computers can boot from a hard drive containing the operating system and other software, they would not normally be called boot disks. Floppy disks and CD-ROMs are the most common forms of media used, but other media, such as magnetic or paper tape drives, zip drives, and more recently USB flash drives can be used. The computer'sBIOS must support booting from the device in question.
    The term boot comes from the idea of lifting oneself by one's own bootstraps: the computer contains a tiny program (bootstrap loader) which will load and run a program found on a boot device. This program may itself be a small program designed to load a larger and more capable program, i.e., the full operating system. To enable booting without the requirement either for a mass storage device or to write to the boot medium, it is usual for the boot program to use some system RAM as a RAM disk for temporary file storage.
    [edit]The process of booting[/h]As an example, any computer compatible with the IBM PC is able with built-in software to load the contents of the first 512 bytes of a floppy and to execute it if it is a viable program; boot floppies have a very simple loader program in these bytes. The process is vulnerable to abuse; data floppies could have a virus written to their first sector which silently infect the host computer if switched on with the disk in the drive.
    [h=2][edit]Boot floppies[/h]Bootable floppies for PCs usually contain MS-DOS or miniature versions of Linux. The most commonly available floppy disk can hold only 1.4 MB of data in its standard format, making it impractical for loading large operating systems. The use of boot floppies is in decline, due to the availability of other higher-capacity options, such as CD-ROMs or USB flash drives.
    [h=2][edit]Booting from a disk[/h]A modern PC is configured to attempt to boot from various devices in a certain order. If your computer is not booting from the device you desire, such as the floppy drive, you may have to enter the BIOS setup function by pressing a special key when the computer is first turned on -- Delete, F1, F2, F10 or F12 -- and then changing the boot order. More recent BIOSes permit the interruption of the final stage of the boot process by pressing a function key (usually F11). This results in a list of bootable devices being presented, from which a selection may be made.
    Modern Apple computers will boot from an appropriate disk if the user presses the C key while the machine is starting.
    [h=2][edit]Required files[/h]Different operating systems use different boot disk contents. All boot discs must be compatible with the computer they are designed for.
    All files must be for the same version; although MS-DOS 5 and 6 use a file called COMMAND.COM, they are not interchangeable. Complete boot disks can be prepared in one operation by an installed operating system; details vary.
    • A valid boot sector on the disk
    • A bootloader such as SYSLINUX or GRUB
    • Linux kernel
    • Initial ram disk (initrd)
    [h=2][/h]SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA
  3. Likwanda

    Likwanda JF-Expert Member

    Sep 5, 2011
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    Mnatujazia saver humu, nenda kwa fundi computer au google utapata jibu.
  4. g

    guta Senior Member

    Sep 5, 2011
    Joined: Sep 24, 2010
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    Bootable cd ni cd unayokuwezesha kuanza nayo kwenye computer; kama una cd ya xp ambayo ni bootable ukiingia kwenye bios na ukachagua kuanza kuboot kwa cdrom kabla ya hard disk , bootable cd yenyewe inauwezo wa kuanza (boot) kama ilivyo hard drive.

    booting- is the process of powering on a computer causing it to load the Operating System.

    Unawezakutumia bootable cd kuinstall OS , kurepair OS, kurecover password, na kwa ujumla kuna utility nyingi sana ambazo unaweza kuzitumia kama bootable.

    Kuna namna nyingi za kutengeneza bootable cd. unaweza kufuata link hii kama unataka kutengeneza bootable ya windows XP - WinXP Bootable CD
  5. t

    tizo1 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 5, 2011
    Joined: Mar 9, 2011
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    Asanteni kwa msaada.Nasubiri msbda zaidi.
  6. B

    Baba Matatizo JF-Expert Member

    Sep 5, 2011
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    Kwani server ni ya mama yako?ikijaa inakuhusu nini?aende kwa fundi computer kufanya nini?UNAJUA NINI MAANA YA JF!binafsi nilikuwa sijui lolote.KAMA WE UNAJUA KAA KIMYA.ACHA UPUMBAVU KENGE MWEUSI WEWE.USIJIFANYE UNAJUA..
  7. Likwanda

    Likwanda JF-Expert Member

    Sep 5, 2011
    Joined: Jun 16, 2011
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    Umeuliza swali hili hili ktk thread how to boot through frash disk, halafu ukaanzisha thread yako kwanini tena unasema news alert hapa si ndo unampa sifa Masaburi kuona alichosema ni sahihi?
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